The Forest Best Weapon Upgrade and Location 2023

The Forest features a rough world where players do their best to survive in the game. The game’s storyline features a man searching for his son after a severe plane crash. Throughout his journey, he ends up landing on an island full of strange creatures and cannibals. And to survive and complete your mission, you must fight for yourself. Fortunately, a bunch of weapons available in The Forest will back you up in all situations.

Although there are many options, and you can always go with any weapon of choice, escaping the forest is extremely tough. Moreover, if you hold on to a weak weapon, things get more complicated as you keep going. So, to make things a little easier, we have brought you some of the best weapon upgrades and locations available in The Forest.

The Forest Best Weapon Upgrade and Location 2022

The Forest Best Weapon Upgrade and Location 2023

As you walk into the forest, having a reliable and strong weapon is a must. Life in the forest will be tough as you need to survive through hunger, illness, and many more difficulties. Additionally, mutants and cannibals are always looking for the chance to take your life out. And as a result, you should always keep up your guard and the best weapons available to deal with the unpredicted threat. Here are the five best weapon upgrades you should go for in the forest to walk around with confidence.

Incendiary Spear

Just as the name sounds, the Incendiary spear is one of those having all the qualities of a spear and is also able to cause a fire. In other words, you will be using a spear with the ability to create some devastating explosions. The best thing about this weapon is that it is easy to carry for the player, can be crafted quickly, and most importantly, can deal great damage to foes.

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Moreover, the Incendiary Spear proves even more useful in multiplayer as you play against teams of equal power and experience. Hunting gets easier than ever with the spear. Besides, it can be crafted by the player themselves which is pretty easy to do. And you do not have to light it up to get the Incendiary upgrade separately, however, remember that you cannot either receive this upgrade with a small spark. All these make it the best weapon in the forest that every player should go for.

The Modern Axe

Considering all the axes available in the forest, the Modern Axe is the best that will definitely live up to the expectations. Whenever it comes to speed, damage, or blocking, it is the idlest weapon you could look forward to in the forest. It grants you immense power and can deal significant damage with every hit.

From knocking down the cannibals to cutting down trees, you can unquestionably rely on this weapon without second thoughts. Moreover, with the right upgrades, you can further scale its stats and carry on with the same weapon even in the endgames as well.

The Modern Axe is located in the main cannibal camp located southeast of the map. Although finding the location for a newbie can be difficult, you can still get to it with a little patience. Once your plane has crashed, look for the cliff plains and follow the way.

Now, the easiest way to look for them is to head toward the North facing mountain and once you can see the lake separating the island into two parts, know that you are on the right path. Keep following the lake to the east and you will eventually end up in the main cannibal camp.

As you reach the cannibal camp, look for a small cave with an entrance having stacks of skulls put vertically on a rod. Now, go down to the cave and navigate through the entire place. Make sure you have to go through a few unexpected cannibals, so always be ready for that.

After you hit the place having a crossroad, look for a small barricade and take a left and keep moving. Follow the wood path and kill the cannibals. You will then see a hanging lantern and a rope. Head towards it, take the road and go down all the way. Finally, you will find a hidden room full of boxes, and the Modern Axe will be resting upon one of those boxes.


The Forest Best Weapon Upgrade and Location 2022

The chainsaw is not as fast as a spear or the Modern Axe, yet it does its job cleanly. In the case of killing the cannibals, you might find it quite low on its attacks. However, it has the ability to stop them from dodging your attacks and provides you with enough time to make a potential attack. But more importantly, it can come in various other uses such as cutting down trees.

The Chainsaw is simply an expert weapon when it comes to cutting trees. You can completely rely on it to get your job done faster and without any effort. And most importantly, every time you use this weapon to kill those cannibals or mutants, blood spills over in every direction in a very dramatic way making players fall in love with this weapon.

Unlike many weapons, the chainsaw is very easily getable. You can almost find it in multiple locations such as the main village to the southeast, the center village, the Waterfall village to the northwest, and the Beach Hut village as well.

Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail is the perfect weapon to wield if you don’t wish to get involved in much of a fight. This weapon lets you deal damage to your enemies without even having to fight them hand-to-hand. Just throw the Molotov somewhere near your enemies and lure the cannibals to come into the fire and they will automatically take the damage from the fire.

Although the weapon itself holds great power and is able to deal good damage, it is more of a situational weapon that you need to use strategically. Using carelessly in a confined area while dealing with a group of enemies can cause immense damage to both parties.

Therefore, make sure to use it accordingly to drive the best benefits out of it. Besides, the Molotov Cocktail can be crafted and you don’t have to roam around to find it anywhere else.

Modern Bow

There are quite a lot of options among bows in the forest. However, when it comes to the best, Modern Bow is the only thing you will need. It is quick, deals good damage, and is accurate to its target. The consistency of the Modern Bow allows users to work on multiple tricks while attacking. They can use various types of arrows and other attacks to get a hold of any fight. Moreover, it only takes a few sticks and feathers to replace the previously used arrows. You can easily restock your ammunition and carry on to fight without any delay.

Compared to the other weapons, it would take you some extra effort to find the Modern Bow. Also, as you follow your path, you will come across a lot of cannibals, so make sure to be prepared for them as well.

The Modern Bow can be found in the chasm cave, also known as cave 7. Your first motive should be to reach the northwest of the butthole on the map. Once you reach there, you need to cross through the natural bridge to reach to your destination.

After reaching cave 7, simply enter it and keep going straight until you find a cliff. Now, take the rope to climb down and you will see cannibals on your way. Once you knock them all, get past both the barricades to finally reach a giant opening.

On reaching there, take left and keep running until you see a rope. There are a few ropes one after the other. Climb through them to reach the bottom. Again get through the cannibals and pass through the slit just to take another rope to climb down. Now, keep going left, kill the cannibals, and head straight to take another left until you hit the barricades.

Once you get through the barricade, firstly kill the cannibals and get on your rebreather, and go to the waterhole. Swim through the waterhole until you reach the right spot. You will then find some boxes with a modern bow over one of them.


Weapons are a must in the forest if you really wish to survive and get past all the difficulties. Initially, you might not get a hold of the game and it is fine to go with some ordinary weapon in the beginning. However, you will need a more powerful weapon as you reach a certain level.

The weapons mentioned above are some of the best weapons to wield for any player. They offer you the power and flexibility to use them in your own way to get past anything. However, the toughest part is to find these weapons. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the right weapon and show you the path to find and finally wield it in the forest.

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