Check Out the Top 9 Software That YouTubers Can Use for Editing Videos

YouTube has quickly become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. With more than 2 billion users, who are watching at least 250 million hours of video per day, YouTube is the hub of entertainment. You will have no problem finding the content that intrigues your mind on YouTube. With millions of channels hosted on YouTube, you are in for a fun time whenever you switch on the app. 

You’ll be surprised that people watch YouTube videos more than any photo or text. If you plan to make and edit videos, you will need the right software. Check out the top 8 software you can use to edit your videos perfectly for YouTube.


InVideo is a decent software to use in your Windows and Mac OS. You can edit and create different visual effects, add filters, overlays, and make use of fun transitions to make a creative YouTube video. You can also add custom captions using InVideo’s YouTube editor. If you are looking for just the basic yet useful features that you need to add to your videos, you can surely use InVideo.

Pros – 

  •  Support different kinds of formats
  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Unique music and sound library
  • Offers 4K video editing support

Cons –

  • No option for motion tracking or a 360-degree video


Very high quality and free video editing software, Shortcut can work on almost every OS that exists – Windows, Mac & Linux. The principle working system of the software is quite simple. You place the video and different audio fragments on the timeline and then apply your favorite effects. Once done, you can convert it into a video file. Shortcut was exclusive Linux software only. The UI is a bit confusing to understand initially, but you’ll get used to it with time. It is packed with innovative features that allow you to edit your videos in the best possible manner.

Pros – 

  • It comes with a customizable menu.
  • Many filters and modifying options
  • Automatic work process
  • Can configure on multiple monitors

Cons – 

  • You cannot preview the filters.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 

One of the most famous and well-known video editing apps in the market, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, offers you a wide range of options when it comes to video editing. You can modify your video, add color, process any audio, and adjust tone levels. This app’s unique feature is that it allows different multimedia content in its original format, whether it is on PC or mobile devices. You can upgrade to the pro version and enjoy 360 VR & 4K support, which adds more professional features to the interface. It can be the best tool for editing your YouTube videos.

Pros – 

  • A lot of customizable features
  • The interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Offers different exporting format
  • Integrate with other Adobe products

Cons – 

  • Editing titles can be tricky.
  • The Pro version is very expensive.

Apple iMovie 

If you are a Mac OS user and want to edit videos on an Apple device, then the Apple iMovie is your best bet. It is one of the best software to edit videos on Mac OS, iPhone, and iPad. The software comes with eight different themes of music, titles, & transitions. Ten unique video filters are designed and provided by Apple. You can also use a wide range of effects like image in the image, slow motion, split-screen, and fast forward. The software also has a fantastic tool that lets you create soundtracks. iMovie’s amazing tool is the “Green Screen,” which helps you place the subject in any location of the world you want.

Pros –

  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Diverse option for tool selections
  • Comes with a Theater Mode for sharing your video on Apple devices
  • Supports 4K video rendering

Cons – 

  • No option for motion tracking or a 360-degree video


A free YouTube editor that can work perfectly on Windows, Linux, and macOS, Lightworks is continuously upgrading itself. It is a great platform for editors, camera operators, and sound engineers. You can use this software to edit your YouTube videos with terrific versatility. You can even create home video archives and fill social networks. If you are running low on budget, then this software is the best option you can consider. Import and render any footage in the background, drag editing bubbles, and you can even set shortcuts to the custom windows.

Pros –

  • Cross-platform feature
  • Fantastic 3D video processing
  • Reliable multi-channel support

Cons –

  • The editor management system is really difficult to understand

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Final Cut Pro X 

Brilliant software designed and developed by Apple, Final Cut, needs no introduction. Apple and Mac OS users are already very familiar with this software that can offer you a wide range of video editing features. The interface is quite similar to the Apple iMovie. You will come across a wide selection of video effects, audio changes, title effects, transitions, etc. You can share your videos directly from this software. Even though the software costs around $300, the versatile features are worth the money.

Pros – 

  • Extreme high-quality resolutions
  • Create your keyboard collection
  • Preview an effect without applying
  • Scale any video without quality loss

Cons – 

  • Can be costly for some people

HitFilm Express 

A free-to-use application, this software was developed to offer you simple yet effective video processing. You can change the entire look of your video by using the different built-in templates in the app. You can export the edited video in very high resolution without any loss of quality. You can trim clips, modify colors, and export the video to any format you want to. You can also use video masks and also set green screen chroma keys with 3D features.

Pros – 

  • Efficient timeline editor
  • Very flexible export features
  • 360-degree and 4K video support
  • Works on both Mac and Windows

Cons –

  • The export speed is quite low.
  • Not all content is free.

Adobe Premiere Rush 

Another Adobe product on the list, Premiere Rush, is fabulous when it comes to editing videos. It now supports all OS, including iOS and Windows. YouTubers and bloggers will find using this tool to be more simple and useful. You can use color correction, video resizing, and other features. Use professional templates to create your tones and video filters. If you are capturing videos on your Smartphone, then using this software is a brilliant idea.

Pros –

  • Quick and easy editing
  • Optimization for social networks
  • Very easy-to-use interface

Cons –

  • Fewer features for video processing

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing software developed by Blackmagic Design that offers an all-in-one solution for video editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production. As a versatile and powerful software, it is suitable for both amateur and professional filmmakers, providing a wide range of features to create high-quality videos. DaVinci Resolve has been used in many Hollywood productions, and its extensive capabilities make it a popular choice among independent filmmakers and content creators.


  • Robust feature set, supporting various video formats, resolutions, and frame rates
  • Powerful color grading tools, considered among the best in the industry
  • Advanced audio editing capabilities with Fairlight integration
  • Free version available with most essential features
  • Widely used in professional film productions


  • Steep learning curve, making it overwhelming for beginners
  • High system requirements, necessitating a powerful computer with a dedicated graphics card
  • Some features, like collaboration tools and advanced noise reduction, are only available in the paid version.

Final Words

Video editing for YouTube can be fun and exciting. But, it is also difficult, and you need to master the art of editing videos. There are many video editing software and outro makers that you can download and use. Make sure to go through our blog and decide which software offers the best features to you.

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