Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner: Location and Abilities

SnowRunner has many gems hidden in the game which you can find for yourself. In-game the gems are mostly trucks, and you can find certain trucks in certain regions in certain areas. Here we are discussing how to find the TAYGA 6436 Truck in Snowrunner, the wilderness game. SnowRunner is a recently launched game by Focus Home Interactive on 28 April. Developed by Saber, the game is a sequel of MudRunner but possesses much larger maps, environments, and much more.

Even more, the game has improved UI and visuals compatible with almost any hardware. The game offers you hidden esters eggs; in this case, it is the trucks in the game. In certain regions, you can find a certain truck for free in the forest. However, the mechanics of the game are much easy to use, the destination location can be selected by a few mouse clicks, and the game also offers you the uniques cockpit view. Overall, with upgradable vehicles and add-ons, and much more, the game is great to keep people captive in the game.

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner Location and Abilities

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner: Location and Abilities

The location and technique to find the truck quickly is a hard task to do; you can find the truck pretty easily by just following the steps that are mentioned below.

Step 1) Firstly, open up the world map, go to the Contracts, and select Tayga oil. Now on the map, you have to add the destination point from the Trailer store to the SOS point. Mark the to the SOS from the forset, take it off-road.

Step 2) After you have selected the destination location, start your mission and move forward to the destination. Stop halfway near the destination and again click and set the destination location through the forest.

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner: Location and Abilities

Step 3) Now, you will have to connect to the Winch. Move forward by pressing F on your keyboard. Connect and disconnect the winch simultaneously.  Do it multiple times after you move a little forward.

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner: Location and Abilities

Step 4) Eventually, you will spot a TAYGA 6436 truck if you keep connecting and pulling to the winch near the SOS area. Move towards the truck after you have spotted it.

Step 5) Move into a circle between the trucks and press the button on your keyboard to see the truck. Now you will have to do the tasks that it tells you to. You will have to refill and repair the truck. After that, the mission will be completed, and you can be back with a different truck in the same location.

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner: Location and Abilities

Step 6) After you are back in the same location with a different truck. Go to the circle in between the trucks and select the TAYGA. Now you can select the track, then choose repair>all, and it will show that the task is completed. You can now hope into TAYGA and enjoy the game.


To find the TAYGA 6436 in SnowRunner, you will have to select the destination location from the trailer store to the nearest SOS location through the wilderness. You can find the truck in Drowned Lands, Taymyr, Russian Federation. You will have to connect, reconnect, and pull the truck through winch simultaneously. Eventually, you will spot one, and then you have to perform repairs. After that, you can come back again to reclaim the truck.

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