How to Find and Place Miner MK.1 in Satisfactory

During the initial stages of Satisfactory, the Portable Miner will be of great use to you. However, it won’t be long before you progress to a level where you are better off using the Miner MK.1 machine. Let’s take a look at how to use these devices in Satisfactory.

Building factories in Coffee Stain Studios’ open-world simulation game Satisfactory has never been more… well, satisfactory. There are certain skills you need to master in the game, though.

How to Find and Place Miner MK.1 in Satisfactory

Working with the Miner MK.1 in Satisfactory

The Miner MK.1 is a souped-up device that can effectively mine resources and can be linked to constructors via conveyor belts. This will save a lot of manpower required to move the resources manually. By pressing the Q key and switching over to the Production tab, you will be able to put the Miner MK.1 on a resource node.

While trying to do so, if you get a message saying that a Resource Extractor cannot be placed on a resource deposit and need to locate a resource node, don’t worry. You simply need to stand next to the node and keep pressing the E key. This will smash the deposit until it finally breaks apart. You can now easily place the Miner without any hindrance.

How to Find and Place Miner MK.1

Remember, though, that you need the resources listed below in order to place the Miner MK.1:

  • 10 Concrete
  • 10 Iron Sheets
  • 1 Portable Miner

Remember to place the Miner MK.1 in a manner that makes it convenient for you to connect a conveyor belt to it. You also have to connect the Miner MK.1 to a Biomass Burner to fuel it up. The constructor you choose to route your resources to will also have to be connected to a Biomass Burner.

Satisfactory requires you to plan out carefully on how to build your factory properly and run it efficiently. You can aim at any building and press the F button to dismantle it, and then move the structures where you want.

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