Download Android 10 Q GSI (Generic System image) for all Project treble devices

Google has released the official Android 10 OS version update for some of the devices. Currently, the Google Pixel series devices and Essential PH are getting a stable update. While the Redmi K20 Pro and OnePlus 7 Pro devices are receiving developer beta update. The latest official Android 10 GSI (generic system images) builds are now available for all the Project Treble supported devices. Now, you can Download Android 10 Q GSI (Generic System image) for all Project treble devices from Google servers.

This is the 10th iteration of Android OS and brings so many new features and system improvements than the previous generation Android 9 Pie. The features include a system-wide dark mode, advanced control over Android app permissions, location control, focus mode, smart reply, and more. We have shared all the top Android 10 features here.

Download Android 10 Q GSI (Generic System Image)

The latest Android 10 Q GSI builds are available to download officially both in latest and beta builds. As we already know, Google released the latest Android 10 (aka Android Q) OS version update for the Pixel series devices along with some other smartphones as well. Google also released the official Android 10 Q GSI builds for all the Project Treble enabled and supported devices. It’s compatible with ARM 64+GSM, ARM64, and x86_64 CPU architecture process.

Download Android 10 Q GSI (Generic System image) for all Project treble devices

In order to check your device CPU architecture, install the CPU-Z app on your device from below.

[googleplay url=””]

Android 10 GSI Changelog:

AOSP 10.0 v201

  • Fix gapps
  • Fix Mediatek devices crashing on boot (need to manually setprop ro.skia.ignore_swizzle true)
  • Fix Mediatek keymaster
  • Fix boot v200.e regression on some devices

AOSP 10.0 v200.e

include gapps variant gapps variant are broken. Don’t use it.

  • fix low memory killer, should vastly improve stability
  • fix media.swcodec sometimes not starting
  • fix fingerprint FOD crash
  • fix the navigation bar not displayed by default
  • fix overlays

Only If you use Magisk, use my modded magisk in v200

AOSP 10.0 v200.d

Ok, this release should be bootable for most people, you can now start reporting broken hardware features.

Gapps are still out of scope, please don’t report issues related to them.

Fixes media codec for some people
Support Asus Zenfone 6’s “front” camera
Fix boot on A/B (previous release 200.c required the removal of system/etc/init/apex-setup.rc)
The navigation bar is still not back by default. Do setprop persist.sys.phh.mainkeys 0 to enable it.

Download Links:

AOSP 10.0 v201: Download

AOSP 10.0 v200.e: Download

Supported device list:

[su_spoiler title=”Xiaomi Smartphone list:”]

Xiaomi Mi 9 Redmi 8
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Redmi Note 8 Pro
Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Redmi Note 8
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro Redmi 8A
Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G Redmi K20 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite Redmi K20
Xiaomi Mi A3 Redmi 7A
Xiaomi Mi CC9E Redmi 7
Xiaomi Mi CC9E Redmi Note 7S
Xiaomi Mi 9T Redmi Note 7
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Redmi Note 7 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Redmi Y3
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G Redmi Note 6 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Redmi Go
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Redmi 6
Xiaomi Mi Play Redmi 6A
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Redmi S2
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite Redmi Note 5 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 8 Redmi Note 5
Xiaomi Mi A2 Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi Mi A2 lite Redmi 5
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Black Shark 2 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Black Shark 2
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus Poco F1
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S


[su_spoiler title=”All Supported list:”]

Device Name Codename Architecture
Alcatel 5V 5060D n/a arm64
Alldocube M5 n/a arm64
Alldocube Power M3 n/a arm64
AllView V3 Viper v3_viper arm64
Asus ROG Phone (ZS600KL) n/a arm64
Asus ROG Phone II (ZS660KL) I001D arm64
Asus Zenfone 5 (ZE620KL) X00QD arm64
Asus Zenfone 5z ZS620KL/ZS621KL arm64
Asus Zenfone Go Z00VD arm
Asus Zenfone Max M1 (ZB555KL) X00PD arm64
Asus Zenfone Max M1 (ZB556KL) X00PD arm64
Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 X00TD arm64
Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet 10.1 BNTV650 arm64
Blackview A20 a20 arm
Blackview BV9500 Pro MT6763 arm64
Blackview BV9600 Pro S700 ? arm64
BLU Vivo XL4 n/a arm64
BQ Aquaris C jeice arm
Chuwi Hi9 Air n/a arm64
Coolpad C558 k39tv1 arm
Coolpad Cool Changer 1C c107 arm64
Coolpad Cool Changer S1 c105 arm64
Cubot P20 n/a arm64
DEXP BL250 n/a arm
Doogee X5 n/a arm
Doogee X5 Max n/a arm
Doogee X5 Pro n/a arm
Doogee X50 n/a arm
Doogee Y8 Y8 arm64
Elephone Soldier n/a arm64
Elephone U Pro U_Pro arm64
Essential PH-1 mata arm64
General Mobile GM 5 n/a arm64
General Mobile GM 5 Plus shamrock arm64
General Mobile GM 8 GM8_sprout arm64
General Mobile GM 8 Go GM8_go_sc arm
General Mobile GM 9 Pro GM9PRO_sprout arm64
Google Pixel and Pixel XL sailfish and marlin arm64
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL walleye and taimen arm64
Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL blueline and crosshatch arm64
Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL sargo and bonito arm64
HTC U11 Plus ocm arm64
HTC U12 Plus ime arm64
Huawei Honor 6X bln arm64
Huawei Honor 7A aum arm64
Huawei Honor 7A Pro n/a arm64
Huawei Honor 7C n/a arm64
Huawei Honor 7C Pro n/a arm64
Huawei Honor 7X bnd arm64
Huawei Honor 8 frd arm64
Huawei Honor 8 Lite n/a arm64
Huawei Honor 8 Pro duk arm64
Huawei Honor 9 stf arm64
Huawei Honor 9 Lite lld arm64
Huawei Honor V8 knt arm64
Huawei Honor View 10 berkeley arm64
Huawei Mate 9 mha arm64
Huawei Mate 10 Lite rne arm64
Huawei Mate 10 Pro blanc arm64
Huawei Mate SE bnd arm64
Huawei P Smart figo arm64
Huawei P Smart (2019) n/a arm64
Huawei P Smart Z n/a arm64
Huawei P8 Lite (2017) prague arm64
Huawei P9 eva arm64
Huawei P10 and P10 Plus vtr and vky arm64
Huawei P10 Lite was arm64
Huawei P20 eml arm64
Huawei P20 Lite anne arm64
Huawei P20 Pro clt arm64
Huawei Y6 / Y6 Prime (2018) atu arm64
Huawei Y9 (2018) n/a arm64
Infinix Note 5 x604 arm64
Infinix Zero 6 n/a arm64
INOI 2 Lite n/a arm
Itel A32F f8007 arm
Jinga Start LTE n/a arm
Koolnee Rainbow rainbow arm
Lava Z50 z50 arm
Leagoo M8 Pro n/a arm
Leagoo M13 n/a arm64
Leagoo Power 5 aospex arm64
Leagoo T8s n/a arm64
LeEco Le Max 2 x2 arm64
LeEco Le Pro 3 zl1 arm64
Lenovo K5 Play L38011 arm64
Lenovo K6 / K6 Power karate arm64
Lenovo K8 Note manning arm64
Lenovo P2 kuntao arm64
Lenovo S5 seoul arm64
Lenovo Vibe A Plus a1010a20 arm
Lenovo Z5 L78011 arm64
Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition n/a arm64
LG G7 ThinQ™️ judyln arm64
LG V30 joan arm64
Meizu 16th n/a arm64
Meizu M2 Mini n/a arm64
Meizu Note 9 n/a arm64
Moto E5 nora arm
Moto E5 Plus hannah arm
Moto G5 cedric arm64
Moto G5 Plus potter arm64
Moto G5S montana arm64
Moto G5S Plus sanders arm64
Moto G6 ali arm
Moto G6 Play aljeter arm
Moto G6 Plus evert arm64
Moto G7 Power ocean arm64
Moto G7 Plus lake arm64
Moto X4 payton arm64
Moto Z griffin arm64
Moto Z Play addison arm64
Moto Z2 Force nash arm64
Moto Z2 Play albus arm64
Moto Z3 Play beckham arm64
Motorola One deen arm64
Motorola One Power chef arm64
Nokia 1 frt arm
Nokia 2.1 and V e2m and evw arm
Nokia 3.1 es2 arm64
Nokia 3.1 A and C eag arm64
Nokia 3.1 Plus roo arm64
Nokia 3.1 Plus C rhd arm64
Nokia 3.2 deadpool arm64
Nokia 4.2 panther arm64
Nokia 5.1 co2 arm64
Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5) pda arm64
Nokia 6 (2018) pl2 arm64
Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6) drg arm64
Nokia 7 c1n arm64
Nokia 7 Plus b2n arm64
Nokia 7.1 ctl arm64
Nokia 8 nb1 arm64
Nokia 8 Sirocco a1n arm64
Nokia 8.1 (X7) pnx arm64
Nokia 9 PureView aop arm64
Nokia X71 tas arm64
OnePlus 3 and 3T oneplus3 arm64
OnePlus 5 and 5T cheeseburger and dumpling arm64
OnePlus 6 enchilada arm64
OnePlus 6T fajita arm64
OnePlus 7 Pro guacamole arm64
OnePlus 7T Pro hotdog arm64
Oppo R11 / R11s r11 arm64
Oukitel C10 n/a arm
Oukitel C11 Pro n/a arm64
Oukitel K7 Power n/a arm64
Oukitel K8 n/a arm64
Prestigio Muze G5 LTE n/a arm
Razer Phone cheryl arm64
Realme 2 Pro rmx1801 arm64
Realme 3 Pro rmx1851 arm64
Realme X rmx1901 arm64
RED Hydrogen One n/a arm64
Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus (2018) n/a arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) a7y18lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy A8 (Exynos) jackpotlte arm64
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (Exynos) jackpot2lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy A10 (Exynos) n/a arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy A50 (Exynos) a50dd arm64
Samsung Galaxy Fold winner arm64
Samsung Galaxy J2 Core j2corelte arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy J4 j4ltejx arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus j4primelte arm
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) j5y17lte arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy J6 j6ltexx arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) j7y17lte arm_binder64
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Exynos) greatlte arm64
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Exynos) crownlte arm64
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Exynos) davinci arm64
Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3g arm
Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge zeroflte and zerolte arm64
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge herolte and hero2lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (Exynos) dreamlte and dream2lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus (Exynos) starlte and star2lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus (Snapdragon) starqlte/chn and star2qlte/chn arm64
Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos) beyond1lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy S10e (Exynos) beyond0lte arm64
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 gtaxlwifi and gtaxllte arm64
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.3 gts3lwifi and gts3llte arm64
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 gts4lwifi and gts4llte arm64
Sharp Aquos S2 / C10 ss2 / sat arm64
Sony Xperia 1 kumano arm64
Sony Xperia 10 and 10 Plus kirin and mermaid arm64
Sony Xperia X suzu arm64
Sony Xperia X Performance dora arm64
Sony Xperia XA2, XA2 Plus and XA2 Ultra pioneer, voyager and discovery arm64
Sony Xperia XZ kagura arm64
Sony Xperia XZ Premium maple arm64
Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact poplar and lilac arm64
Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact akari and apollo arm64
Sony Xperia XZ3 akatsuki arm64
Tecno POP 1s Pro (F4 Pro) n/a arm
TP-LINK Neffos C9A n/a arm64
Umidigi A3 n/a arm64
Umidigi A3 Pro n/a arm64
Umidigi A5 Pro n/a arm64
Umidigi F1 / F1 Play f1 arm64
Umidigi One Max n/a arm64
Umidigi One Pro n/a arm64
Umidigi Z2 n/a arm64
Vertex Impress Luck n/a arm
Wiko Lenny5 w_k400 arm
Wiko View Max p200 arm
Wileyfox Swift crackling arm64
Wileyfox Swift 2 (Plus) (X) marmite arm64
Xiaomi Mi 3 / Mi 4 cancro arm
Xiaomi Mi 5 gemini arm64
Xiaomi Mi 5s capricorn arm64
Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus natrium arm64
Xiaomi Mi 5X tiffany arm64
Xiaomi Mi 6 sagit arm64
Xiaomi Mi 6X wayne arm64
Xiaomi Mi 8 dipper arm64
Xiaomi Mi 8 EE ursa arm64
Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite platina arm64
Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (UD) equuleus arm64
Xiaomi Mi 8 SE sirius arm64
Xiaomi Mi 9 cepheus arm64
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE grus arm64
Xiaomi Mi A1 tissot arm64
Xiaomi Mi A2 jasmine arm64
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite daisy arm64
Xiaomi Mi A3 laurel arm64
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 oxygen arm64
Xiaomi Mi Max 3 nitrogen arm64
Xiaomi Mi MIX lithium arm64
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 chiron arm64
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s polaris arm64
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 perseus arm64
Xiaomi Mi Note 2 scorpio arm64
Xiaomi Mi Note 3 jason arm64
Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 clover arm64
Xiaomi Mi Play n/a arm64
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 beryllium arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 3 / 3 Pro ido arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 3S / Prime / 3X land arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro / Prime markw arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 4A rolex arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 4X santoni arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 5 rosy arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus / Note 5 (India) vince arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 5A riva arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 6 cereus arm (arm_binder64)
Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro sakura arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 6A cactus arm (arm_binder64)
Xiaomi Redmi 7 onc arm64
Xiaomi Redmi 7A pine arm_binder64
Xiaomi Redmi Go tiare arm
Xiaomi Redmi K20 davinci arm64
Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro raphael arm64
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (Snapdragon) kenzo arm64
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (Snapdragon) mido arm64
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / Note 5 Pro (India) whyred arm64
Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro tulip arm64
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 lavender arm64
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro violet arm64
Xiaomi Redmi S2 / Y2 (India) ysl arm
Yandex Phone amber arm64
ZTE A530 P639T10 arm64
ZTE Axon 7 axon7 arm64
ZTE Blade V9 n/a arm64
ZTE Nubia Red Magic nx609j arm64
ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 nx629j arm64
ZTE Nubia Z17 and Z17s nx563j and nx595j arm64
ZTE Nubia Z18 Mini nx611j arm64
ZUK Z2 Plus and Z2 Pro z2_plus and z2_row arm64


Please Note:

  • This will only work on Android 9 Pie and 8.1 Oreo vendor devices.
  • Installing an existing Project Treble enabled ROM on your Android device before flashing the GSI file will be a good idea.


  • This GSI file and guide is only applicable for Project Treble supported devices.
  • You have to check whether your device supports Project Treble or not. Follow the guide mentioned below.
  • Keep your device charged up to 60% at least for a smoother process.
  • Make sure to take a complete backup of the device data without Root at first.
  • Your device bootloader should be unlocked.
  • The device should be installed TWRP Custom Recovery as well.
  • Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging from the Developer options on your device.
  • Download and Install the Android USB Drivers on your handset.
  • You will require a PC/Laptop and a USB cable. (for Fastboot method)
  • You have to download and install the ADB and Fastboot tool for Windows/MAC. (for Fastboot method)

Steps to Install Android 10 Q GSI on Project Treble Devices

Step 1: First of all, check if your Android phone supports Project Treble or not. You can use the below-mentioned app. Basically, Android phones launched with Android 8.0 Oreo or later out-of-the-box natively support Project Treble and enabled as well.

[googleplay url=””]

Step 2: Check if your device has A-only or AB partition.

Method 1: Flash Generic System Images (GSI) via TWRP Recovery

In order to flash the GSI file on your device via TWRP Recovery, follow the complete steps.

For A-Only Devices:

  • Download and transfer the latest Android 10 GSI to your device storage.
  • Extract the zip file to get the Android P GSI image file.
  • Reboot to TWRP Recovery menu.
  • Now, take a complete Nandroid backup using TWRP Recovery.
  • Wipeout everything except internal storage.
  • Then tap on the Install button.
  • Change the type from ‘zip’ to ‘image’.
  • Select flash to the system partition.
  • Reboot to system.
  • Flash GApps package if required.

For AB Devices:

  • Download and transfer the latest Android 10 GSI to your device storage.
  • Extract the zip file to get the Android GSI image file.
  • Reboot to TWRP Recovery menu.
  • Now, take a complete Nandroid backup using TWRP Recovery.
  • Wipeout everything except internal storage.
  • Then tap on the Install button.
  • Change the type from ‘zip’ to ‘image’.
  • Select flash to the system partition.
  • Flash file. (if required)
  • Flash GApps if required.
  • If your device was encrypted, then go to Wipe and then choose ‘format data’.
  • Reboot to system.
  • Done.

Method 2: Flash Generic System Images (GSI) via Fastboot

  • First, perform a factory reset on your device.
  • Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging from Developer Options on your device. Go to device Settings > Developer Options > enable USB Debugging.
  • After installing the ADB and Fastboot tool on your PC, follow the below steps.
  • After downloading the Android Q GSI file from above, transfer files to Windows, Mac, or Linux PC and extract the file.
  • Then connect your Android phone to the computer.
  • Now, open a command prompt on your PC inside the GSI folder.
  • Reboot your device into bootloader mode or fastboot mode.
  • Then type the following command in the command prompt and hit enter.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Then enter the following command to erase the device system.
fastboot erase system
  • Now, type the following command to flash the Android Q system image file.
fastboot -u flash system <name_of_system.img>
  • Once the installation process completes, reboot your device manually. Additionally, you can put a command line in order to reboot your device automatically.
fastboot reboot
  • You’re done. Enjoy!

We assume that this guide is helpful to you and you have successfully installed the Android 10 Q GSI on any Project Treble supported devices. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments below.


  1. Ciao complimenti per la guida ho eseguito tutto con precisione ma quando riavvio lo smartphone rimane bloccato sulla scritta android

  2. Tecno camon i4 software update Android 10 version
    We assume that this guide is helpful to you and you have successfully installed the Android 10 Q GSI on any Project Treble supported devices. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments below

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