How to Fix if Fitbit Charge 5 Not Charging

Fitbits are a great device to keep a track of your fitness goals. It is available in a range of designs and color options to choose from. Even after spending a good chunk of amount on purchasing an electronic item, let’s say a Fitbit fitness tracker, there is no guarantee that the device will never fail or suffer any problems. In fact, consider yourself lucky if any of your electronic items is working fine for years.

Although Fitbits have been known for offering a premium fitness tracker experience, many users are having issues with charging the Fitbit Charge 5. If you are in the same boat, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll be going through various solutions to fix the Fitbit Charge 5 not charging problem.

Fitbit Charge 5 not charging

There are many reasons why your Fitbit Charge 5 might not be charging. It could be due to a software bug, a system glitch, or there might be an issue with the charger or the charging cable. Sometimes, fixing the charging issue on your Fitbit fitness tracker could be as simple as cleaning the charging contacts. Now that you have some understanding of the problem, let’s dive into the actionable steps to get rid of the issue.

Here’s What to Do When Your Fitbit Charge 5 Is Not Charging

Luckily, there are ways to fix the charging problem on your Fitbit Charge 5, which we’ll be discussing in this section. After trying every fix, make sure to check if the problem has been resolved.

Solution 1: Clean the Charging Contact Points

Dirty charging contacts are the most common problem which could be preventing the Fitbit from getting the power from the adapter. The Fitbit fitness tracker can easily absorb dust particles if you wear it while roaming or doing exercise outdoors. If the particles have got stuck on the charging contact points, the device would not be able to detect any adapter even after the charging pins are properly connected to the fitness band.

It is advised that you should clean your fitness tracker regularly after working out, sweating, or washing your hands. If you can’t take care of this much, at least clean the Fitbit Charge 5 once a week. You can use a soft toothbrush with some alcohol on it to clean the contact points. Before putting the device back on your wrist, make sure to clean it once with a dry cloth to remove any liquid.

While connecting the charging cable to the charging contact points of your Fitbit Charge 5, make sure that the contacts and pins are lined up properly.

Solution 2: Restart Your Fitbit Charge 5

Be it a computer, a mobile phone, or a smart fitness tracker like Fitbit Charge 5, system glitches or errors are common to all. Often, the problems get eliminated just by restarting the device. It also applies to Fitbit Charge 5, which might come back to its earlier state after performing a restart.

Here’s how you can reboot your Fitbit Charge 5 in two ways:

Method 1: Using the Settings App

  1. Swipe down to open the apps menu.
  2. Keep swiping down until you see the Settings app.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Keep swiping until you find RESTART DEVICE. Click on it.
  5. Swipe up and press the RESTART button.

Method 2: Using the Power Cable

  1. Connect the charger to the device.
  2. Plug the charger into the wall socket.
  3. Locate a button on the cable. It should be present on one end of the cable which is connecting to the adapter.
  4. Tap the button three times. After a couple of seconds, your Fitbit Charge 5 will reboot.

Solution 3: Make Sure the Device Is Not Wet

Every time, before plugging your Fitbit Charge 5 into the adapter, make sure that the device is not wet. Otherwise, the device might fail to recharge the battery. Not just that it can also create new problems.

Solution 4: Replace the Charger or the USB Cable

In case the above solutions have not worked out for your Fitbit Charge 5, it’s most likely that there is some issue with the charge or the USB cable. So, if any of them are not working properly, your Fitbit fitness tracker won’t charge.

To check if there’s an issue with the adapter, plug the Fitbit charger into a different USB port. Or, you can use the USB port on your computer. If the Fitbit Charge 5 starts charging, the problem lies in the adapter. Otherwise, the USB cable could be faulty.

Make sure you purchase the original charger or the USB cable. But, before that, you should also check the wall outlet.

Solution 5: Charge Your Fitbit Charge 5 for a Little Longer

If you have not used your Fitbit fitness tracker for months or weeks, it’s likely that the battery has depleted to 0%. If the battery level has gone down to absolute nothing, the device might not show any signs that it is charging after it is connected to the adapter. In such a situation, it’s recommended that you properly clean the device, dry it, and plug it into the charger for at least 30 minutes.

Final Words

A Fitbit is a good way to keep your fitness on track. However, things get frustrating when the device stops working or fails to charge. In this guide, I have covered the best possible solutions to fix the charging issue on Fitbit Charge 5. Did you manage to fix the problem? Which solution worked for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Fitbit 5. Not very old! On charging shows 1% after shows 99% then on removing charger shows nothing! Have tried all your suggestions to no avail, very frustrating!

  2. why does it take the charge 5 as much time to charge from 14% to 99% as it does to charge from 99% to 100%. Also is that 1% important

  3. It is a frustrating issue that I am also experiencing. Can not find any suggestions on how to deal with that problem.

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