Fix: Sony Bravia Smart TV Not Turning On

Sony is a popular television manufacturer company with its products ranging from affordable to most premium segments. According to a Counterpoint Research report, Sony was the most sound brand in India in the >40,000 price range. Although Sony is known for offering quality products, their smart TVs can sometimes throw errors. This article will look at various methods to fix the Sony smart TV when it’s not turning on.

Sony Bravia Smart TV Not Turning On

Possible Fixes to Sony Bravia Smart TV Not Turning On Issue

Fix 1: Check if the power cable is plugged in properly

Manier times, it’s the issue with the cable connection that does not allow the smart TV to turn on. To rule out this possibility, make sure that one end of the power cable is properly connected to the TV and the other end to the wall switch. After this, turn on the power switch and then turn on the power button on the remote.

Fix 2: Make sure the wall switch/surge protector/extension is working

Your Sony Smart TV might not be getting the power supply due to some fault in the wall switch, surge protector, or the extension. Make sure that the device is in a working state. To ensure it is working, charge your phone using the same wall switch, surge protector, or extension.

Fix 3: Blinking LED lights

Sony has added helpful LED indicator lights in the newer models that blink in different colors, indicating that it has detected an error. Check the blinking color on your Sony smart TV and match it with the following condition.

Red: A blinking red light means that the smart TV has detected a system error. If the red light blinks 8 times, stops, and then repeats, perform the steps mentioned below.

  • Turn off the TV for at least 3 minutes and turn it back on
  • Clean vents/slots in the TV cabinet
  • Update the TV software
  • Turn off the TV and remove all connected devices. If it does not blink, there may be some issue with any connected device.

Orange: A solid amber or orange light means that a time is active on the TV. It could be a Sleep Timer that will turn off the TV after the specified time or an On/Off Timer that turns the TV on and off at set times. Some models show a blinking orange LED light when a software update is being installed. Do not turn off your television during software upgradation.

Green: A green blinking LED light appears when the TV turns on. The light stops after the television boots successfully. If the light blinks and the TV does not turn on, unplug the TV and connect it again after three minutes.

White: The white LED indicates that the TV is working normally.

Fix 4: Check if the remote is working properly

A fix to the Sony TV not working issue could be as simple as replacing the remote’s battery. Many times the battery inside the remote does not have enough power. So, replacing the battery can do the trick for you.

There could also be some problems with the TV remote, so it might not work even after replacing the battery. Before getting to the store to purchase the battery, you can simply press the power button on the TV to check if there’s an issue with the remote or if the problem is something else.

Fix 5: Turn on the Energy Saving Switch

According to an official support page, your smart TV might not turn on if the Energy Saving Switch is not turned on. Locate the button on the TV and turn it on. Energy Saving Switch is not available on all models. So, skip this step if your TV does not have this switch.

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Fix 6: Perform a power reset

Whenever a minor issue occurs on our phone, it often gets fixed by performing a soft reset. This trick even works with the TVs. To perform a power reset, unplug the power cable for at least 2-3 minutes and then plug it back. Now, turn the power on.

Which method helped you in turning on your Sony smart TV? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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