Should You Use Your PS5 Vertically or Horizontally?

The video gaming industry continues to grow, and so are the sales of gaming consoles. Among them, PS5 is one of the most popular, and you probably already have one unit. According to Statista, over 18 million PS5 consoles were sold last year. The number could go even higher this year as the global chipset shortage has slowly come down.

Once you’re ready to set up your PlayStation 5 console, one thing that might pop up in your mind is the positioning of the console. Should you place your PS5 vertically or horizontally? Well, the answer is a bit tricky as one position is reportedly found to have caused hardware damage.

Should You Use Your PS5 Vertically or Horizontally?

Should You Use Your PS5 Vertically or Horizontally?

PlayStation 5 console has a built-in cooling mechanism that removes excess heat through vents. Whether you keep it horizontally or vertically, there should be enough space to release hot air through vents. Make sure vents are not blocked.

Does it mean you can place the console in any manner after ensuring proper spacing around the vents? The answer is yes and no. Don’t get confused; we’ll try to explain why.

While Sony advertised the PS5 by placing it vertically in most commercials, a design flaw has been noticed in this style of arrangement. As per a tweet by @68Logic (the owner of a hardware repair shop), vertically using the PlayStation 5 console can cause severe hardware damage. There are several other reports also suggesting a similar case.

Though these reports suggest that using PS5 vertically can cause overheating or melting components, Sony says you can use PS5 horizontally or vertically. This might create a lot of confusion in your head. Before you start scratching your head, let me tell you that no verified sources have reported issues when PS5 is placed vertically. The issue should have affected many PS5 users if that had been the case. But thankfully, it’s not the case.

If we believe Sony, the PS5 can be used vertically or horizontally, but you need to keep a few things in mind. The console comes with a stand, which the PlayStation team recommends to fit the console before using it either vertically or horizontally. The stand makes sure that is enough space for ventilation.

Final Words

PS5 can be used in either a vertical or horizontal fashion. The brand puts no restrictions on this as long as you follow the recommended instructions. However, it would be best to keep it horizontally for long-term usage to minimize suspected risks.

The PS5 console looks good when placed vertically. Plus, it takes less space in this position. Now you will have a clear idea of how to use the PS5 console. If you are still unsure about it, use the console horizontally. Do let us know your favourite video game in the comments below.

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