Fix: TCL Smart TV Stuck on Logo or Loading Screen

Undoubtedly, every age group enjoys TV time, and most look forward to it daily. With the advancement of technology, smart and HDR TVs are becoming increasingly popular. The TVs we manufacture and introduce are affordable and feature amazing features, like streaming. As a result, we have a good reputation for the smart TVs we manufacture and introduce.

With over a decade of experience designing, manufacturing, and marketing TV sets, TCL has gained a reputation among smart TV buyers around the globe. But, those users who buy the TCL TV are complaining that the TCL Smart TV is stuck on the logo or loading screen. That’s the reason why we are here. In this article, you will learn how to fix if the TCL Smart TV is not working and is stuck on the logo or loading screen. So, let’s get started with the guide:

Fix: TCL Smart TV Stuck on Logo or Loading Screen

Why Is My TV Stuck On Logo Screen?

On your TCL Smart TV, the volume is stuck at a certain level. It may be possible to solve the problem simply if this is the case. To troubleshoot your TCL problem, you can call TCL support. They will help you figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Alternatively, you can contact the customer service line if you’re having technical difficulties. You can depend on them to identify and solve the problem.

It is also possible to restart your TCL television. Unplug it from the power source if you are unable to turn it on. On the remote control, you can also press the power button or the reset button to reboot it. It may be possible for you to solve the problem this way in some cases.

Although this method may temporarily resolve the issue, it will only last for a short period of time. You can clean it to make your TV work again. By pressing the back button of your remote, you can clean it to make your TV work again. You can install software updates if you don’t want to.

How To Fix TCL Smart TV Stuck on Logo or Loading Screen

So, here are some fixes that will help you resolving the TCL Smart TV stuck on logo screen issue. Therefore, if you are facing this issue, perform the fixes mentioned below:

Fix 1: Restart TV

If your device has corrupted cache files, they may have been accidentally deleted. The reason why you’re experiencing this problem is because of this. So, delete the files from your TCL Smart TV to fix this problem; restarting it won’t work; the TV must be turned off and on again to fix it. After that, turn off the TV and unplug all cables. Connect cables only after they have been disconnected for approximately 30 seconds. Turn on the TCL Smart TV if it isn’t already.

Fix 2: Power Recycle on the TCL Smart TV

To fix the problem of your TCL Smart TV stuck on the logo screen issue, you can also power cycle it. Many TCL Smart TV owners have reported that this helped them resolve the problem of their TV being stuck on the loading screen:

  1. Remove the power cord from the TCL Smart TV and connect it to its power source.
  2. Wait at least a minute if you do not have a power cord.
  3. Afterward, press and hold the Power button for about 10-15 seconds.
  4. Then, reconnect the power cord.

Fix 3: Check The Power Supply

Whenever your TCL Smart TV fails to power up, check the power supply first. It is important to ensure that the power source is connected correctly. It is possible that the voltage supply was accidentally plugged in. You should check to see if it is working if this is the case. If your power supply has a standby output, it should be able to supply you with at least 5V. To ensure your power plug and cable are functioning properly, check them as well.

Fix 4: Reset The Remote

You might need to replace the remote if your TCL Smart TV is stuck on the logo screen issue. There is a possibility that your remote is not connected to your TV, which prevents you from connecting it. If the remote control needs to be reset, the problem can be fixed. These are the guidelines you need to follow if you’re not familiar with the process:

  1. You need to hold the Menu button for at least 10 seconds in order to blank the screen.
  2. When you release the button, the device will automatically return to factory settings. 
  3. That’s it. Use the remote to resolve the problem. It may be necessary to repeat the steps above if the error persists. 

Fix 5: Connect to a New Power Source

If the power source listed above doesn’t work, another power source can be connected to the TCL Smart TV. Your power source may be the problem when your TCL Smart TV is stuck on the logo screen issue. The remote or the TV may be at fault when your TCL Smart TV is stuck on the logo screen issue.

Fix 6: Check the Remote

TCL Smart TV remotes that don’t work properly should be checked. It may not work properly if the power button on the TCL Smart TV remote is damaged or the batteries are low. To fix a problem with the remote, try resetting it.

  1. You should hold down the Power button for 15 seconds after ensuring your remote does not have batteries.
  2. After that, in the next step, you need to insert the batteries into the remote control.
  3. Using your remote will let you turn on your TV if it is stuck on the logo screen issue.

Fix 7: Make Sure The HDMI Cable is Working

Is your HDMI cable connected properly to your TCL Smart TV? It is possible for the HDMI cable to be damaged in some cases in order to cause this issue. Ensure that the HDMI cable is working properly by performing a thorough examination. Moreover, new cables may be needed to resolve the issue if any cables have been damaged.

Fix 8: Update Your TV OS

You may also experience an issue with your TCL Smart TV’s operating system if it is an older version. Alternatively, you can manually flash your TCL Smart TV’s Android version via the TCL website if it does not begin working.

Fix 9: Contact To Service Center

The only way to fix TCL Smart TV stuck logo screen issue is to contact TCL’s customer support team when none of the tricks mentioned earlier in this article works. In order to resolve this annoying issue, TCL may be able to help.

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So, that’s how you can fix if your TCL Smart TV is stuck on the logo or loading screen issue. We hope that this guide has helped you. But, suppose in case you need any further info, comment below and let us know. 

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