Best Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games in 2023

Has the new year got you all excited for the best upcoming PlayStation 5 Games in 2023? Well, I suggest you buckle up for the ride, as there are a lot of games coming out for PS5 this year. A total of 23 games are said to release this very year! Many of the PS5 exclusives were delayed multiple times until they got confirmed for release this year. Get ready to mark your calendar, as this article has the list of all games which are coming out this year for the PS5.

Best Upcoming PlayStation 5 Games in 2023

Forspoken (January 24, 2023)

Forspoken is an upcoming role-playing action game, published by Square Enix. The game is all set to release on 24 January. At first, the game was perceived as just another fantasy game, but the trailer proved to be more than that. Directed by Takeshi Aramaki, the game is primarily focused on terrain traversal and fluidity.

The game is an Open world game where you have the freedom to travel anywhere. The character introduced is Frey, a New Yorker who discovers she can cast magic. With every encounter with creatures, you get points which later can be redeemed with abilities or upgrades. Very often Frey will face a “breakstorm” where demonic creatures attack Frey, and they spawn in waves, with a Boss character name revealed in every breakstorm.

Dead Space (January 27, 2023)

Dead Space is a very old franchise of survival horror games, which has thrilled players to the core. The latest release is no different from the very old Dead Space 1, the primary difference would be better graphics and better gameplay. The game is developed using EA’s frostbite engine.

The game is set in the 26th century, where the player is a repairman in the Giant mining ship Ishimura. Issac Clarke (player) gets a call from Nicole Brennan (medical officer) when their vessel gets attacked by mutated human corpses. The release date of the game is set for 27 January 2023.

Hogwarts Legacy (February 10, 2023)

Hogwarts Legacy is among the most anticipated games that are coming this year. It is a role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. The game is based on Novels and movies, also including the movie Fantastic Beasts. This game is a dream come true for many Harry Potter Fans.

As the story progresses you will have to attend classes in Hogwarts, which will boost learning. Players will be able to cast spells, brew potions, and also learn combat abilities, players can also form their own combat style. In the game, attending classes will promote plot formation. The game is set in the 1800s, where you can explore places like Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and Diagon Alley.

Wild Hearts (February 17, 2023)

Wild hearts is an EA original action role-playing video game where the players hunt massive monsters in a frictional place called Azuma, which is inspired by feudal Japan. Start the game as a nameless character, whose work is to hunt down the massive monsters known as Kemono in the world of Azuma. Wild hearts is not an open-world game tho, but it does have a big map and certain places are large enough for players to explore.

The story lasts around 30 hours, during which players can craft items as per their advantage, craft torches, lite the enemy on fire, or build something which can block their way. As the player kills more and more monsters, new weapons and armor get unlocked, which can be used to hunt even powerful monsters. The game can also be played in multiplayer mode, where two other players can join the fun.

Atomic Heart (February 21, 2023)

Atomic heart is a first-person shooter action role-playing game. In the game, players can shoot with weapons, slash and tear with melee weapons and much more. The story revolves around a mentally unstable KGB special agent called Major Nechaev. The protagonist is transferred to facility 3826 by his contractor so that he can keep control over the situation there. While playing you will have to face robots that went rogue, failed experiments, and of course the protagonist’s very own unstable mental health which keeps deteriorating.

Players will face various enemies, such as mechanical, bio-mechanical, biological, and some even airborne. Players Items can be crafted, and metal parts can be collected from various sources such as houses, and robots and later use to create something of your own. The player wears a glove called the Polymer Glove which has special powers such as electricity, freezing, and telekinesis. The story takes place in the Soviet Union in alternate 1955.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! (February 22, 2023)

Players get to control Sakamoto Ryōma, who is an expert in 4 fighting styles. These four fighting styles are Swordsman (uses a katana), Gunslinger (uses pistols), Brawler (hand-to-hand combat), and Wild Dancer (katana and pistol). When Sakamoto Ryōma (Japanese Samurai) returns to his hometown Tosa. Sakamoto Ryōma has a tiff with Jōshi (the highest-ranked Japanese samurai) and later he is imprisoned and all set to be executed. Just before the execution, Ryōma gets saved by Yoshida Tōyō (powerful government minister) and who aims to unroot the rigid class system in Tosa.

This game is not a Typical Yakuza game tho! Tōyō requests Ryōma to see his best friend Takechi Hanpeita, who is the sole founder of the Tosa loyalist party and also wishes to end the rigid social class system. And just while they plan their next move, they are attacked by an intruder who beats all three of them. Sakamoto Ryōma however somehow survives and flees. A year later Ryōma is in Kyoto when he realizes that the one who killed Toyo was using the style Tennen Rishin. Ryōma then sets on this quest to find the intruder.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (March 3, 2023)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is another action role-playing video game. Players can customize their own avatars and start the Linear story of the game. The game primarily comprises beasts and humans, but it is a kind of dark version of the Three Kingdoms period. The player fights monsters and demons, you can also get help from a friend in the multiplayer mode during the combat.

The game also features spirit attacks, which basically is like an anger meter that charges up, the more you hit the enemy. Once the spirit meter is full, you can unleash a special spirit attack where you can use special combat or cast spells. You can also choose one from 5 divine beasts namely Xuanwu, Zhuque, Qinglong, Baihu, and Qilin. You can get assistance from these beasts or get passive perk points. However, there is a Morale rank attached to beasts, which is high or less depending on the type of beast.

Skull and Bones (March 9, 2023)

This one’s an open-world game, but not a traditional one tho! The game was inspired by Assassins Creed IV Black Flag. To be more precise, Assassin’s Creed Naval Battles were so good that it inspired the creation of Skull And Bones, and that too by the same firm, Ubisoft. The gameplay is 3rd person’s perspective where the player gets to control a ship and jump into war.

Talking about the multiplayer option, you can even add up to 5 people and play against each other for fun in disputed waters. Ships can be fully customized, and the single-player gameplay requires you to sail your way to the Indian Ocean. While in battle, the wind direction can be taken advantage of, as it can boost your speed. The game was delayed quite a few times, even though the development started a decade ago, that’s 2013.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (March 17, 2023)

Star Wars Jedi survivor is set five years after the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order, and it continues the story of Jedi Knight Cal Kestis as he is among the very few Jedi remaining after the order 66, and he must do whatever he can to survive in the huge Galactic Empire. The upcoming game maintains the elements from the previous games, along with certain new elements of its own.

Director Stig Asmussen mentions the game would have different enemies with different weaknesses, and the player would require to figure out ways to defeat enemies. If you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then you would remember the force used by Kylo Ren, the same power to freeze enemies and blaster bolts in mid-air will be available in the game.

Resident Evil 4 (March 24, 2023)

The development for this game began in 2018, but it took some time to fully pay attention to it, finally, it is coming out by 24 march 2023. It is the remake of the 2005 Resident Evil 4 game, but of course with better visuals and better gameplay overall. Players get to play from 3rd person perspective, and players have to manually organize their inventory, just like in good old times.

You can even purchase weapons and ammo, as the merchant returns to the game. Overall talking about the performance, if you have played RE3 (2020) and RE 2 (2019), then you can expect somewhat similar gameplay and graphics. Even though it’s a remake, there are some new things tho, such as Leon can block the chainsaw attack with a knife, and also lay a roundhouse kick which can push enemies away.

Dead Island 2 (April 23, 2023)


Dead Island 2 is another action Zombie survival game, but it is quite different from Resident Evil 4 tho! The game is a sequel to the Dead Island 2011 game, and also the latest one after Dead Island Riptide. This time, the game features the city of Los Angeles and San Francisco which has been quarantined because of the Zombie Outbreak.

Even though the game is based in Los Angeles, it is still an open-world game. Also, the game has many elements from its predecessors like the crafting system, and also rage power. With that being said, there are also new and different features that the game has. Even though the game was set to release in 2015, it got delayed till 2023.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (May 26, 2023)

This upcoming action-adventure game is the fifth installment of the Batman Arkham Series. The story takes place after the events of Batman Arkham Knight. It could be a turn-off for some fans as Batman is not shown as a Protagonist, but is just a character in the game. The main story revolves around a team of super-criminals, who are assembled and sent to Metropolis to stop Brainiac, who has brainwashed the members of the justice league.

The best part would be you can play the game solo, where you can independently switch between the characters of King Shark, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, and Deadshot. In multiplayer mode, it has four cooperative modes, where each character can be played together in multiplayer to progress the story.

Street Fighter 6 (June 2, 2023)

Here’s another game that Capcom will release after Resident Evil 4. This one’s primarily a fighting game, as the name says. While during gameplay, you get to choose between three game modes, namely Fighting ground, world tour, and battle hub. To play single-player, you would have to choose world-tour, where you can customize the player avatar to explore the 3D environment. If you want an online lobby, then you may select Battle Hub.

While in Fighting Grounds mode you have the training, arcade modes, and also 2D fighting gameplay, like the previous games of the series. The game features two types of control, namely the classic and the advanced mode. The classic mode has a 6-button layout like previous games, while the modern way has complex moves assigned to a single key. The game still depends on the drive gauge system, where the main gauge mechanic is Parry, Focus Attack, and EX move.

Diablo IV (June 6, 2023)

If you have previously played Diablo III, then the story of this game will be quite different than the previous Diablo games, as the director has focused on more of a grounded story, rather than adding fantasy to it. Most importantly, the game is now open-world. The game constitutes enemies who are divided into different monster families, which have different locations, and combat styles. In the game, you can customize gears with runes and runewords.

The rarest of collectibles can have unique effects which can advantage the player in many ways, and not only for weapons. The game primarily has three new attributes, which are the Angelic, Demonic, and Ancestral Power attributes. Angelic and Demonic can change the duration, of how long positive, or negative effects last. The core concept is to kill, acquire a better weapon, kill more powerful enemies, use the talent tree, customize weapons, and complete quests.

Final Fantasy XVI (June 23, 2023)

Final Fantasy is a role-playing action game by Square Enix. The game was delayed for several reasons like the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine. However, the main aspect of the game is the dark fantasy storyline. There’s also a veteran from Capcom for the battle designs. I think all these details are enough to get an idea of how epic this game is going to be.

The game is set in a place called Valisthea, that’s a world divided among 6 different nations. The nations hold power through their access to humans, dominants, and magical crystals. When malady dubbed the Blight starts consuming the land, tensions among nations arise. When Clive Rosfield sees his kingdom getting destroyed, he then sets out on the quest of the dark Eikon Ifrit.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (December 31, 2023)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is an upcoming action-adventure game based on the Marvel comic characters. If you are a Marvel fan, then you would love the fact that in the game Miles Morales will fight right beside peter parker. Now, if we go by trailer then it says a lot of things, such as the return of Venom, etc.

Don’t get excited already as the game will be released by December 31st, 2023. The game is primarily a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018. The game would also be a direct continuation of events from DLC The City that never sleeps, and from Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum (2023)

If you have been following PS5 news for while, then you would remember that The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum was one of the first games that were confirmed for the PS5 release. It is an upcoming action-adventure game that follows the Gollum between the events of Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings. In the untold story of Gollum, players take control of Gollum and travel the world. From Gollum’s point of view, dodging dangers, climbing hills, and escaping death are what sounds normal.

Don’t pre-judge the character as being small and sneaky, the Gollum is very skillful and cunning too! He only chases one thing, and the most interesting thing would be his split personality. As you might have noticed in the movies, Gollum has a split personality, which makes the game even more fun when the dynamic personality switch happens in situations.

Payday 3 (December 31, 2023)

Payday is definitely not a new name when we talk about crime/ money heist-type games. There have been previous entries too, and the latest installment intends to continue the story which ended in Payday 2. You may need to play the previous versions beforehand just so you can get an idea of the direction of the story.

This one is a first-person shooter game. The time of the game is set to 2020s in New York City. The game will reportedly take place at the “Gold & Sharke Incorporated” bank. As the time is set in the 2020s, players will get to see advanced surveillance and also the rise of cryptocurrency in the game itself. Payday is one of the most popular co-op shooters of all time, the upcoming sequel even makes it sound more fun than ever!

Hollow Knight: Silksong (2023)

Have you played Hollow Knight? It is a 2D game that was very well praised for its appearance, music, art style, atmosphere, etc. The game is quite popular even now, and there’s an upcoming sequel to it named Silksong. In the sequel, players get to control Hornet, a character who had appeared in the previous game but as a boss. In this sequel, Hornet wields a needle, which she uses to combat enemies. Silksong is said to feature over 165 different types of enemies, along with many non-player characters.

Even though it’s a 2D game, hornet will be able to craft tools, traps, and weapons too. The game also features a quest system, where the hornet gets to complete different quests. Unlike the previous Hollow Knight, this game focuses on speed, combat, and platforming. According to the developers, this game will be significantly harder than the previous Hollow Knight. Unlike Hollow Knight, in this game, the hornet uses silk to heal damage, instead of soul.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora (December 31, 2023)

Here’s a standalone story within the Pandora universe. The first Avatar game featured players the ability to choose which side they wanted to play, humans or Navi. It was released in 2009 for the PS3 PC and many other platforms. However, in this new sequel, players have to play as Navi and embark on an adventure to the Western Frontier.

Humans or the RDA have returned with their plans to take on the Western Frontier. Players need to push them back and stop it from happening. Not much is known about the game currently, but we do know that it is coming out this year. Although the development of the game started way back in 2017, it has finally been set to release by this very year. All we know is that the game will feature a different standalone story instead of being linear.

Alan Wake II (December 31, 2023)

Alan Wake II is a horror survival game and the second installment to the original Alan Wake game that was released in 2010. Northlight Engine will be powering up Alan Wake II, the same engine responsible for Quantum Break. Although the game was postponed several times, finally Remedy fully acquired the rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft.

Which later resulted in Alan Wake remastered 2021, and the next project is the upcoming Alan Wake II. Players will continue the story of Alan Wake from the previous game, but with the latest gen graphics and gameplay. Hopefully, the game will push boundaries with the latest hardware, including AMD FSR and DLSS. Remedy is the same firm that had previously released Control and Quantum Break. The firm ensures a secure feeling that the upcoming game would be well-optimized to play.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (December 31, 2023)

The next part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming in 2023. A recent Final Fantasy VII Remake event has stated that the Rebirth will be a PS5 exclusive. If you are a Cloud Strife fan, then we can understand how eager you would be to explore Cloud’s journey. For new timers, Cloud Strife is a former Shinra soldier turned mercenary who later joins AVALANCHE (eco-terrorist group). The main reason to join the group is to defeat Shinra, who’s slowly consuming the planet’s energy.

You can expect a very vivid and different gameplay than before, as everything has been redesigned. Players would also get some notable plot editions, along with major character development. Players will be introduced to ATB in the game. ATB typically slowly fills up so players can lay powerful attacks or magic. While using special ability attacks, the ATB segment will get consumed, party members can be switched anytime during battle.

Tekken 8 (2023)

Tekken 8 is the upcoming latest edition of the Tekken game series. The game primarily focuses on aggressiveness and has a new Heat system within the game. As per the claims, this would be the best Tekken game ever, with better reactions, better graphics, etc. The game will reportedly run on unreal engine 5, while the previous Tekken 7 used unreal engine 4. This would make Tekken the first ever fighting game to use Unreal Engine 5.

There are also many characters who are returning to the game. The returning characters are Marshall Law, Paul Phoenix, Lars Alexandersson, King, and lastly the debut of Jack-8. The game also shows Jin’s major conflict with his Devil Gene abnormality. The abnormality keeps absorbing his humanity to the point he becomes Devil Jin alter-ego during the middle of the fight.


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