How to Fix If Alexa Not Speaking Back in Amazon Echo?

Alexa is the popular voice assistant that can control Amazon smart speakers. Users can get various information instantly by giving voice commands. Sometimes, when a user issues a command, Alexa may not reply to it. This also means the query made by the user will go unresolved. So, how to solve this issue when Alexa doesn’t reply through the smart device such as Amazon Echo.?

In this guide, I have put up some really simple troubleshooting methods that you can implement to fix up this problem. The primary reason for this issue can be poor internet connectivity. As Amazon Echo runs on power, any kind of power fluctuation may also lead to the virtual assistant not speaking back to you. So, let’s take a detailed look at what are things that you should check to deal with this problem.

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How to Fix: Alexa Not Speaking Back in Amazon Echo?

Check for Power Issues

You need to check whether the Echo is properly receiving power input or not. If no power is going then there is no way Alexa will reply to your queries promptly.

Is the Microphone of Amazon Echo On

When the microphone is on, it will be denoted with a blue light on the speaker. If the microphone is disabled you will see a red light. The button for the microphone is present on the top of the Echo. Tap on it to enable it. Communication and execution of commands will not be possible until the microphone on the smart speaker is enabled.

Restart the Amazon Echo

Try to carry out the most simple fix ever, which is restarting a device if it fluctuates or does not perform as intended. Restart your smart speaker and then issue your voice command and check if Alexa replies.

Internet Connectivity

One of the most common reasons for the issue is faulty internet connectivity that may lead to Alexa not working properly and receiving the voice commands as it should. Check for the WiFi connectivity in your house or contact your ISP if there is any local outage going on for maintenance purposes.

Try to place the smart speaker in the proximity of the WiFi router. If both are placed far away from each other, there can be a hindrance to the connectivity.

Clarity in Speech

Often we blame the machine but overlook our own mistakes. You need to speak clearly while issuing a voice command to Alexa. Otherwise, it will not process the request or display some wrong results.

Change the Wake Word

Normally, there is a particular phrase which the user speaks to activate Alexa. Maybe for some reason, the virtual assistant is not able to process that phrase and you need to reassign the assistant with a new wake word.  The best way to do this is to ask Alexa to change the wake word via voice command.

  • Ask Alexa can we change your name
  • Then you will have three options to select: Computer, Echo, and Amazon
  • Select the choice of term.

Apart from this, you can also change the wake word from the Alexa app on your smartphone.

  • Launch Alexa app > tap on hamburger button to trigger a menu
  • Select Settings > Echo Device
  • Then from the list select Wake Word
  • Tap on the current wake word(usually set to Alexa) to select from the available list of alternatives.
  • Once done with the new wake word selection, tap Save.

Reset the Smart Device

One of the last fixes for the issue is to reset the smart device through which you communicate to Alexa. For this, you have to use the Alexa app.

  • Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone
  • go to Devices > select Echo and Alexa
  • Under Device Settings > select Factory Reset.

So, these were some of the most effective solutions to the issue when Alexa doesn’t speak back at you via Amazon Echo upon issuing some voice command. I hope that this guide will fix up your problem.

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