Is Samsung Galaxy M22, M32, A22 or F22 Waterproof device?

The Galaxy M22, M32, A22, or F22 phones are more budget-oriented devices from Samsung. For the budget, they sport very good specifications like Amoled Displays, Mediatek Helio processor, a decent camera, and more. But the most important feature most people would like to see in any phone is the waterproof features. Although there is no announcement from Samsung that this lineup of budget phones is waterproof. But we decided to test them to find out the answer to the question of whether these new lineup of Phones from Samsung are waterproof. To find the answer to the question, read along.

For any of the phones to be water-proof or water-resistant, it should at least have an IP-68 rating. This IP (Ingress Protection) rating will specify whether your phone is capable of water resistance. Although when we closely examine the specification provided by Samsung, we have no signs of the aforementioned IP-68 rating available on any of the said phones.

However, that doesn’t mean that the phone will die as soon as it gets in contact with water. These IP ratings mean that the product is tested with water, and ratings were driven out of the results. So, if the manufacturer did not provide any details, then it simply means that they neither did care to make it specifically water-proof. Nor conduct any IP testing.


Is Samsung Galaxy M22, M32, A22 or F22 Waterproof device

Is Samsung Galaxy M22, M32, A22, or F22 Waterproof device?

Even though if your device is waterproof, it should not mean that you can use it underwater for an extended period. If you have noticed in your water-resistant watch, it would have mentioned at 30m for 30 mins. This means that the watch can withstand water for as long as 1 meter deep and 30 mins long. After that, there is no guarantee. That same principle applies to waterproof phones as well.


We do not encourage you to perform these tests on your phone to find out whether they are waterproof. If you do so, then we cannot take responsibility for your actions. Also, make a note that water damage will not be covered in the warranty unless your manufacturer says so.

Galaxy M22, M32, A22, or F22 waterproof test

Well, to get a clear idea of whether these devices are waterproof, we decided to test them with water. This water test will simulate a typical use case where you could drop the phone into a small pool or sink because this is a specific incident that involves water contact with your smartphone. Because you cannot expect to store your phone under a pool and expect it to work even, it is waterproof.

The test involved dropping the phone into a bowl full of water and picking it up quickly. This should simulate a normal water splash test. Most definitely, a phone with a good build quality should be able to withstand this without any issues. Later, we will be keeping it submerged inside the bowl for 1 minute. Only after completely drying the phones they will be tested. The latter should simulate a submerged test, which represents a phone falling into a pool and getting picked up as soon as possible. In a typical case, a good build phone cannot handle the submerged test. But let’s see what happens.

Splash Test and results

First, let’s conduct the splash test. We dropped the M22, M32, A22, and F22 phones into a bowl of water and picked them up after 3 to 5 seconds. We did this with all of the phones on the list. After the simulation of the splash test, we tried to use the phone after drying it completely. This will make sure that there is no additional water left on the ports to make more damage as we plug in a charger.

All of the phones seem to work fine without any issues. We tested speaker sound, fingerprint, camera, touch as well as charging ports. All of them seem to work without any issues or whatsoever. At first, the earpiece seems to rattle in the M22 a bit but drying it gently using a hot blower will fix the issue just like in our case. This should prove that M22, M32 A22 as well F22 phones could withstand water splash.

Submerged Test with the phones

Let’s step up for a bit. Now, as the next step, we conducted a water submerged test on the Samsung Galaxy M22, M32, A22, and F22 phones. As mentioned already, we kept the phones inside the water bowl for a minute. After taking them out and cleaning them, we saw that the phones were still working. Although we used the hot air blower to clean the water in the earpiece, which might have caused it to fail. The A22 phone’s earpiece did not work after the submerge test. This proves that the phones are not 100% waterproof and depending on the depth and duration of submerging, the phones could stop working completely.

So it is not advised to use the phone underwater. Although in case of dropping it by mistake, you can hope that the phone might survive the water. Nevertheless, you should not try to use the phone as soon as you take it out from the water. You should let it dry completely, and only then should you check whether the phone is working. Else you might ultimately damage your phone, and you should be already aware that the warranty does not convert any water damage.


As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy M22, M32, A22, and F22 budget phones are not completely waterproof. That means you should completely avoid using phones near water to prevent accidental drops. However, our tests prove that these phones are somewhat resistant to normal splashes of water. So if you accidentally drop the phone in a small pond, you do not have to worry if you managed to take it out of it quickly and cleaned it. Although most phones nowadays are at least splash-proof. But the manufacturers are not willing to point it out. That doesn’t mean you have to check it the hard way to find it out.

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