FIx: Apple Watch Ultra Not Charging to 100%

Many Apple Watch Ultra users complain about the device not charging up to 100%. The manufacturer is known to work on the hardware and software for optimal performance. Many iPhone users carry one charging unit to charge their smartphone and the latest Watch. There’s a misconception among MFI Certified cable owners charging the Watch through the USB-C power bank. We will look at the charging limits on the latest Watch Ultra and what accessory works with the latest smart device.

Apple Watch Ultra

Why do my Apple Watch only charges 75%?

There are many reasons why Watch Ultra is not charging at its full potential. I have listed a few reasons and investigated the matter without Apple customer support assistance. I have shown you how to speak with the support team through the Apple app.

Battery Optimization Function:

There is an advanced function released for all Apple products with batteries. Many electronic goods use the battery as a power source, and the batteries are made using traditional Li-ion technology. Unfortunately, Apple knows how long their iPhone and the rest of the product battery lasts. I have an older MacBook and iPhone that require battery replacement. I will talk about it more in the tutorial part.

Generic Charger & Cable:

We have Type-C charging solutions everywhere for laptops and smartphones. We use one charging unit to charge all devices, including the Smart Watch. Use the charging cable and power brick manufactured by Apple. You can’t use a Windows laptop or Android device to charge Watch Ultra. Buy a genuine charger from Apple and power up the Watch Ultra.


We neglect the accessories and portable devices. We don’t clean them periodically and leave them until problems show up in daily activities. Wipe the dust from the Watch Ultra and clean the charging unit from time to time. I have mentioned a set of cleaning instructions for the newbies. You can save money in the long run by keeping the accessories clean.

Clashing Apps or Settings:

Many third-party software developers have released dedicated apps for the Watch Ultra. You can use dedicated apps to unleash the true potential of the portable watch. There is no perfect software in the world. I have spoken about the app clashes below and how you can identify them.

Malware & Vulnerabilities:

We live in a crazy universe, and hackers can penetrate the security layers of the Apple Watch Ultra. CERT-in has issued a few warnings for the Watch users. Malware is designed to create problems in the devices. We haven’t heard of specific malware for Apple Watches, but there are vulnerabilities. I have spoken about the necessary measures you can take to avoid any security problems with the Apple Watch Ultra.

watchOS Bugs or Glitches:

The Cupertino-based company releases watchOS updates frequently. The company wants the users to update the device regularly. The software updates come with patch fixes for bugs, glitches, and security. I have suggested a couple of important points before proceeding to update the operating system.

Fix: Apple Watch Ultra Not Charging to 100%

Visit the Apple service center when none of the solutions fix the Watch Ultra battery issues. Meanwhile, I ask you to avoid third-party tools to fix Apple device’s problems. These premium tools don’t fix your problem and charge you for the license.

It’s Watch Ultra Sleep Time

Apple Watch runs on the watchOS software. Users charge the device when the battery reaches the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, the Watch never gets sleep time and runs for weeks. I’m asking you to shut down the Apple Smart Watch for an hour or more.

1. Remove the charger.

2. Press and hold the Side button on Apple Watch.

3. Wait until the power slider appears on the screen.

4. Move the power off the slider.

5. Let the Watch turn off.

Give the Apple device an hour to dissipate the heat and end the session. The Watch Ultra will load the drivers, background processes, and connections in the next boot. Most software-related problems in the watchOS get resolved after the boot.

Disable Battery Optimization Function

Li-ion batteries have lifecycle issues. My iPhone battery didn’t ask long, and it requires replacing the battery. Apple knows about the situation, and they added a battery optimization feature. The feature slows down the charge per second and improves the life span. You might have heard about the suggestion to charge your device up to 90% for long-lasting battery life.

1. Open the “Settings” app from Home Screen.

2. Find “Battery” from Settings.

3. Open “Battery” to view the options.

4. Select “Battery Health” from the options.

5. Find the “Optimized Battery Charging” option.

6. Disable the feature.

Turn off the Watch Ultra. Turn on the Apple Watch after a minute. Charge the device without limitations, but it will reduce the battery life.

Clean Apple Watch

Do not underestimate the pinch of dust on the Apple Watch Ultra. The dust can create a barrier between the charging points and cable connectors. Clean the Watch Ultra because we don’t know what environment or situation they have been in all this time. Let me give you a few cleaning suggestions and avoid damaging the device.

1. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning purposes.

2. I forbid readers from using liquid drops while removing tough stains or debris.

3. Don’t use sharp or blunt objects to clean the debris.

You can use 99% isopropyl alcohol if you have experience with the liquid. Clean the cables and remove dust from the charging magnet.

Use Genuine Apple Magnetic Cable or USB Type-C Cable

I never liked Apple’s approach of carrying multiple chargers and cables to charge the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Watch. Buy a genuine charging cable from Apple or the original Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable.

Stop assuming that you can charge Watch Ultra using an Android phone charging unit or aftermarket cables. We know how Apple works, and they want you tied into the ecosystem.

Remove Plastic Wrap

The magnetic charger has the transparent plastic wrap around both sides. Remove the protective wraps and charge the Apple Watch Ultra.

Malware Attack

Apple Watch Ultra runs on the latest watchOS 9. The software is advanced firmware with capabilities to work with the iPhone. Privacy invaders are seeking different ways to exploit loopholes in the system. The CERT-in (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team) told Hindustan Times that Apple Watch is prone to threats. Watch owners should update the software regularly to avoid privacy invasion.

1. Connect the Watch Ultra to a secure Wi-Fi network.

2. Tap the “Settings” app.

3. Choose the “General” settings.

4. Tap the “Software Update” option.

5. Update the firmware to the latest version.

Never connect the iPhone and Watch Ultra to an unsecured network like coffee shops, schools, offices, restaurants, and other places.

Force Restart Apple Watch Ultra

You can force a restart when nothing is working in your favor. However, do not force restart unless you have no other options. I have shown you multiple ways to fix the Apple Watch Ultra not charging 100%. Perform the force restart after applying the solutions above solutions.

1. Disconnect the charger

2. Press and hold the Side and Digital Crown buttons.

3. Hold both buttons for ten seconds.

4. Release the two buttons when the Apple logo flashes on the screen.

Let the Watch Ultra greet you back in the system.

Bottom Line

Meet the Apple service center and tell them that the Apple Watch Ultra is not charging up to 100%. Repeat the solutions twice and resolve the issue at home. Use another genuine magnetic cable or USB-C cable to charge the Watch Ultra. Let us know how you fixed the charging issues on Apple Watch.

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