Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook?

Are you not able to add someone on Facebook as your friend.? Then, in this guide, I will share with you why this issue happens, and you can fix it. It may happen that when you try to add someone, you see that no Add Friend option is showing on their profile. Sometimes, that person may be there on Facebook, but you won’t be able to visualize them. Mostly, people think that the concerned person has blocked them. That’s not true all the time.

Social media has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. People do take it pretty seriously if they are not able to add someone on Facebook. While a lot of people use social media not everyone is prompt enough to know what may have happened due to which they are not able to send a friend request to a person on Facebook. For them, this guide will be helpful to understand the various scenarios that may cause them to not be able to add someone on Facebook.

Why Can’t I Add Someone on Facebook

Various Reasons Why You Cannot Add Someone on Facebook

Let’s get going.

The User May Have Blocked You

Yes, in most cases if you are not able to find the user’s profile on Facebook, but you know that the user is active on the platform, then maybe the person has blocked you.

If you have also blocked a person, then also you won’t be able to find them and of course no question of sending friend requests arises.

User’s Account Maybe Deactivated

Facebook has a simple account deactivation feature that people use when they want to take some time off social media. That may be temporary or permanent depending upon that user’s need. If someone’s account on Facebook is deactivated you won’t be able to add them as a friend.

Strict Privacy Settings Doesn’t Allow Stranger’s to Send Friend Request

We have seen many instances of stalking and harassment where random unknown people message someone on Facebook. To avoid that some Facebook users keep their privacy settings stricter allowing only to add people they know. This means if they want from their side they may add anyone as a friend. However, when someone else may visit their profile, they may find the Add Friend option not available.

These days most people are also locking their Facebook profiles to avoid getting spam messages and friend requests from unknown people. Though you may send a friend request to a locked profile, there are high chances that the person may not accept the request unless you know each other.

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The Facebook User’s Adding Friend Limit Has been reached

If the person you are trying to add as a friend on Facebook already has 5000 friends on his account then the user has reached the limit. Such users won’t be able to add any more friends. Yes, there is a Follow option though. If they have activated the Follow option you can Follow them instead. You won’t be on their friend list but you will get all the updates they share on their profile.

The User You’re Trying to Add on Facebook Rejected Your Friend Request

If you are sending a friend request to a person and that user is rejecting your request then you cannot add him. It is a pretty straightforward situation. The person concerned doesn’t want to connect with you and you should respect that. Most people also never check their friend request list regularly. So, maybe your request is still pending on the list and is yet to be accepted.

According to my opinion, life is much more than a social media app. We should concentrate to spend our thoughts and energies on more productive matters instead of thinking about why someone is not accepting our friend request on Facebook. Nevertheless, information always comes in handy and I hope that this guide was informative.


  1. I can’t friend one of my oldest friends, Ruth Bowman Donohue. None of the listed hinderances exist on my end. She says she has not blocked me and we talk and visit each other.

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