How To Find If Someone Read Your Message In Viber

Every social media messaging app has a feature to show you if the recipient has read your message. For example, Whatsapp messenger has double blue ticks to show if the recipient has read the message, and after that, Facebook Messenger also shows ‘seen’ at the bottom of the chat if the receiver reads the message. Now Viber is also a famous social media messaging app, and Just like any other message app Viber also has a seen option where you can check if someone reads your message.

Yes, Viber has the seen option, but here the problem is that the seen indicator doesn’t appear every time when you are chatting with someone. This happens because Viber turns off this feature and gives an option to the user if they want to turn it on or not. Viber wants to give more control of the chats to the user and wants the users to make their choice. If you use the Viber app and you want to see if the other person has seen your message or not, then you need to turn it on manually. Not only that, but the recipient also needs to turn on the seen option. If both parties enable this seen option, then only you can find out if the recipient has seen your message or not.

How To Find If Someone Read Your Message In Viber

How To Find If Someone Read Your Message In Viber

Once you know that the seen option is allowed from both sides, it’s easy to know if the recipient reads your message.

When you send a message, a single checkmark will appear below the message. This single checkmark indicates that the message is sent to the receiver by your side.

After this, when the message gets delivered to the receiver, the single checkmark will change to double checkmark. When this happens, it means your message is successfully delivered, and the recipient has received it.

Lastly, when the double checkmark turns into Purple color, it means the recipient has seen your message.

This is the basic way to check if the recipient has seen your message or not.

Sometimes you get purple indicators in some conversations and not in some conversations. This means some of your contacts have turned off the ‘seen’ setting from privacy. You can do nothing In this case.

If the recipients have turned on messages preview in the notification, then they can read massages directly from their notification bar. In this case, you won’t see a purple checkmark in your chat.

Sometimes your messages don’t get any checkmarks, and it shows ‘sending’ instead if that.

What does ‘sending’ indicates in Viber chat.

When you send a message, and it stays in the ‘sending’ condition, it means the message is not delivered to the recipient. This happens because of various reasons. We are mentioning those reasons below.

  1. When the recipient is having internet issues or his phone is doesn’t have access to the internet.
  2. The recipient has removed the Viber app from his device.
  3. The recipient has deleted the Viber accounts.
  4. The phone of The recipient is off.
  5. The Viber app of the recipient is off or not working.

To conclude, you can Find If Someone Read Your Message In Viber by the purple checkmark below your chats. However, if the recipient turns off the seen feature or reads the message from the notification bar, then you can not know it. This is a privacy feature, and there is no other way to check the status of your message.

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