How to Remove Kelihos from Windows 10

Cybercrime is a widespread activity, and it involves thousands of malware. If you think your system is safe just by installing antivirus, you might be wrong. Malware spam systems with reliable antivirus too. If you have noticed unwanted icons on your desktop or if there are spam emails on your inbox, then your system is a victim of Kelihos.

This article tells you about Kelihos. It is mainly about how to recognize and remove it from your devices. Before we dive deep into what Kelihos does to your system, let us know that once it is inside the system, it can take complete control of the system like the system administrator. It does everything a skilled hacker can do!

How to remove Kelihos from Windows 10

What is Kelihos

Kelihos is a spreading cybercrime that affects many systems. It is not a virus. It is termed as a bot in simple. Whenever it enters into the system, the hacker can access the system. It keeps on spreading to the entire system and gets control over the data, functions, and everything.

Kelihos can send spam messages through our system without getting a small doubt to us. It can spread to another system with the help of our system. It can circulate to the entire system like a spider web. At the severe stage can command our system to change programs and send messages. In simple, we can say it is a programmed robot to carry out scandalous acts.

How to detect it

We can detect whether your system is affected or not by observing certain factors as follows-

  • You can observe the degrading of performance.
  • You may notice specific new files with shortcuts that you might not have installed.
  • You can have a glance at the home page, whether it may change or redirect to a new browser. The browser may change completely.
  • Your spam box gets full of unwanted messages. Many messages sent from spam without your interference can also notice.
  • Continuous pop-ups, change in anti-virus settings can also be recognized.

Path of Kelihos to enter

Kelihos enter into the system if you are clicking on malicious links. It even enters by opening malicious attachments or installing unregistered apps. It can also enter if you are using affected external devices.

How to remove these Kelihos from Windows 10

We may have some set of rules, different methodologies to remove this Kelihos malware. Let’s have a glance on it –

First of all, we need to stop malicious programs. Apps that are executing now without our permission should be removed. For this, we need to do as follows –

  • Open the Task Manager app, right-click on the taskbar, and select Task Manager. Or, You may click Ctrl + Shift + Esc for the same.
  • Search for inactive and unknown files, apps, programs, and let’s check whether it is useful. If not helpful, then remove those.
  • To remove these, you have to click on the app/file, select the option of the End Task button.
  • Then you will notice a little improvement in the speed of your system.
  • The next step is to run multiple scans for the system to get rid of malware bots.
  • For this, install a well-secured anti-virus or anti-malware application.
  • Now open the antivirus app and click on the Scan option in its menu.
  • You will find different scanning options. Among them, you need to choose the highest scan like a total scan (or) complete scan ( or) full scan.
  • From this, you may realize what the threats are.
  • Then ask your anti-virus to get rid of those threats.
  • Now, boot your system into a safe zone, which helps you to be alert of not entering malware into the system.
  • For this, press the Windows button or Windows icon based on the keyboard or system.
  • Type “Msconfig” in the text box. It will run to search for the given task.
  • Once the system configuration is found, it will display your system configuration window.
  • On this, click on the Boot button. Then click on Safe boot available in the checkbox.
  • Now click on the Radio button for the Network.
  • Finally, click on the Apply button and then an OK button.

By following these procedures, your system might be threat-free. But one should be cautious while opening malicious sites or links and protect our system from malware applications as we know.

Having affected by Kelihos is no less than having a hacker for your device. So, it is best suggested to overcome this malware by taking precautionary measures. Still, if your system gets affected, then you can easily clean it up by using the steps mentioned above. If you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment below in our comment box. Also check our all iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks and Android Tips and Tricks section to gather more knowledge.

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