The Forest Console Commands and Cheats 2023

The Forest is a survival horror multiplayer game that Endnight Game develops. It has unique Gameplay where the users have to survive in the open forest to find their son Tommy. They were travelling from the plane, and the plane crashed due to which they landed in the Forest. In the Forest, the user has to build a base, find food, and much more during the day. And, At night, the user has to defend the ground from the cannibal monsters in The Forest.

Therefore, the main reason that it is thrilling is that it is available in FPP Mode. And the first-person perspective makes it more of a horror game, as you will get scared sometime as the monster arrives in the night. And it is horrifying; the sound of the game is also realistic, which will make you get scared. So, after all, this is one the best game that you should try on.

So, to make the game easier for you. Therefore, We are here with tips of The Forest game. So, read the full article to know more about this.

The Forest Console Commands and Cheats 2022

The Forest Game Commands 

We know that The Forest game is very much difficult to play as you have to face a lot of enemies at the same time. And, you also have to defend your base. So, we are here with The Forest Console Commands and Cheats 2023. Therefore, check the console commands and cheats commands below. We will also tell you how you can run these commands.

Console Commands

  • devicedebuginformation [on/off]: It will show the debug information on your device
  • help: The list of all commands will appear
  • clear: It will clear the console of the game
  • showgamestats: Through it, you can see the current game stats
  • achivementloglevel [log level]: It sets the level of logging for your achievement log
  • save: It saves the current game
  • setdifficultymode [difficulty]: Through this command, you can specify difficulty levels from peaceful, normal, hard, and hard survival
  • setgamemode [game mode]: You can change the game mode to standard, creative, and mod through it
  • loghack [on/off]: It will turn on/off the Infinite logs
  • userigidbodyrotation [on/off]: It will smooth the camera movement
  • gccollect: It calls the garbage collector to free up unused memory that the game is using
  • lodmanagerscaling: It toggles LOD manager FPS scaling
  • toggleocclusionculling: The models will be stopped from being rendered
  • togglesheenbillboards [on/off]: It enables and disables Sheen Billboards
  • filteraudio: You can clear the audio path filter through this command
  • dumplobbyinfo: It prints the multiplayer lobby information to your console
  • physics30fps [on/off]: It changes physics to 30 FPS
  • loadlevel [save number]: Through this command, you will be able to load specific saved level
  • toggleplayerstats: You can see other player stats through it
  • toggleoverlay: It displays debug information at the bottom of the screen
  • setdrawdistance [setting number]: Set render distance
  • setshadowlevel: Set the shadow level
  • clearsaveslot [mp/sp] [slot number]: You can clear a multiplayer or single-player slot through this command
  • clearallsettings: Resets all game settings
  • resetstatsandachievements: Resets all account stats and achievements

Cheats Commands

  • additem [item id]: It adds the item with item ID to the inventory
  • addallitems: It adds one of each item to your inventory
  • addallstoryitems: It adds one of each story item
  • addclothingid [clothing id]: Add specified clothing to your character
  • animals [on/off]: Use this to enable and disable animals
  • astar [on/off]: It enables and disables enemy path finding
  • advanceday: Use this to Skips date/time one day forward
  • birds [on/off]: It enables and disables birds
  • buildermode [on/off]: The health and enemies are disabled so you can build without any fear of coming enemies
  • buildhack [on/off]: Therefore, enable and disable build hack, which gives you unlimited resources and instant building
  • checkday: Prints the current day of the game to the console log
  • cancelallghosts: Removes every blueprint in the game
  • cavelight [on/off]: You can use this command to choose whether you want light or darkness in your caves
  • cutdowntrees [amount/%]: Use this command to reduce the % of trees in the game
  • cutgrass [radius]: Use this command, to cut the grass in a manual radius
  • enemies [on/off]: It enables and disables enemy spawns
  • spawnanimal [animal name]: Spawn a specified animal in front of the character, eg. fish
  • goto [location name/coordinates]: You can teleport to a specified location or coordinates
  • placebuiltobjects [object id] [quantity]: Use this to place a built object in front of your character
  • faststart [on/off]: So, if you want to start the game directly and skip the plane crash scene at the beginning then use this command
  • godmode [on/off]: Enable and disable God mode, with this turned on, you will not get damage from your enemies. So, you will have unlimited stats
  • itemhack [on/off]: It enables or disables infinite items
  • survival [on/off]: If it is disabled, then your character’s hydration and hunger aren’t affected
  • speedyrun [on/off]: You can use this command to run at a breakneck speed
  • invisible [on/off]: Through this, your character is unaffected by camera effects, e.g water, mud, blood
  • killallenemies: Use it to kill all cannibals and mutants which are alive in the game
  • terrainrender [on/off]: It enables and disables the rendering of the terrain in the game
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride [off/lighting name]: So, use this, to override the time of day and reset it
  • forcerain [weather]: You can change the weather in the game
  • pmactivestatelabels [on/off]: It shows the NPC’s current state
  • setstat [stat] [value]: Therefore, set your player stats according to your need
  • setskill [skill] [value]: Use this to set your player skills
  • killallanimals: You can kill all animals in the game by using it
  • killclosestanimal: You can kill the closest animal in the game by using it
  • spawnitem [item id]: Use this to Spawn the item in front of you
  • removeitem [item id]: Remove a specific item from the inventory
  • spawnanimalquiet: Again Spawns an animal in the closest animal trap
  • restallenemies: Resets enemy Artificial Intelligence
  • knockdownclosetenemy: You can easily knock down the closest enemy through it
  • killclosestenemy: Use it to kill the closest enemy
  • killendboss: So, use it to kill the end boss
  • spawnregularfamily: So, you can use this command to spawn 3-6 cannibals monsters
  • spawnpaintedfamily: Spawn 3-6 painted cannibals
  • spawnskinnedfamily: Spawn 3-6 masked cannibals
  • spawnskinnyfamily: Spawns 2-3 skinny cannibals
  • spawnmutant [mutant id]: Through this, spawn a specific mutant
  • spawnallpickups: You can use this to again spawn all items that naturally spawn on the map
  • regrowmode: Use this command to regrow 10%
  • vegetarian mode: If you enable this then enemies will only spawn at night
  • woodpaste: Resets the holes which are made by a hole cutter or crane
  • setcurrentday [number]: You can use this to set the current date
  • timescale [multiplayer]: It slows down and speeds up Gameplay
  • gametimescale [multiplayer]: It changes the speed of game stats
  • plantallgardens: You can use it to plant the seeds in all the gardens in the game
  • growallgardens: It is used to refill all the mud piles in the game
  • energyhack: When it is enabled, then your character will have unlimited energy and stamina throughout the game
  • revivelocalplayer: So, you can revive your character in multiplayer if you are knocked down in the game
  • fakehitplayer: Through this command, you will receive a fake hit, without any damage
  • setvariationextra [none/jacket]: Remove or add a jacket
  • veganmode [on/off]: If you use this command, then enemies will only spawn in caves
  • ironforest: So, this command makes buildings indestructible
  • meatmode: You can disable all cheats
  • rawmeatmode: So, when you die, the save game is permanently deleted
  • placeallghosts: Places all blueprints in the game in front of your character
  • setplayervariation [0/1]: So, it changes the character’s skin color
  • setplayershirtmat [material id]: Use this to change the character shirt material
  • showworldposfor [object id]: It shows where the specific object is
  • hideworldposfor [object id]: Through this command, you can Hide where an object is
  • findpassenger [passenger id]: Use this command to find a passenger with the specified ID
  • gototag [tag]: You can teleport your character to the specified tag
  • gotoenemy: So, through this command, you can teleport your character to a random enemy

How To Run The Forest Console 

So, follow the steps which are given below to run the console and cheats commands.

  • Therefore, go to Options
  • Now, click on Gameplay
  • So, turn on the Allow Cheats
  • Now, go to the main menu
  • type [developermodeon]
  • Now, Press F1 to open/close the console
  • Therefore, Now Enter the commands from the above
  • So, Press Enter, and enjoy the game


So, in this article, we have mentioned all the console and cheat commands for The Forest. Therefore, by using these commands, you can easily play the game. So, try using these commands and play the Forest game easily. Also, if you have more commands that we have not added, tell us in the comment section below.

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