How To Record Gameplay On Linux With Simple Screen Recorder

Recording the gameplay of games is one of the important things commercially and personally for gamers. Nowadays, people post and stream their gameplay on various social media platforms, so it is necessary to record their gameplay for content purposes and review that enhance their performance in games. But screen recording is not limited to just games, many professional and power users also need to record their computer screen from time to time. If you’re a Linux user, then you can record gameplay or other screen-related work on Linux with the help of the Simple Screen Recorder program.

Windows user has a lot of option to record the gameplay as there is a lot of software available in the market. But for the Linux user, there is limited availability of software. Simple Screen Recorder is one of them for hardcore gamers in Linux. Screen recording is an important thing that people using nowadays, so we have to choose the best in class software that makes our work easy with quality of work.

Simple Screen Recorder is widely used for record gameplay, tutorials, presentations, and share over the internet. Although there are many tools available in Linux to record, SSR is simple and easy to use. It provides a sum of advanced customization options for recording the screen with HD quality output. Let’s know how to record gameplay on Linux with SSR.

How To Record Gameplay On Linux With Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen recorder is one of the most popular for recording gameplay in Linux. SSR is used for gamers and business purposes because of the features that allow us to record the various types of videos like open GL, a fixed rectangle, rectangle following curser, and the entire screen, etc. It also provides multi-screen recording without any affecting the interface. Also, it is available for almost all versions of Linux OS.

Installation of Simple Screen Recorder in Linux

To install Simple Screen recorder in Linux, open the terminal window and enter the following commands as per the Linux version.


sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder


sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S simplescreenrecorder


sudo dnf install simplescreenrecorder


sudo zypper install simplescreenrecorder

For other Linux versions, open the terminal search of the package manager of SSR and install it on your system. you can also install it with the Gnome software or any browsing tool on your OS. Moreover, if you can’t install the SSR, click here for the developer’s page and navigate the ” Build dependencies.”

Create Recording Profile

To record the gameplay of the SSR, you have to set up and configure the App. To do the process, follow the steps:

  • Open the Simple Screen Recorder on your system.
  • The App will show a treating message and the meaning of the App with some relevant information.
  • Click on Continue to go to the next page in the tool.
  • Next, you have to set up a video configuration. Here you have to specify the type of video input, framerate, and audio input.
  • We recommended that to select to record the entire screen that probably gives you the to capture the current layout of the screen such as session. Otherwise, you can also select the Open GL methods to record the gameplay.
    How To Record Gameplay On Linux With Simple Screen Recorder
  • After selecting the recording type, scroll down to the framerate section and enter 60 in the box next to Framerate. 60 Fps is recommended for recording any gameplay across all the platforms. You can also select the framerate according to your system.
  • Now, Go to the audio input to insert the audio recording in the gameplay.
  • In this section, you can select the “Monitor of” option to record the original audio of the game or if you want to add your voice as a commentary, choose the microphone from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Next for further on-screen instructions.

Set up Encoding Profile

Encoding profile is also necessary with creating a recording profile as it is used to select the video file type. SSR is supported in MKV, MP4, WEBM, and OGG formats. To set up the Encoding profile, here is the process:

  • Open the Simple Screen recorder App on your system and navigate to the Encoder profile section.
  • Now select the MP4 file format in the container box from the drop-down menu as MP4 is recommended and widely used by all gamers.
  • In the codec section, Check it is selected as H.264 in the box
    How To Record Gameplay On Linux With Simple Screen Recorder
  • Next, go to the Constant rate factor slider as it defines the quality of the video file. The highest numbers for the low quality of the video, so always select the lowest number in the slider for best video quality. You can also adjust it according to your system.
  • If you don’t know much about the quality, select the Preset option and choose from the drop-down menu like Normal, superfast, etc.
  • After that, select the audio encoding to AAC and then click on Finish to complete the setup.

Record Gameplay in Simple Screen Recorder

Here are the steps to recording the gameplay after finish the setup in SSR 9iin Linux:

  • Install the game and check the screen resolution that supports the screen for recording the gameplay. Check whether it is not getting slow while recording the gameplay in SSR. If you find any difficulties, kindly low the resolution or framerate for smooth operation.
  • Make sure that the game is running on full-screen mode for better output.
  • Also, check for the encoding and audio output, then click on the Start recording option in SSR to start recording your gameplay.

You can also use the Hotkeys to start or stop the recording of gameplay in a shortcut method. By default, it is set to be crtl+R. You can change the keys by pressing ctrl+ Shift and the alt or windows keys together. Then sect the keys as per your choice from the drop-down menu.


Simple Screen Recorder is a powerful and comprehensive screen recorder popularly known for its feature and user interface. It is simple, stable, and available for many Linux OS and updates frequently to introduce other features that help you record the gameplay more advanced and accessible. If you like this blog, kindly lets us know your feedback in the comment section.

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