How to Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint

When it comes to creating presentations, Microsoft Powerpoint is always the favorite of people. It offers a lot of scope of customizations for various types of projects. One of the simple tweaks that we will talk about in this guide is rotating the text. You can rotate the text for creating some cool design in a presentation.

You may rotate a text manually to any random degree. If you wish you can also turn the text in any direction at a fixed angle. Mostly, when you are creating a poster, to make it attractive you can align your text by rotating and resizing it. This guide aims to help those who are entirely new to the Microsoft Office Suite. So, creating a presentation will not be a hassle for them. Along with the regular horizontal text creating style, they can also rotate the text at any angle.

Rotate Text in Microsoft Powerpoint

This is how you do it.

  • Open Microsoft Powerpoint application
  • Then in the menu bar highlight the Insert option
  • Below the menu bar navigate towards the right-hand to the Text tab.
  • Click on Text Box
  • Then the cursor will change into an inverted-cross type of symbol.
  • Use that to drag and create a text box within which you will input any text of your choice.
  • Right above the text box, you will see a circular arrow design
  • Highlight your cursor on that circular arrow and click
  • Then hold the click and rotate the mouse/trackpad and see the text box rotating.
  • It is freestyle rotating that you can align at any angle. When the text box rotates, the text within rotates as well

rotate text in Microsoft Powerpoint

Rotate Text By Setting An Angle Manually

Yes, you can manually set the angle at which you wish to rotate the text. It’s another simple method that helps to make your presentation more precise.

  • Click on the existing textbox(or create a new one using the Text Box option)
  • Type your text if not done yet
  • Then navigate to the Format option in the menu bar
  • Towards the far-right hand, you can see an option Rotate. Click on it to expand a small menu
    Format Powerpoint slide
  • You can get options to rotate the text 90 degrees to left/right as well as options to flip the text horizontally or vertically as per your choice.
  • For more customization to the shape of the text, click on More Rotation Options
  • A small dialog box will open on the right-hand side
    Rotate text in Powerpoint by manually setting the angle
  • Check the screenshot there is a field for setting the rotation angle manually.
  • Set the angle and the text box will rotate accordingly

So, that’s the two primary ways by which you can rotate text on Microsoft Powerpoint. Try it out and have fun with your presentation.

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