Youtube Shorts Time Limit 2023

After TikTok was banned from several countries, brands like Facebook and Google came forward with their Short video platforms. As soon as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts were released, creators found new platforms to showcase their talent. Very soon both platforms became famous and started attracting a vast audience. As a result, more people started to create Reels and Shorts, and both Facebook and Google started revamping their platforms to match the users’ expectations.

YouTube Shorts, the short video platform by Google, is embedded with the YouTube App itself, making it easier for the users to look, navigate and watch the Shorts very easily. As many of you might want to get your hands dirty on YouTube Shorts, we will take a look at everything it offers and how you will start your journey with Shorts. Apart from that, being a short video platform, we will also look at the YouTube Shorts time limit in 2023 and get the best out of it. So first, let’s see what features YouTube Shorts offer us.

youtube shorts time limit

YouTube Shorts Features

There are a plethora of features that YouTube shorts offer us. Everybody knows that YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform worldwide. The by-product of the same platform is also considered one of the best Short Video platforms because of its features and usability. Here are some of the most liked YouTube Shorts features:

Copyright Free Music

We all know that using a copyrighted music clip on YouTube can lead us to serious problems and even stop our inbound earnings from our videos. This is because YouTube has a policy that does not allow somebody to use someone else’s content for commercial benefits. But with Shorts, you have the independence to use any music or video clip available on youtube without the fear of any copyright strike. Even music companies and YouTube promote using that music in the Shorts as it increases the reach of their content too.

Much Higher Reach

Short videos offer the highest reach that you can not even think about. Normal YouTube videos do not attract audiences as we are often entertained by Short content but not long videos like Podcasts or other important stuff. This results in a higher reach of Short videos. Also, YouTube tries to promote its platform on every social media platform and app, which attracts many more users. This helps a new user get a much higher growth than the normal YouTube videos and earn a lot more.

Making Money is Easier

As we have already discussed, YouTube Shorts provide a lot more reach than normal YouTube videos; it attracts advertisers as they will reach a much wider audience. So, if you are doing quite well, you are most likely to get sponsorship offers much faster and even with a much higher payout. This is a thing that attracts new talents onto the platform, making it grow day by day.

YouTube Shorts Time Limit

We know that all these YouTube Shorts Features excite you a lot. But, before you start your journey with YouTube Shorts to create new Short Videos, you must know the maximum time limit of YouTube Shorts to make the best out of it. If the short videos are to the point and clean, they will attract more audience. After all the updates and platform fixes, the current YouTube Shorts time limit is 60 seconds in 2023. You have 60 seconds to showcase your talent and make the best out of it.
As everything is quite clear now, let’s see how to create YouTube Shorts so that you do not face any problems while making them yourself.

How to Create YouTube Shorts?

YouTube has made it very easy for content creators to create YouTube Shorts. As it is a built-in feature embedded within the app, you do not have to download any separate app or visit any specific website to upload your videos. Here is how to create YouTube Shorts very easily:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your phone and tap the “+” button on the bottom sheet.
  2. It will show three options. You have to select the “Create a Short” option.
  3. Once you are on the camera page, click on “Add sound” on the top and select any music if you want.
  4. Now on top of the Red Record button, click on “15” to toggle to “60” so you can record 60-second videos.
  5. You can also select speed, filters, toggle the front and back camera, and add a countdown by clicking on the buttons on the top right of the page.
  6. Once you select everything, you can start recording by holding the Red Record button. A progress bar will appear on the top that will tell you about the timings.
  7. Once you are done recording, you can now click on the “Tick” button that will navigate you to the Editor page.
  8. On this page, you can add music, text, filters, etc. Once you are done with editing, now you have to click on the “Next” button on the top right corner.
  9. You will now have to add details about your Short video. Enter your Short’s Title/Caption, select visibility and comment options, then finally click on “Upload Short”.
  10. Voila! You are now done uploading your first YouTube Shorts video. You can now again edit your video to add a description, location and other things to make it more personalised.

Note: You can also upload your existing videos from your Gallery. On the camera page, you will just have to click on the Square Gallery icon that is on the bottom left of the page and select your video. You will then be redirected to the Editor page. The rest of it is the same just as you did previously.

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed everything about YouTube Shorts, it must be clear to you how it works and how you can also create your own short video. If you follow the abovementioned steps, it won’t be a problem for you. But still, if you have any doubts, you can ask them in the comment section below, and we will be there to help you.

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