What Is Microsoft Family Account? How to Setup?

Many parents in the world are always worried about their children’s activity on the internet. Some of them want to control what their child can browse or watch on the internet. If you are also a parent and want to control your child’s activity and their screen time, then this article is exclusively for you. Read this article till the end because we will give you clear insights on Microsoft Family Account. We will also guide you through setting up a Microsoft family account.

Microsoft’s family account offers parental control to help keep children safe when they use the internet. After parental controls are set, you can get detailed reports of their activity that they use. Additionally, you can restrict what kind of applications they can use, what website they are allowed to visit, how much time they can spend on the computer, and many more.

To set up a Microsoft family account, both you and your child need a Microsoft account. Parental setting only works when your kid login into a window’s device using their Microsoft account.

What Is Microsoft Family Account How to Setup

What Is Microsoft Family Account? How to Setup?

If your child does not have any Microsoft account, then don’t worry. You can create a new account while we set up parental controls. This article will guide you with some easy steps through which you can easily set up parental control using Microsoft family features. Now lets jump right into this easy method. Now there are some simple steps to set up a family account. For that, you will need a Microsoft account.

1. First of all, login to your PC using your Microsoft account.

2. Go into the Windows setting and click on the Account section.

3. Now from here, you can have to click on Manage my Microsoft account. Although, you can go into Family & other people section also. But we advise you to go on Manage my Microsoft account.

What Is Microsoft Family Account? How to Setup?

4. Now, your Microsoft account will be open in a browser. Click on the Family option, as shown in the below screenshot.

5. This will open your family section like this. Now click on Create a Family Group button.

What Is Microsoft Family Account? How to Setup?

6. This will open a new screen. On this screen, select Member and input your child’s Microsoft account address. Remember, if you want someone else to control your child’s activity, then enter his Microsoft account address by selecting the Organizer option.

7. After you enter your child’s account, click on the Send invite button. This will send an invite to your children’s account.

8. Now in order to control your child’s activity, your child needs to accept that which is sent in his Microsoft account.

If your child doesn’t have any Microsoft account, then create a new one and send an invite to that address. Now a point to note that Microsoft charges a small fee of $0.50 to verify your identity. It is required so that the privacy of your child remains safe.

After finishing everything and accepting the invite, you can configure all parental controls.

Different Parental Control Setup

This is how your child’s account screen will look like. From here, you can check all the activity and action your child do on the internet. It will provide a detailed insight into everything. You can set all controls from this page. Here are many options from which you can the following things :

  • Check their day to day activity. Meanwhile, you can also get the report of the following on your email address.

  • Limit their screen time by setting up the amount of time they can spend on their devices on particular days. You can customize the time of every day. Moreover, you can also block their access to the device on a certain day. As shown in the below image.

What Is Microsoft Family Account? How to Setup?

  • You can restrict some applications through the App limits section. Here you will find various apps, and you can restrict them as you can see some Softwares of windows in the below image.

  • The content restriction page will allow you to restrict certain content and websites. You can allow some websites and block some websites too. Here are some additional features that are also available. Like you can block inappropriate websites from their device. After blocking certain websites, they would not be able to access it.

What Is Microsoft Family Account? How to Setup?

  • You can add money to your child’s account from the Spending section. Additionally, you can limit their spending too.
  • One of the main features of Microsoft parental control is that you can keep track of your child’s location from Find Your Child section, although your child must have an Android Phone with Microsoft Launcher installed in it.


Hence we conclude this article on Microsoft Family Account and its setup guide. In this article, we learned about Microsoft parental controls and many amazing features of it. Additionally, we also mentioned the process of setting up a parent account.

By reading this article, you can predict Microsoft Parental control advantages as it will help you to control your child’s activity. This will also help you to monitor what they browse or use. Just go through all of these instructions. In the end, we want to say that its a very useful feature. We hope you loved reading it. Thank you, dear reader.

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