What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

Every time you visit your Instagram account, you see new slang on the page; whether you’re into fashion, fitness, or food, Instagram has something unique. Thousands of influencers have turned to Instagram for full-time and part-time jobs where brands connect with customers and users are interested in what is going on in their lives. However, new slang is added daily on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms.

You may not know the acronym when it’s added on Instagram. You might have seen one such trending acronym on Instagram: NFC. However, learning how to use NFC on Instagram best would be best. And if you don’t know what NFC means on Instagram, then you’ve to read this article till the end to know what NFC means on Instagram. So, let’s get started.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram

NFS Meaning on Instagram

As we all know, Instagram is known for being a popular social media platform which is growing rapidly, and several users are trying to implement their social profiles for better results. Nowadays, we are addicted to Instagram and getting more comfortable using acronyms on social media. In addition, NFS dedicates several terms on Instagram, and the most common NFS stands for “Not for Sale.”

Alternatively, multiple terms stand for NFS on Instagram. And the other most common NFS means “Not for Sharing.” Several users tag their friends and give NFS in their caption, which defines “No Filter Squad.” So, let’s decode the most popular meaning of NFC on Instagram or social media platforms.

NFS: Not For Sale

The most popular NFS on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace stands for “Not For Sale.” Several users used this NFS on their Instagram accounts, mainly in photos showing sold items. Generally, NFS is mainly used to describe an item, especially on Instagram, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay, which dedicates the item “Not For Sale.”

Alternatively, people write NFS while sharing artistic work or other items, which means that the content users aren’t interested in selling their products with you.

NFS: No Filter Sunday

One of the other most common uses of the NFS on Instagram stands for “No Filter Sunday.” It’s mostly common on Instagram photos where multiple users use this phrase NFS on their other media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok. It’s mainly accomplished with users’ photos that haven’t been posted with any filters and over extra editing.

Another reason behind No Filter Sunday is that your post is taken directly from your phone’s camera without editing or enhancing the picture representing your true self. Several users used this #NFS on their Instagram account mainly on Sunday, with normal posts dedicated to No Filter Sunday.

Additionally, No Filter Sunday sometimes appears on your Instagram or Snapchat Stories once a week; in that case, it may be defined as “No Filter Story.”

NFS: Not For Sure

The other term of NFS stands for “Not For Sure” on Instagram and other social platforms. You may have noticed this NFS on users’ accounts or in the comments tab. Not For Sure means that the person on Instagram and other media platforms isn’t sure about something or needs more time to think and say. In such cases, when users can’t say something on Instagram, they use this NFS, which mainly stands for “Not For Sure.”

NFS: Not For Sharing

In some other ways, NFS stands for “Not for Sharing” on Instagram and other social platforms. This NFS (Not For Sharing) defines that the person isn’t interested in sharing anything they’re planning in mind. It could be a photo, a video, a documentary or other media files. Several users used this NFS on their social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, which estimate that they’re not interested in sharing any media with other users.

NFS: No Filter Selfie

Another NFS stands for “No Filter Selfie”, which refers to a selfie that hasn’t been enhanced and edited or filtered using photo editing applications. However, it’s a growing trend on social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. People share their unedited selfies and natural self-portraits with other users.

The NFS trend also responds to the unrealistic beauty standards made by social media platforms. In addition, the NFS Selfies are mainly accompanied by Instagram captions and hashtags such as #selflove, #nomakeup and #nofilter.

NFS: Need For Speed

This is mainly used as a hashtag (#NeedForSpeed) which is popular among car enthusiasts. This NFS (Need For Speed) typically refers to the most popular racing games application where several car enthusiasts used this NFS in reference to fast cars. However, it is also used as an acronym and abbreviation for the popular racing game franchise.

NFS: No Filter Sunset

Multiple users used this NFS (No Filter Sunset) on their Instagram accounts while posting a sunset picture without making any changes by adding filters, emoji, characters and enhancing. In addition, people prefer to take pictures with their smartphones during sunset, which makes the picture real without adding any filters.

You can also try to visit the #NoFilterSunset hashtag on your Instagram account. You’ll easily find all sorts of sky and landscape pictures of the sunset with the #NoFilterSunset hashtag. This NFS includes various sunset pictures with the time and location.

NFS: New Friends

Some Instagram users also used this NFS to describe someone as new friends on social media platforms. For your better understanding, take an example, “Ahmad and I are NFS on Instagram.” However, this one is rare and not mostly found on social media platforms. But some users still used this NFS on their Instagram captions while posting a picture with their mutual friends.


NFS is the most popular acronym on Instagram and other social platforms, where multiple users use this NSF according to their usage. But most commonly, NFS stands for “Not For Sale”, and they’re other ways which stand for “No Filter Sunday.” I hope that you’ve found this guide helpful. If you have any other questions about acronyms or the other meanings of NFS, ask in the comments section below.

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