While Playing COD Warzone My PC turns off [Shutdown automatically] – Fix inside

Many players are reporting a very weird issue in Call of Duty Warzone. While playing, many users have reported that the game suddenly stutters or freezes. Restarting the game fixes the issue for many players. However, there is another issue that is far more annoying and is difficult to fix. Some users have reported that the game causes their PC to turn off while playing completely. Users have tried reinstalling and repairing the game but to no avail. However, there is one fix that works for users. Here is how to prevent your PC from turning off

While Playing COD Warzone My PC turns off [Shutdown automatically] - Fix inside

How To Prevent PC Shutdown While Playing Warzone?

If your PC turns off while playing Warzone, you must increase the page file size. Here is how you can do it

  1. Right-click on This PC and open Properties.
  2. Select Advanced System Properties
  3. Click Advanced tab
  4. Under Performance, click Settings
  5. Under Performance Options, click the Advanced tab
  6. Under Virtual memory, select Change
  7. Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  8. Highlight your Windows system drive
  9. Select Custom size
  10. Change the Initial and Maximum size values to a value higher than the initial value.
  11. Click Set
  12. Click Apply, and finally, Ok

This should fix your PC Shutdown issue. If you are still unable to solve this issue, then we would recommend reinstalling Windows.


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