How to get the Tarzan Ribbon in BitLife

If you are looking to get the Tarzan Ribbon in BitLife, then this guide will help you out. Although the idea of text-based live simulation isn’t new, yet not many were able to execute this brilliantly. Until BitLife came by. Right from its inception, this game had so much to offer, that people were already getting hooked to it in its initial phase itself. Navigating your life from cradle to grave there are quite a few crucial decisions that you have to take throughout your life. Furthermore, the game gets updated quite often, bringing up new features to the fore.

Recently, after receiving the v1.34 patch, Bitlife welcomed a slew of changes. One among them was the introduction of the Tarzan Ribbon. Well, the name was enough for everyone to ignite the hype. However, there are quite a few things that you need to be done before you begin the journey. On that note, here are all the instructions needed to successfully get the Tarzan ribbon in BitLife. Let’s check it out. On the other hand, if you are looking for some other ribbons, then our detailed guide on 40 BitLife ribbons will come in handy.


How to get the Tarzan Ribbon in BitLife

Recently we covered an article on how to complete the Tiger King Challenge in Bitlife. Well, that mission was based on the Netflix TV series of the same name. And the Tarzan ribbon seems to have taken a page out of that book as well. Following the footsteps of the Joe Exotic (the character in that series), you have to carry out tasks similar to what he has performed. The most important thing among them requires you to buy exotic pets and wild cats throughout your lifetime.

But you could only make this purchase once you are over the age of 18. Before that, the most you could do is ask your parents to buy snakes at the pet stores. Once you cross the legal age, the unusual pets are now available for you to purchase. There are quite a few exotic pets that you could get a hold-off. Which one you end up getting is completely random. On that note, if you don’t like the pet that is being offered to you at a point in time, you could quit the app and then restart it. It will refresh the pets and you might get the one as per your liking.

However, it is advisable to stay away from big cats and other such animals, because not only they are pretty costly, but will burn a hole in your pockets as far as their maintenance goes. This is because these pets cost a lot to sustain, and even most of the highest paying jobs wouldn’t be enough to sustain these exotic pets throughout the lifetime. And if they die of starvation, it will be a step backward in your quest for the Tarzan ribbon in BitLife.

Other Things to Keep in Mind


Always remember to keep the animal’s Relationship bar full. Or if it is proving too difficult, try and avoid petting these larger animals like panthers, tigers, and gorillas. If you are thinking of getting a highly paid job, then choose your job with the utmost care. This is because it might lead to an altogether different ribbon. For example, if you are looking for a job in the entertainment industry, then you could end up getting the Famous or Rich ribbon. This will do no good in your pursuit of getting the Tarzan ribbon in BitLife.

So in general, you could go for the Snakes and birds as they don’t require much maintenance. Likewise, you could also get your hands on fox, dingo, bobcat, coyote, and other such cheap and smaller wild animals. Coming back to the job, it will be much better if you get a job in sync with animal care. You could go for a Cat behavior Consultant, Pet Groomer, or even a Vet. The latter requires you to post-graduate as well, but if you do so, try not to end up getting the Academic ribbon!

Furthermore, since the maintenance cost of these animals are sky-rocketing and there are not many high paying jobs, there are some other things s on which you could curtail your expenditures. For example, consider not to marry or have kids, don’t buy a car, go for the cheapest house and don’t get lured too much into the black market, this might do more harm than good. Keep all these points in mind and the Tarzan ribbon in BitLife will be all yours.


So with that, we conclude the guide on how to get the Tarzan ribbon in BitLife. Always remember that these rare and exotic animals cost a lot, hence they should be handled with utmost care. Otherwise, this might then count as a negative factor and hence will cause much trouble in getting your hands on this ribbon. Rounding off, here are some that you should check out as well.

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