SnowRunner TUZ 16 Actaeon Location, Fuel Capacity, Add-on & Abilities

The TUZ 16 Actaeon is a light-duty truck made use of by the Soviet Army for logistic purposes. It has a switchable all-wheel drive and differential lock, and is now available in the Search and Recover DLC that comes with update 6.0 in the SnowRunner game. In this article, I will take you through everything you need to know on the TUZ 16 Actaeon; its location, fuel capacity, abilities as well as its add-ons.

SnowRunner TUZ 16 Actaeon Location, Fuel Capacity, Add-on & Abilities

TUZ 16 Actaeon Location

The TUZ 16 Actaeon can be found in Lake Kovd of the Kola Peninsula region, the most recent of all the regions in addition to the former three (Michigan, Alaska and Taymyr). To unlock the TUZ 16 Actaeon, you have to select a vehicle of your choice from the garage in Lake Kovd. Then, you pass through the exact route as marked out on the map in the images below.

SnowRunner TUZ 16 Actaeon Location

SnowRunner TUZ 16 Actaeon Location Map

The yellow marker in the first image is the starting point, while the red marker is your destination. When you get to the ending point, drive forward a bit till you come across an abandoned truck. Then, turn your vehicle off the road in its direction, and stop directly behind it.

With these few and easy steps, you would unlock the TUZ 16 Actaeon and make it all yours.

Fuel Capacity

The TUZ 16 Actaeon has a fuel capacity of 110 Litres, which is a very small fuel tank. It also consumes a lot of fuel at a very fast rate.

TUZ 16 Actaeon Abilities

The TUZ 16 Actaeon travels pretty fast on smooth, concrete roads, and can help you complete your journey on time; it does not slow you down. However, there are certain terrains where making use of this vehicle would be a pain in the neck.

It runs at a slow pace when driving through the mud, and it requires patience to get through it. It runs at an even slower pace when going through deep waters, and can even get stuck in deep mud, thereby halting your journey.

It is therefore advisable not to make use of the TUZ 16 Actaeon when you are passing a muddy terrain or going through deep waters. It also has medium difficulty when climbing hills, and you might have to reverse and accelerate again before you can get through at times.

TUZ 16 Actaeon Add-ons

The TUZ 16 Actaeon has 5 different add-ons, each for different purposes:

Maintainer Frame Add-on

This is a frame equipped with all tools needed to perform repairs out in the field. It comes with 500 repair parts and 2 spare wheels.

Small Sideboard Bed

This is a frame-mounted sideboard bed which can transport a small amount of cargo to and fro the garage.

Small Fuel Carrier

It is a small frame-mounted tank which is certified to carry flammable liquid such as fuel.

IM50 Loading Crane

This is a compact self-loader crane.

Roof Rack

This is a roof-mounted trunk that carries supplies, fuel, and some basic repair tools to help with self-sustainability out in the field. It has 150 repair parts, 4 spare wheels and an 80litres fuel capacity.


These are the various trailers available for the TUZ 16 Actaeon in SnowRunner:

  • Fuel-carrier trailer.
  • Flatbed trailer.
  • Sideboard trailer.
  • Rampled flatbed trailer.
  • Maintenance trailer.
  • Service trailer.

As it is with many other vehicles in SnowRunner, unlocking the TUZ 16 Actaeon is not difficult, but it’s almost impossible if you don’t know where to look. With the guide above, you know now the exact location of the truck, along with other details about it to help you maximize its usage. When you find it, that is :).

Do let us know in the comment section when you are able to unlock the TUZ 16 Actaeon in your SnowRunner game.

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