FIX: Roku Express 4K / 4K+ Not Connecting to WiFi Network

RokuTV users have complained about the Roku Express 4K/4K+ Not Connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Users have shared that the device is accepting the password. Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi- network has no problem connecting with the smartphone and laptop. The streaming device could have a minor software-related issue since it’s not connecting with the home wireless network.

FIX: Roku Express 4K 4K+ Not Connecting to WiFi Network

Why is Roku Express 4K/4K+ Not Connecting to the WiFi network?

Many companies hold the right to develop Wi-Fi technology. Wireless technology such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is available on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and more. It’s not easy for the router to comply with all devices due to software and hardware limitations. We will inspect the hardware and software on both sides and resolve the Roku streaming device connectivity issues. I have shared a few valid reasons for the Roku Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Software Clutter:

Software clutter is a common problem, and many device owners don’t bother cleaning the system. Of course, the TV and Roku device owners don’t care about the hardware or software health. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time fixing the software. I have shared a piece of information below on you can take care of the hardware and software.

Wi-Fi Router Limitations:

You’ll find hundreds of Wi-Fi routers on online shopping websites. Most wireless routers have similar specifications, yet they cost more than the competition offers. An average buyer won’t go through the technical aspect of the wireless device. The consumer chooses convenience over research and digging for in-depth information about the product. I have shared details about the wireless device limitations.

Misconfigured Configuration:

Your wireless network could have an incorrect configuration or an outdated internet configuration. Many local internet service providers change their source provider due to business reasons. I had to change or update the network configuration in the router. My previous ISP changed source provider multiple times in five years.

Outdated Software:

Millions are working globally to introduce new technology and developments to the world. Hardware is useless without software incorporation. The Roku and router software might be outdated. Take time from your busy schedule to update the streaming device and the router’s firmware.

Wrong Wi-Fi Signal:

Wireless technology has improved over the years. Modern smartphones, laptops, and devices have the Dual-Band feature. The Dual-Band is an active selling feature since it doubles the signal strength and range. The wireless device could be sending the wrong signals and rejecting the Roku device.

Hardware Failure:

We cannot leave the hardware failure out of the equation, and the Roku streaming device might have a Wi-Fi chip problem. We don’t recommend that users unscrew the device and repair the unit. Many DIY videos and guides are available, and I’m against repairing the unit yourself.

FIX: Roku Express 4K/4K+ Not Connecting to the Wi-Fi Network

I won’t suggest generic troubleshooting solutions and move on to the advanced solutions right off the bat. We are attempting to solve the Wi-Fi connectivity problem by following software-based solutions. Of course, I won’t share any DIY guide on repairing the hardware. Kindly contact customer care for hardware inspection from the engineer.

Give Rest to Devices

We don’t care much about the hardware these days and using them 24/7. Our body needs a minimum of six hours of sleep every day, and we don’t allow Wi-Fi routers to sleep for an hour. I can give you many reasons why you should let the hardware sleep an hour a day. I shared two reasons below and resolved most network issues in the last few months.

A. One hour of sleep allows the hardware to cool off the internal components.

B. You don’t have to worry about the software clutter.

One hour of sleep time improves the hardware lifespan and delivers similar results after many years later.

1. Turn off the television.

2. Turn off the Wi-Fi router.

3. Turn off Roku streaming device.

Give the three machines fifteen minutes of shut-eye. I was going to ask for an hour of sleep time. But you can put fifteen minutes on the clock to wrap the matter sooner.

Connect Ethernet Cable

Grab the Ethernet cable from the router and let the Roku device connect to the internet. We are confirming that the Roku device has software-related problems. I understand that the LAN cable is not long enough to reach the streaming deck. You should figure out a solution because it will confirm our suspicions.

1. Remove the cable from the wireless router.

2. Connect the LAN cable directly to the Roku streaming device.

The streaming device connects to the internet and views the content effortlessly. There is a hardware-level or software-level problem with the streaming device. Let’s apply the software-based solutions and resolve the connectivity problem.

Diagnose Roku Device Network Status

You can diagnose the internet connection on the device and find out the truth in a minute. The Android-based streaming device has the necessary options within the software. Follow the guide to find the network diagnosis option and check the internet connection status.

1. Use the remote and navigate to the left side menu.

2. Choose “Settings” from the side menu.

3. Press the Right key on the remote to view “Settings” content.

4. Select “Network” and press the Right key to view more options.

5. Choose the “About” section.

The About section has in-depth information on the Wi-Fi network.

Check the Wi-Fi signal strength.

Check the IP address.

Check the Mac address.

Check the download speeds.

The Wi-Fi signal strength should be 4.5 out of 5 points.

6. Choose “Check Connection tool” from the menu.

7. Open the “Check Connection” tool.

Let the built-in network diagnose tool test the Wi-Fi network. Move on to the next solution if the download speeds are acceptable.

Wi-Fi Router Limitations

Wi-Fi routers are fascinating when you dig deeper into the models and why there is a price difference. Brands have launched a wide range of routers for the users, and they all have similar specifications. Yet some of the routers are priced differently. The budget Wi-Fi devices have limitations, and you can’t connect more than four or five devices. The software might be rejecting Roku streaming devices due to limits. Let me show you how to find the number of connected devices to the Wi-Fi network.

1. Pick up the Wi-Fi router and flip it.

Memorize the IP address, username, and password from the rear side.

2. Open the browser to type the router’s IP address and press the Enter key.

3. Type the username and password and click the “Login” button.

4. Find the Wireless Status or Network Status option.

I implore the readers to spend a few minutes finding the connected devices list. Meanwhile, you can contact the Wi-Fi device manufacturer for instructions.

5. My Wi-Fi network has four active devices.

a. My smartphone

b. My sibling’s smartphone

c. My parent’s smartphone

d. My Windows laptop

Note down the number of connected devices. Change the wireless network device if you find an unknown or unspecified device. Someone must be using the wireless network benefits without permission. Revoke the access by changing the Wi-Fi network password. My home network can handle up to five devices, and that’s the limitation.

Auto Update Roku Streaming Device

No Roku user should turn off the auto-update feature in the streaming device. The Roku team focuses on improving the software by fixing the bugs and glitches and updating the packages. Many users disable the package update feature to save time. You shouldn’t turn off the update option since it improves the compatibility with the latest apps, services, and features.

1. Turn on the TV and Roku. Pick up the remote.

2. Press the Home button.

3. Use the navigation keys and select the “Settings” option.

4. Press the Right navigation key.

5. Use the Down navigation key to choose the “System” option.

6. Press the Right navigation key.

7. Use the Down navigation key to choose the “System Update” option.

8. Press the Ok navigation key.

9. Press the Ok navigation key to start the “Check now” function.

10. Let the Roku streaming device find the latest software version.

Be patient and let Roku TV install the latest software. I recommend the readers install all software updates for maximum compatibility.

Use Wi-Fi Hotspot

Why don’t you use the Wi-Fi hotspot? I was having a hard time connecting a device to my Android phone. It turns out the home Wi-Fi network had some problems. I solved the network issues by enabling the hotspot in the Android phone, and the device connected in the first attempt. Use letters and numbers to create a hotspot network.

1. Open the “Settings” on the Android device.

iPhone users can set up the hotspot and share the internet with a Roku streaming device. I selected an Android phone for the tutorial.

2. Choose the “Network and Internet” option.

3. Choose the “Hotspot and tethering” option.

4. Choose the “Wi-Fi hotspot” option.

5. Tap on the password.

6. Edit the password.

Use letters and numbers for the hotspot network password.

7. Take a look at the password for an idea.

8. Turn on the hotspot network.

Connect your Roku device to the network and see the results. iOS device has a Wi-Fi hotspot feature, and you can use the iPhone or iPad to fix Roku Express 4K 4K+ not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line

Hardware failure can cause Roku Express 4K 4K+ not to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Find the customer care number from the official website or warranty card. Contact Roku’s support team and ask them for assistance. You can claim the warranty on the streaming device, and they will fix the problem for free. Let us know which solution resolved Roku’s Wi-Fi network issue in the comment section below.

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