Warzone 2 DMZ Vehicular Manslaughter Faction Mission Location and Guide

Since its beginning, Warzone has earned much fame for its achievements and unique style of delivering in-game content to gamers. A recent report found that Warzone 2.0 got an instant response because it introduced DMZ mode. Through DMZ mode, you and your friends can enter Al Mazrah and complete fun missions to win exciting rewards.

However, the DMZ has many missions, including a backlog of 103 Missions. You can obtain functions from the following three factions: Legion, White Lotus, Black Mous and Crown. Each of them comprises a few tiers dedicated to specific missions. A newbie might find Vehicular Manslaughter, which falls under the Crown faction (Tier-2 list), challenging. Here we will explain everything you need to know about that mission.

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Warzone 2 DMZ Vehicular Manslaughter Faction Mission Location and Guide

Warzone 2’s DMZ (Dematerialized) zone’s crown faction mission comprises five tiers. Comparatively, apart from other faction missions, this mission could be more transparent and challenging. The Mission “Vehicular Manslaughter” is tier 2’s listing Mission, which requires the player to kill 10 enemies with the explosion of detonated vehicles. At the same time, another is to kill 4 enemies with the explosion of a C4 Detonated Helicopter.

Since we need to find the C4 detonated vehicle and helicopter location, the Mission becomes challenging. After completing this, players receive 7500 XP as a reward for completing the “MCPR-300 (Contraband)” quest. While players need guidance, such as where to start and how to execute actions. Luckily, we have research for both the Mission and some valuable information to you. So, let’s discuss both of them and clear out the path for the next tier’s Mission.

Mission 1: Kill 10 enemies with an explosion from C4 detonated Vehicle

The primary aim of every player on this mission is to destroy enemies with a vehicle explosion. You will not be credited for shooting enemies with a gun. We will only consider enemies who a blast has killed. Also, that explosion will be done through C4. If you do not know, C4 is a lethal weapon capable of exploding any vehicle and killing an enemy in one blast. So, all you need to do is explore Al Mazrah and look for a vehicle.

Next, go to the place where enemy reinforcement trucks usually pass. These trucks typically appear where enemies are needed. Whenever an enemy truck passes in front of you, run towards it in such a way that it stops. Then immediately throw C4 at it and get back to a safe place. Now explode the C4-bombed Vehicle before all the enemies get away from it. Once at least 10 enemies are killed by that explosion, your mission is complete. For a better understanding, you can view the video.

Mission 2: Kill 4 enemies with an explosion from C4 detonated helicopter

The explosion from a helicopter detonated with C4 is similar to killing 4 enemies. But when we arrive, we need to get to the island. We must also force our enemies to land their helicopters. However, we can quickly get to where such helicopters usually land. But it could also be challenging to find that place. Instead, we can force the enemy helicopter to the ground. You can throw C4 at it as soon as it lands, and it will explode.

The fun of killing 4 enemies with such an explosion is quite challenging, but that’s part of the mission. You can try it, and I am sure you will succeed. All you need to do is shoot at enemy helicopters flying over and try to shoot them up to that extent so they will be forced to land. As soon as the helicopter lands, run towards it and through C4 to return to safety. Then shoot at the helicopter, and at least 4 enemies will be killed, thus completing your mission. You can view this video for a better understanding.

Once you complete both missions, you will get MCPR-300 (Contraband) 7500 XP. After receiving it, you might wonder how to claim it. As for your preference, you will be surprised to learn that there is no actual process to claim these rewards. The faction mission section will appear after you select the game and boot it up. It will automatically claim rewards for you. To get such rewards automatically, you must complete your mission and choose your next mission.

Additionally, you can go to the weapon stash and see that the new reward has been added. You need to go into the insured slots > change > select the gun for which you want a custom blueprint. So, these are the things relevant to claiming faction mission rewards. Do not relax, as more exciting rewards await your following tier missions. So, I hope you got the right way to deal with the Vehicular Manslaughter mission. If any player has a question, they can ask it below.

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