How to Send Messages to Blocked WhatsApp Contact

WhatsApp provides various privacy features. One of the famous and most useful is the ability to block a person without notifying them. But what if you still want to send messages to blocked WhatsApp contacts?

There are many instant messaging chat apps, but WhatsApp is one of the best. It cares about the user’s privacy and allows you to block certain people you don’t want to talk to. But if you got blocked by someone and want to message that person again, then this guide will be helpful to you.

How to Send Messages to Blocked WhatsApp Contact

How do I send messages to blocked WhatsApp contacts?

Sending messages to a contact who has blocked you on WhatsApp is challenging, as the platform’s privacy settings are designed to prevent direct communication in such cases. However, there are a few workarounds you might consider:

  1. Cannot see their Profile Picture (DP).
  2. They are not able to see their statuses, last seen, and online.
  3. You cannot see double tick marks on your messages.

How to Send Messages to Blocked WhatsApp Contact

Note: Double tick marks denote that the message has reached the recipient, and blue denotes the person who has read it.

But there are some workarounds for messaging the person even when they’ve blocked you. In this article, we are going to provide two methods that will help you do so. Just follow them carefully, and you will be able to message them. Let’s begin.

Method 1: Adding the person to a group

This method is possible if you have another mobile number that is not blocked by them. The trick is to message the person who blocked you and ask them politely to unblock you so you can have a conversation again. We are going to employ two methods: app cloning and replacing.

You can the blocked person to the Whatsapp group with the new account created and chat with them. Else, if you want to keep using the old number, you can ask your friend to create a group including you and the number that blocked you so that you can chat.

Method 2: App Cloning

Some phones offer the option to use dual apps, clone apps, or use parallel space. These allow us to use multiple accounts simultaneously on a single app.

Although vanilla Android users can use third-party clone apps to mimic this setup, Android provides options for multiple users with their own space to create and install apps.

Choose the option that suits you the best and follow these steps:
1. Open the newly created WhatsApp and finish setting up with a new mobile number.
2. But as contacts remain the same, you can text the person who blocked you and request them to unblock you.

Method 3: Deleting and reactivating the account

Method 3 is more destructive, but it grants you the ability to chat with the same person using the same number without any changes. But it requires you to delete your account and recreate it.


This method will remove your participation in groups, and admins will have to add you again. If you’re okay with this, follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings from Whatsapp by tapping on the three dots from Chats.
  2. Now go to Accounts and tap on “Delete my account”.
  3. Confirm your action by providing the information that it requests.
    How to Send Messages to Blocked WhatsApp Contact
  4. Reinstall Whatsapp, and set up your account again as you would normally do.
  5. Do not restore backups.
  6. Start messaging the number that blocked you.


We are providing you this content for educational purposes only. Therefore, by any means, we do no encourage you to utilize these methods against someone’s privacy. Hence if some person is blocking you, it’s wise to give them space and respect their privacy.

Important Considerations

  • Respect Privacy: If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, it’s important to respect their decision and privacy. Continuously trying to contact someone who has chosen not to communicate can be seen as invasive or harassing.
  • Terms of Service: Be aware of WhatsApp’s terms of service. Circumventing blocking mechanisms might violate these terms.
  • Ethical Implications: Always consider the ethical implications of trying to contact someone who has deliberately blocked you. It’s important to maintain respectful and consensual communication.

Voila, now you can message the person who blocked you and chat with them or inform them of any important stuff.


So to conclude this article, these are the methods by which you can message a person who blocked you in Whatsapp. But please respect others privacy and do not disturb others if they do not want to receive your messages. Remember to be polite and respectful; else, you might get reported and blocked.

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