Best Screen Protectors For Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a highly powerful console, surpassing even the Nintendo Switch in terms of graphical performance and the number of supported games. However, its 7-inch screen is prone to scratches and damage. Though you can purchase covers for the device, it is important to choose a reliable screen protector. Given the fragility of the device, here are the top 5 screen protectors which you can confidently choose.

Here are the Top 5 Screen Protectors for Steam Deck

Benazcap Steam Deck Screen Protector

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Benazcap Steam Deck Screen Protector is one of the best screen protectors available, and it comes with Ultra-Thin 9H Hardness Tempered Glass. The screen protector is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and also oil resistant. The protector is easy to install, with the instructions given inside. Also, you get two protectors in the pack, which can come in handy if you accidentally fit the glass incorrectly. But, overall the installation is pretty much simple, with hinge stickers given on the glass.

JSAUX Extra-reinforced Tempered Glass

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JSAUX Extra-reinforced Tempered Glass comes with the most durable tempered glass material, the material is said to be Extra-reinforced at 500℃ for several hours, which ensures 5X more durability than other regular screen protectors. The hardness rating is 9H with 0.33mm, the same as Benazcap. The best part is, this comes with a guiding frame, that allows you to fit the glass once and correctly, also it offers two units in the pack. If you want the hardest protection, then probably this is where your search ends. 99% high transparency ensures the best viewing quality possible.

B&J Premium Steam Deck Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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The screen protector is specifically designed for a steam deck and has a 1mm gap during installation. The gap ensures that there are no bubbles stuck inside. It also comes with 9H hardness and 0.3mm thickness. Interestingly, the unit comes with a warranty cover of 3 months. It also has 99% transparent viewing clarity. And undoubtedly, this screen protector has a lot of positive reviews, in spite of the fact that it only ships one unit in the box. However, this is a very decent choice for your steam deck, as it already has passed the needed specifications for durability and reliability.

amFilm Screen Protector

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amFilp Screen Protector is another great screen protector that you can get for your steam deck, the protector comes with 9H hardness and is also scratch resistant, along with the oleophobic coating. The box comes with 2 units of the screen protector, 2 wet wipes, 2 microfiber clothes, one installation guide, and 2 large dust removal covers. The best part tho would be the auto-alignment frame which allows you to install the protection in under 60 seconds. However, some users have reported that the touch is not as responsive as claimed, post applying the protector. While some have zero complaints about the protector, it could very well be an installation issue with some users.

iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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The iVoler Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with a 9H hardness rating and is highly resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The package comes with 2 units of screen protectors and one easy-to-install frame. The protector also features an edge-to-edge fit for the best experience possible. The easy installation frame eases up the installation of the protector. However, it is not that hard to pull off, if you decide to remove it all by yourself.

These are the best screen protectors that you can get for your steam Deck, and always do remember to clean your display following the instructions before you start the installation.

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