Best Ultra League Pokemon In Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go has become one of the most highly regarded augmented reality games available, offering an immersive and engaging experience for players. With regular updates and events, there’s always something new to explore in this game. Currently, the second season of the Pokemon Go Battle League is in full swing, and the Ultra League is considered the most challenging.

The Ultra League has a maximum Pokemon CP of 2500, making it a difficult challenge for even the most seasoned players. Planning for this league can be challenging due to the absence of creativity brought about by the Great League’s low CP requirement, as well as the lack of freedom found in the Master League.

To help you navigate this difficult league, we have compiled a list of the best Ultra League Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These Pokemon have proven to be highly effective in battles and are worth considering for your team. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list.


What is Ultra League Pokemon?

The Ultra League in Pokemon Go is a tier in the Pokemon Go Battle League, where players can battle against other trainers using their Pokemon with a maximum CP of 2500. This means that players have to carefully choose and train their Pokemon to be competitive in this league. The Ultra League is considered to be one of the most difficult leagues in Pokemon Go due to the high CP cap, and players must come up with creative strategies to succeed in battles.

Best Ultra League Pokemon In Pokemon GO

In this section, we will also be mentioning the Pokemon type, their weakness, and strengths. So with that said, here is everything you need to know. Check it out.


Type: Steel
Recommended moves: Lock On (Fast), Flash Cannon (Charged)
Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground, Fire


While people are always a fan of this Pokemon in Greta League, it performs pretty well in the Ultra League too. Its max CP of 2449 goes a great length in this regard. Talking about its best combination, you should use the Lock-On (fast) combined with the Cannon (charged). As it is a steel type Pokemon, it shouldn’t have any trouble as such in dealing with other Ultra Leagues. The only issue with this Pokemon is it belongs to the legendary category, hence getting a hold of this Pokemon or even the candy to power it up might prove to be a challenging task.


Type: Ghost / Dragon
Recommended moves: Shadow Claw (Fast), Dragon Claw / Shadow Sneak (Altered, Charged) or Ominous Wind / Shadow Ball (Origin, Charged)
Weaknesses: Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Ice, Fairy

giratina pokemos ultra league

The Pokemon has two forms Origin and Altered, so which one should you opt for? Well, both are an equally available option. While some of you might choose the latter but since both are Dragon/Ghost-type you could choose anyone. As per its move is concerned, Shadow Claw or Dragon Claw stands at the top of the list. This is followed by Dragon Breath or the Ancient Power.

Armored Mewtwo

Type: Psychic
Weakness: Bug, Dark, Ghost

mewtwo ultra league pokemons

You might have used the normal Mewtwo too, but that doesn’t work here. The reason being it doesn’t have a pretty high defense stats. Therefore Armored Mewtwo might come in handy in the Ultra League. When you are having Rock Slide as a charge move, well what else could one ask for. Furthermore, there’s also a slower charging move, known as Earthquake, that leaves your opponents greatly damaged. Likewise, Psystrike is also a high-damage Psychic move. As far as confusing your enemies goes, there is no guessing- Confusion is the best move.


Type: Water / Ground
Recommended moves: Mud Shot (fast), Hydro Cannon (Community Day exclusive) and Earthquake (Charged)
Weaknesses: Grass

swampert ultra league pokemons

There was a recent Mudkip community day. This coupled with Gen 3 starter pack gives you a good collection of Mudkip candy. You could use these candies to get a Swampert. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is among the best non-legendary Pokemon in the Ultra League. The reason why it is so popular is the Mud Shot- although not the fastest, it is the quickest entry generator. As far as the charged move is concerned, Hydro Cannon is the name to take, if not this, then you could also go for the Earthquake. If you come across a grass-type Pokemon, then you should consider using the Sludge Wave.


Type: Normal
Recommended moves: Lick (fast), Superpower or Earthquake or Outrage (Charged)
Weaknesses: Fighting


You might be surprised to see a normal Pokemon in this list, as they don’t have much special attacking power or defensive capabilities. However, the thing is the current batch of Ultra League meta doesn’t have any fighting Pokemon as such. So what is Snorlax doing in here? Well owing to its large size, it turns out a master in defensive work, and let’s not forget the Outrage, one of the best Giratina counters that one could use. Coupled with Lick (fast attack), and you get a perfect combination. For the second charge move, either Body Slam or Earthquake could be a viable option.


Type: Fairy / Flying
Recommended moves: Charm (fast), Ancient Power and Flamethrower (charged)
Weaknesses: Poison, Steel, Rock, Ice, Electric


it could also deal with Giratina quite efficiently, all thanks to its Charm fast attack. You could also make use of the Ancient Power or the Flamethrower. However, due to the Ultra league meta don’t expect this Pokemon to fight off with strong attacking Pokemons. Just make sure not to keep both the Togekiss and Snorlax together.


Type: Fire / Flying
Recommended Moves: Fire Spin (fast), Blast Burn (Community Day exclusive) or Overheat (charged)
Weaknesses: Rock, Electric, Water

charizard ultra league pokemons

One of the most beloved Pokemon across the globe, your stock of Charmander candy should come in handy. Well, you could try spending them to get the Fire Spin, part of the fast move. Likewise, using the Overheat charged move will be quite useful. On top of that, the Blast Burn is the best option to choose from.

Alolan Muk

Type: Poison / Dark
Recommended moves: Poison Jab (fast), Dark Pulse and Acid Spray or Sludge Wave (charged)
Weaknesses: Ground


One of the reasons why we have added him to this list of best Ultra League Pokemon is due to its Dark Pulse charge move. It also has a handy Giratina counter. The only issue that one could have is obtaining the dark pulse as not only it is the strongest dark charged move but also the only non-poisonous one. Furthermore, Snarl might be useful in her fast moves and to add to some every gain.


Type: Water / Flying
Recommended moves: Dragon Breath (fast), Crunch or Outrage or Hydro Pump (charged)
Weaknesses: Electric, Rock


Since electric types moves are rare to find, hence Gyarados will come in useful that’s to its collection of charge types. In this regard, Crunch is the quickest and is also a Dark-type, whereas Outrage is a dragon-type one and does wonders against Giratina. Furthermore, Hydro Pump could take pride in calling itself as the most powerful one, and ask takes maximum time to get charged. Talking about fast attacks, Dargon Breath is the move to go after.


Type: Grass
Weakness: Fire, Flying, Ice, Psychic

venusaur ultra league

Although this grass-type Pokemon does have a few weaknesses (Fire and Psychic), but you could easily use it against Swampert. For fast attack, Vine Whip should be your go-to move, without a second thought. This can inflict some serious pain on water-type Pokemons. As far as charged attacks go, Frenzy Plant, Petal Blizzard, Sludge Bomb are waiting for you. All of them will help you in combating the grass-type creatures.


So with this, we conclude the guide on the best Ultra League Pokemon in Pokemon Go. We have also mentioned their weaknesses strength and their types. If you still have any doubts, drop in your queries in the comments section below. Likewise, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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