Fix: Sony Bravia Smart TV WiFi Connection Problem

Be it a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or a smart TV, having an internet connection opens up a new world of entertainment. You get access to a wide range of shows, videos, and movies from a range of applications such as Netflix, Prime Videos, etc. All this sounds super exciting, but the smart TV can also be annoying at times when it does not connect to a WiFi network.

In this article, we’ll look at the best possible ways to solve the WiFi connection problem, or broadly saying internet connectivity issue on your Sony Bravia Smart TV. The problem mainly occurs due to some changes in the network settings, or there could be some technical issues. Either way, apply the popular fixes to eliminate all WiFi-related issues such as WiFi not working, WiFi keeps dropping, WiFi turning on and off, WiFi getting disconnected, etc.

Sony Bravia Smart TV WiFi Connection Problem

Before we directly take you to the troubleshooting steps, make sure that you are following the right steps in connecting to a WiFi network. Here’s how to do it on your Sony Smart TV.

How to Connect a Sony Bravia Smart TV to WiFi

  • Grab your remote and press the HOME button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Network.
  • Now, select Network setup.
  • Here, set the connection type to WiFi.
  • Tap on your WiFi network and enter the correct password.

Here’s How to Fix the WiFi Connection Problem on Your Sony Bravia Smart TV

Fix 1: Update the date and time.

If your Sony Smart TV has the wrong date and time set, you are likely to face issues accessing the internet through WiFi or ethernet port. So, make sure that the TV has the correct time and date. Here’s how to manually change the date and time on your Sony TV:

  • Press the HOME button on your remote.
  • Go to Settings > System Settings > Date and Time.
  • Uncheck the Automatic Date and Time option.
  • Set the correct date and time.
  • Restart the TV.

Fix 2: Update your Sony Smart TV

Brands often release software updates that also include fixes to known issues, in addition to new features and improvements. So, updating your Sony Bravia Smart TV could fix all the problems, including the one related to WiFi connectivity. To update your Sony TV, follow the steps:

  • Press the HOME button.
  • Go to Apps > Help.
  • Select Customer Support.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Download and install the latest update.

If you can’t connect to the internet on your Sony TV, go to the Sony support website and download the update for your TV model. Now, grab a USB flash drive and move the downloaded to the root directory of the USB flash drive. Now, insert the flash drive into the USB slot on your TV and install the update.

Fix 3: Reset your Sony TV

Some running processes might be in conflict with the WiFi settings, which could be the reason why you are not able to access the internet through a WiFi connection. Perform a simple reset operation on your Sony Smart TV to rule out this possibility.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Unplug your Sony TV from the Wall switch/extension/surge protection.
  • Press the power button on the TV for at least 30 seconds.
  • Release the power button.
  • Wait for 1-2 minutes.
  • Re-plug the power cable and switch on the TV.
  • Connect to a WiFi network and access the internet.

Fix 4: Reset the router

Many times, a simple router reset does the trick. To perform the operation, unplug the router from the wall switch, wait for 2 minutes, and re-plug the router. Connect the WiFi network on your Smart TV and access the internet.

Also, Make sure that the router is placed not too far from your Sony TV. Placing the router at a large distance weakens the signal and makes the other devices hard to access the internet. Also, make sure that the WiFi is not connected to many devices. You can disconnect all other devices and let the Smart TV access the internet connection to check if the number of connected devices on WiFi is creating a problem.

Fix 5: Problem with the streaming service

Many users have reported that they are facing issues with a particular streaming platform. Then, the problem has nothing to do with your TV or the router. The streaming service is likely facing some technical issues, or the government has blocked that particular service in your country.

Fix 6: Perform a factory data reset

If you have come to this point, then probably none of the above methods has worked for you in fixing the WiFi connection problem on your Sony Bravia Smart TV. The final method deletes everything on your TV and makes it fresh from the inside. So, if you have any important data, make sure to move it to another place.

Here’s how to perform a factory data reset on your Sony TV:

  • Press the HOME button on your remote.
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Device Preferences
  • Select Reset
  • Tap on Factory Data Reset
  • Select Erase Everything

Did you manage to fix the WiFi connection problem on your Sony TV? Let us know, which method helped you the most in the comment section below.


  1. The symptoms I had were that when I went into the settings and tried to turn on the WiFi it would turn back off after about 5 seconds of searching.

    Resetting the Sony TV (Fix 3) worked for me.

  2. Same here. Tried a tp link connecter, it just kept switching between the wifi and ethernet and still dropping out/ buffering. I’m mot tech minded and fed up of it. Also the TV often locks so it won’t turn on or off or switch channels – not the remote battery, it just doesn’t respond. Have to switch the power off and start it up again. Dud better with my ancient Samsung and a dongke thing. Worst TV I have ever bought.

  3. After entering my password to connect to Wifi the OK button does not work as the enter button and there is no enter button on the keypad so what do I hit to make it accept my password? If I hit the OK button it just moves the curser back to the keypad.

  4. So – we have been dealing with this for
    Months. We’ve done factory reset and gone through the litany of recommended fixes .. today I about had it when the wifi kept disconnecting every 10-30 min on our Sony. Then it would say password incorrect then it would connect finally

    I went on Reddit and found a fix from
    Someone who heard from someone

    Go to internet settings: home network and turn on the simple IP – no idea why it works, but it works.

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