Fix: Xbox Error 0x8015DC24 (Something went wrong with your party)

Xbox users are experiencing multiple issues with online gaming, account linking, server connectivity, and more. But some of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S users are reporting that the Xbox Error 0x8015DC24 (Something went wrong with your party) is recently appearing a lot and basically ruining the gameplay experience. If you’re also one of the victims then make sure to follow this guide.

To be precise, this particular error is preventing Xbox console users from playing together at a party. Whenever users are trying to host or join a party with their friends, the Error 0x8015DC24 seems to appear quite often. If we talk about the full error message, it says “Something went wrong with your party. Try again later. [0x8015DC24]”. So, the error message allows you to go to network settings or go back.

Fix: Xbox Error 0x8015DC24 (Something went wrong with your party)

Here we’ve mentioned some of the possible solutions that should work for you. Before heading over to the steps, ensure that your console is next to the Wi-Fi router to get a better range. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the guide below.

1. Check Xbox Service Status

The first thing you should do is simply check for the Xbox service status from the official Xbox Status page. You’ll come to know that whether there is a service outage happening in the background or not. If the service is running fine then you can jump into the next method.

2. Restart Wi-Fi Router

Make sure to restart your Wi-Fi router to check whether the error has been fixed or not. Sometimes a networking glitch or cache data issue can cause several issues with the server connectivity. Simply turn off the router and wait for around a minute then turn it on.

3. Test Network Connection

If everything seems fine to you, test the network connection on your Xbox console. Just head over to Settings > Network settings > Test network connection.

If the network connectivity or speed has issues then try re-configuring the internet settings or contact your internet service provider.

4. Create and Host Another Party

You can also exit the party and create another one with your friends. By hosting another party may fix the issue in some cases.

5. Switch your network

It’s recommended to try switching your current Wi-Fi network to a wired (ethernet) connection or vice versa. This will definitely fix the possible issue with the internet connection (if any).

6. Try joining another Wi-Fi or Mobile Data

In another way, you can also try joining a different Wi-Fi network or Mobile Data to check for the issue because sometimes your specific IP address or DNS address can occur multiple internet connectivity errors.

7. Ask for help from Xbox Support

Finally, if you’re exhausted and still the problem is bothering you, then ask for help from Xbox Support. They can help you out of it or try pushing a patch update if something is happening from the server end.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For additional queries, you can comment below.

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