How to Fix Fire TV Stick Mirroring Not Working and Freezing Issues

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular streaming device that allows users to stream their favourite TV shows, movies, and music. One of the Fire TV Stick’s features is screen mirroring, which enables users to mirror their phone or tablet screen on their TV. However, some Fire TV Stick users may encounter issues with mirroring not working or freezing, which can be frustrating and prevent them from enjoying their favourite content. This guide will explore various solutions to help you troubleshoot and resolve mirroring-related issues on your Fire TV Stick.

Mirroring-related issues on Fire TV Stick can stem from various factors, such as network connectivity, software glitches, or incorrect settings. Identifying the root cause is crucial to apply the most effective solution and restore your device’s mirroring functionality. By following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide, you can address and fix mirroring-related issues on your Fire TV Stick, ensuring seamless streaming capabilities.

It is essential to recognize that resolving mirroring-related issues on your Fire TV Stick may require a combination of solutions, as the underlying cause may not always be immediately apparent. By systematically addressing potential issues related to hardware, software, and network connectivity, you can effectively eliminate mirroring problems and restore your device’s optimal streaming capabilities. This guide will outline various solutions to help you overcome mirroring-related issues on your Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV Stick

Methods to Fix the Issue

  1. Move the device closer to Fire TV Stick: Bring the device/screen that you want to mirror closer to your Amazin Fire TV Stick device. Since there is a recommended minimum distance of 30 feet(approx. 10 meters) between the Amazon Fire Stick device and the device to mirror out, stay within this. Distancing further will make it hard to connect resulting in wasting your time and energy.
  2. Check the connecting device: Make sure everything is fine with the connecting device, even before you attempt to mirror your Amazon Fire Stick device. The problem might be caused by the connecting device, so ensure that:
    • The device’s Wi-Fi is enabled
    • The device runs on Android v4.2 Jelly Bean operating system or higher(if the connecting device is a mobile).
  3. Reboot the Fire TV Stick device: One of the most common solutions is to reboot your Amazon Fire TV Stick device. Doing so will kill all the active applications, programs, and temporary bugs. This helps to clean whatever that interferes with the Mirroring process. On an Amazon Fire Stick device, there are two ways to reboot:
    1. Press and hold the Select/middle button and play/pause button simultaneously for 5 seconds.
    2. Navigate to Home→Settings→My Fire TV. There you’ll see the “Restart” option.
  4. Hard Reboot: This means to cease the power source that’s powering up your Amazon Fire Stick device. You can either remove the plug to your TV from the electric socket or disconnect the Micro USB cable from the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s port and plug it back in. You can also turn off the socket powering your TV.
  5. Update the Amazon Fire TV Stick software: Just like in any smartphone, you can update the software versions of your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Updates usually initiate automatically, but you can see our guide to initiate a software update manually.
  6. Free up the RAM: RAM helps your device process tasks easily. The better your RAM is managed, the better the performance will be. You can free up RAM by:
    1. Force-stopping the Amazon Fire TV Stick applications will prevent any app from running and consuming RAM in the background. To do this, navigate to home→settings→applications. From there, select apps individually and press “Force stop”
    2. Clearing the Amazon Fire TV Stick app cache: Cache is the temporary data stored by an application. This sometimes will go beyond in size than what it actually needs. You can go through our guide to clear the cache on Fire TV Stick.
    3. Uninstalling the Amazon Fire TV Stick applications: You might’ve installed too many applications on your device. After a long time, there will be apps that remain in your device which no longer serve any purpose to you. They are just using up your space and need to be removed. We already covered a guide on uninstalling apps on an Amazon Fire TV device.
  7. Reset Fire TV Stick to Factory Default: This means resetting your Amazon Fire TV stick back to factory settings. Doing so will wipe out the entire data of your Amazon Fire Stick device, restoring its settings back to default. Learn to factory reset your Amazon Fire TV Stick here.

Screen mirroring has always been one of the most successful features in this era. And with the Amazon Fire TV Stick, it just gets on to a whole other level. Problems are usual, but we don’t have to struggle on our own. With the evolving opportunities in this digital world, a solution will always come to whatever problem exists. Ensure you read through the guide thoroughly and refer to the links patiently if needed. Successfully following the guide will most likely resolve the issue. But if at all the problem persists, please do reach out to Amazon’s device support.

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