What Channel is CBS on Spectrum?

CBS on Spectrum has been quite consistent in bringing in a plethora of amazing content for a considerable amount of time. No matter whichever genre you prefer, CBS has at least a bunch of content for you. Love to watch crime, drama, and mystery? Well, you can’t resist watching the greatest hits like Dexter, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Shawshank Redemption, and a lot more. Series like The Big Bang Theory, School of Rock, Two and a Half Men are some more options to kill your time laughing with your friends and family. Besides, there’s an unending list of contents to choose from.

This is probably the only reason why the CBS TV Network has such a massive fan base. However, if you have just shifted to Spectrum Cable TV, you might not be aware of all its plans and what CBS channels does it provide. Well, to begin with, Spectrum TV cares about its users and provides most of the on-demand services, including CBS as well. With that being said, let us now move on to what CBS channels do Spectrum offers you and how to make your experience further better.

What Channel is CBS on Spectrum

What Channel is CBS on Spectrum?

Spectrum Cable TV providers consider their user’s interests as their chief priority. They provide a total of three subscription plans: Spectrum Special package, Silver package, and Gold package. Each plan comes with a different set of channel lineup, and fortunately, they are worth the price. Now, Spectrum provides two channels from the CBS network, i.e., CBS and CBS Sports Network, in all three plans.

In other words, the Special plan provides both CBS and CBS Sports, while the Silver and Gold plan also provides both channels in addition to other benefits. Let’s have a look at the top-notch content you will get to watch on both channels.

Contents to watch on CBS

CBS is just the absolute source where you will find content from every genre to watch. Starting from comedy TV shows, drama, crime, and thriller content to talk shows and reality shows, you will find everything under one roof. It broadcasts a huge variety of content so you won’t get bored in your left out time. What’s more impressive is CBS also broadcasts the latest news on a regular basis to keep you updated about all the surrounding happenings.

Here’s a list of some of the top-notch content you get to watch on CBS:

  • MacGyver (Action, Adventure, Drama)
  • CIS: Vegas
  • Blue Bloods (Crime, Drama)
  • S.W.A.T (Action, Crime, Drama)
  • Evil (Drama, Horror, Thriller)
  • MOM (Comedy, Drama, Romance)
  • FBI (Crime, Drama)

These are some of the presently casting shows on CBS that are surely worth watching. Other than these, CBS also provides you with some good-to-go news like CBS morning news, evening news, weekend news, news Sunday morning, and so.

Contents to watch on CBS Sports

CBS understands the needs and interests of its customers and hence, does the extra work to bring in all the best content to meet customer satisfaction. They understand the content psychology, and that is why CBS is ahead of all its competitors. And working on the same successful psychology, CBS also includes another channel, i.e., CBS Sports to Spectrum.

Thankfully, if you are a sports enthusiast, CBS covers most of the interesting sports on the CBS Sports Network. Whether it is the NFL that you are crazy about or simply a college football/ basketball match, CBS Sports got you covered. It broadcasts a variety of sports, and you can watch all of it, even with the Spectrum Special plan.

How to enrich your experience with Spectrum?

As you have already seen, Spectrum offers you two channels from the CBS Network, ensuring it satisfies most of your needs. However, if this is not enough, you can also enhance your streaming experience with CBS in Spectrum. Upgrade your plan to Spectrum Silver/ Gold, to get some of the premium benefits along with more channels on the list.

The Spectrum Silver package delivers you with 175+ channels, while the Gold plan offers 200+ channels. If CBS Sports alone can’t meet your sports streaming needs, you should perhaps try an upgrade. The premium plans also include the ESPN network, FOX network, and more to fulfil the space.


So, that tells all about what is CBS on Spectrum. Luckily, you get CBS channels with all your Spectrum plans. Although it includes only two channels of the CBS network, they cast a variety of content to hold the audience’s interest. In case you are not satisfied with the two channels, upgrade your Spectrum to find a better variety and never get restricted from watching something new something more.

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