Rainbow Six Siege Best Operators Tier List May 2024

Rainbow Six Siege is an action-tactical game developed by Ubisoft. The graphics and the story of the game are very great. You will also like it if you start playing the game. When you start playing the game, you will experience a great first-person shooting experience. There are different operators available in the game. However, the players are confused about choosing the proper operators while making their team.

The players research the different players on the internet to compare them and, after that, choose them for playing the game. In this post, you will be going to get to know about the operators that you should equip while making your team in Rainbow Six Siege. So, let’s find out the tier list for the operators that are available in the game below.

Best Operators Tier List in Rainbow Six Siege (May 2024)

We know that you are eager to know about the best operators of Rainbox Six Siege. If you build the best team for the missions with the proper blend of attackers and defenders, then it will be easy for you to win the missions. Check out the tier list of attackers and defenders that are available in the game.

Best Attackers in Rainbox Six Siege

Here are the best attackers operators for Rainbow Six Siege.

  • S-Tier
    • Nomad
    • Thatcher
    • Zero
  • A-Tier
    • Zofia
    • Twitch
    • Thermite
    • Sledge
    • Maverick
    • Lana
    • Jackal
    • Hibana
    • Finka
    • Brava
    • Ace
  • B-Tier
    • Osa
    • Lion
    • IQ
    • Flores
    • Dokkaebi
    • Capitao
    • Buck
    • Blackbeard
    • Ash
  • C-Tier
    • Fuze
    • Kali
    • Nøkk
    • Grim
    • Gridlock
    • Sens
    • Ying
  • D-Tier
    • Amaru
    • Glaz
  • E-Tier
    • Blitz
    • Montagne

Best Defenders in Rainbox Six Siege

Here are the best defenders operators for Rainbow Six Siege.

  • S-Tier
    • Jäger
    • Mira
    • Aruni
  • A-Tier
    • Wamai
    • Valkyrie
    • Smoke
    • Mute
    • Mozzie
    • Kapkan
    • Kaid
    • Echo
    • Bandit
    • Azami
  • B-Tier
    • Warden
    • Vigil
    • Thunderbird
    • Thorn
    • Solis
    • Pulse
    • Melusi
    • Maestro
    • Lesion
    • Ela
    • Castle
    • Alibi
  • C-Tier
    • Doc
    • Frost
    • Caveira
    • Goyo
    • Oryx
    • Tachanka
  • D-Tier
    • Clash
    • Rook

Updated on May 1: The post has been updated today. Check the post to find out the changes that we have made. Keep visiting the page to get the new updates.

Wrapping Up 

We hope with this guide, you have learned about the tier list of the players available in the game. Now, you can make proper team for the missions in Rainbox Six Siege. That’s it for this guide. If you have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below.

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