Download and Update Razer Blackwidow Driver

If you are a dedicated gamer and you use a Razer Blackwidow keyboard then this guide is for you. Sometimes, while connecting your keyboard the device may not sync with the keyboard driver. Maybe the driver of the Blackwidow keyboard is outdated and requires an update. In this guide, I will show you how to manually download and update the driver of your Razer Blackwidow gaming keyboard.

Let’s say you want to connect any external device to your computer. Then automatically the device driver for that gadget gets installed as you connect the device. If the driver is not the latest one or if it has bugs, then the device driver will not install. It’s good to share that Razer provides its users with device manager Synapse which works from the cloud. Using that, you can configure the razer keyboard and also update its driver. Let’s check out how.

Download and Update Razer Blackwidow Driver

First, you have to download the Razer Synapse 3 software.

  • Go to
  • Click on Download Now [the software supports Windows 7/8/10]
    use Razer Synapse to update driver of Blackwidow keyboard
  • Once Synapse downloads you have to install it
  • Sign in to your profile
  • Then you have to connect your keyboard and then synapse will locate it
  • If the Razer Blackwidow driver is outdated, then it will look for the latest available keyboard driver and will install it.

Visit Razer Device Support

There is a second method as well which you can use to find the latest driver for your Razer Blackwidow keyboard.  The support will have a complete list of the Razer gadgets that are actively being procured and used. You have to select your keyboard model(Blackwidow in this context)

  • Go to
  • Under Select a product, click on keyboards
    Razer Blackwidow keyboard
  • Then select which model of Razer Blackwidow you use for which you need the latest driver
  • Next, click on view master guide for download
  • Now, you will see the latest driver that is available for your Razer keyboard
  • Click on Download and grab the device driver and then install it.
    Download and update Razer Blackwidow keyboard driver
  • After installation finishes, make sure to restart your PC to integrate the changes

So, these are the two easy ways to download and update drivers for your Razer Blackwidow keyboard or any Razer keyboard that you use.

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