How To Check Twitch Chat Logs | 2023 Guide

Twitch chat appears as a vertical bar on the right of any stream, and you can type in a message and send it to them. Some of the streams are follower-only, meaning only those who follow the streamer can interact in the chat. With all of such features, it can get a little overwhelming for the streamer to check their Twitch chat logs, and today we will be addressing that issue with some solutions. 

Twitch is a streaming platform owned by Amazon. Many people love watching streams of various niches like gaming, cooking, music, etc. Twitch has it all; you name it. During the pandemic, i.e., 2020, Twitch has seen a massive growth of streamers and viewers. Many people were stuck in their homes with the internet and food, so many started streaming their favourite hobbies, and people with similar interests watched the streams. 

Before you go to Twitch chat, remember that other people are on the stream and make sure whatever you say doesn’t offend the streamer or someone. If you are a streamer, make sure that the chat is clean. Some streamers ignore the conversation and continue streaming, making some people unhappy, and your viewers will decrease over time. So, the need to monitor your chat logs is essential. 

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs 2022 Guide

What Are Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch chat logs refer to a record of all the messages that are exchanged in the chat section during a live stream on the Twitch platform. Twitch is a popular live streaming platform where viewers can watch live streams of various content creators and interact with them through the chat feature. Twitch chat logs contain all the messages sent by viewers during the live stream, including text messages, emojis, and reactions. These chat logs are saved and can be accessed by the streamer or moderators for various purposes, such as analyzing chat activity, moderating inappropriate content, or creating highlights from the chat section.

Why Should You check Twitch Chat Logs?

You should check your Stream Chat Log because:

  • Remove offensive comments – As we discussed, by checking the chat log, you can filter out abusive or harmful comments and remove them. You can also ban the viewer who commented abusively from your stream. Permanently remove the nasty remarks and ban the people who do this because Twitch might charge your channel if it notices this behaviour.
  • Critique moderator activities – We all know no one is perfect, and people make mistakes. You can use these chat logs to ensure that your twitch stream moderators make the right decisions for your chat. Sometimes they might make wrong decisions that might impact your channel, so always review their decisions.
  • Meter audience responses – To understand what your viewers like and don’t, you have to go through the chat logs and study their reactions. Most viewers will give their honest opinion while watching streams because they are probably watching the stream from far away, and they won’t know what you will feel while reading that message. 
  • Recognize your most loyal viewers – There are always some kind souls who always watch your stream and try to interact with you the most. Identify and thank them by using these chat logs. You can quickly know the most loyal viewers by going through the chat logs after every stream.
  • Gain insights – You can ask questions to your viewers while streaming and read the answers later by using these chat logs. This way, you can interact with the streamers and know what they like the most about your stream and their dislikes.
  • Understand audience behavior – If you have recently started streaming and cannot figure out what people like to watch, you can try doing different things and analyze your viewers’ reactions during the stream. Let’s say you are a gaming streamer; then, you can try playing different games and see which game your viewers like the most. This way, you can know more about your viewers and increase your channel viewers.

How to check Twitch chat logs

You can check Twitch Chat Logs in different ways, We have discussed all of them below:

  • Using the user search command
  • Via 3rd-party chatbots
  • Using chat moderator view
  • Via your streams’ VOD playback

Method 1: Using the user search command

Using the user command, you can view all the comments made by a user on your stream. To do this, you must enter a small command into your chatbox. Type’/user’ and their username and press enter. Now, you will see all the comments made by that user on your stream.

You can also see information like the user’s account age since when they are following you and their ban history. Note that the comments removed by the moderator are not displayed.

Method 2: Via your streams’ VOD playback

As soon as a stream is ended, the whole stream, including the chat, is stored on your twitch channel as VOD (Video-on-demand), which you can view later. By playing the VOD, you can watch the entire stream and read the chat as the users entered it during the live stream. This is a highly effective method if you want every minute detail of your stream, but it’s very time-consuming as you have to watch the whole stream.

Additionally, you can also read the chats deleted by your moderators and also read the gifted messages. You can ask a moderator to do so if you are too lazy to do this.

Method 3: Through 3rd-party chatbots

If you are slothful but still want all the work done, then you can use a third-party chatbot to automate the moderation. There are several twitch chatbots like NightBot, Chatty, Deepbot, etc. If you are a beginner, we recommend using Chatty because that will do the essential moderation and allows you to download the chat history after every stream.

Chatty is an Open source, java based, and free application. You can know more about it here.

Method 4: Using chat moderator view

A moderator can also view chat logs. If you have moderator access to a channel, you can access any stream chat logs of that channel. 

To enter the Chat moderator view, Click on the little sword at the bottom right. Now click on any username, and boom, you can see their chat history.

Some Chat Log FAQs:

How to view Twitch chat logs for other channels?

You cant view chat logs of other channels. You can only view a channel’s chat logs if you are the channel’s owner or moderator. However, if the streamer enabled the option to play the VOD after the stream ends, you can view the chat logs as a viewer.

Does Twitch store chat information?

It stores the chat information for a certain amount of time. All your VODs are stored for a time period of 14-60 days; after that, they will be deleted. Hence, you can access the chat logs and VOD for only a specific time.

How to download Twitch chat logs?

The only way to download twitch chat logs is to use a third-party chatbot like chatty. There is no in-built feature in Twitch to download chat logs.

Is it possible to filter specific chats?

Yes, that can be done using third-party chatbots. You can filter specific chats by entering keywords.


In conclusion, checking Twitch chat logs can be done easily through various methods, such as using third-party chat log viewers or utilizing Twitch’s own chat log system. By accessing chat logs, Twitch users can review past conversations, identify any inappropriate behavior or language, and improve their streaming experience for themselves and their viewers. It’s important to remember that Twitch chat logs should be used responsibly and in accordance with Twitch’s terms of service and community guidelines.

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