Fix: iPhone 14 Series App Store Not Working / Not Downloading Apps

The iPhone 14 Series App Store is not working and downloading apps. New iPhone users shared the problem on many online sites and forums. The App Store is not connecting with the Apple servers and failing to install the latest updates. We have complied with all recommended solutions and covered them to resolve App Store issues.

Fix: iPhone 14 Series App Store Not Working/Not Downloading Apps

Why Is App Store Not Working On My iPhone?

The App Store is an integral part of the iOS system. Apple has optimized the built-in features for performance and reliability. Read the potential reasons why the built-in store failed to work in your iPhone 14 series.

Apple Servers:

Apple servers in your regions connect with the App Store to download the data. The latest app updates come from the servers and keep the device up-to-date. The servers must be down in your region. Use the browser to check the status online.

iOS Bugs:

The Cupertino-based company releases new software to dominate the industry. The App Store could be bothered by a bug. Twelve months isn’t enough to release a stable version. Apple has a dedicated team in the homeland working on fixing the issues.

App Store Cache:

The App Store collects and saves the cache in the device. The application utilizes the Saved Form Data to improve the search results and usage. Follow the solution to remove the app cache in the iOS device.

Internet Connection Issues:

The App Store requires an active internet connection to communicate with the servers. The Wi-Fi or cellular network is not working on your iPhone 14. Use a different network and try to download & install apps from the built-in library. Follow the tutorial below to check the internet’s stability.

The SSL Certificate Requirement:

Many online services obey the SSL certificate or secure connection certificate rules. The App Store won’t work when the system timings don’t match the current time. Correct the time and date in the iPhone and fix the issue.

Outdated Payment Information:

Many paid subscriptions auto-renew when the due date arrives. The App Store has payment information in the Apple account. Streaming services generate the invoice and make payments without your consent. You must have accepted the terms long back or while upgrading the plan. Use the card and renew the subscription.

Outdated iOS Version:

The Apple team is releasing newer iOS updates for the iPhone 14. Never miss out on the latest software updates. Read the rules before you update the device.

Fix: iPhone 14 Series App Store Not Working/Not Downloading Apps

The App Store is the iOS system service. You don’t need a third-party program to fix the iOS issues. Do not fall prey to the annoying Chinese programs. Follow the official solutions below, and meet the service center when nothing solves the problem.

Shutdown iPhone 14

Most iPhones remain in standby mode for months. Apple used high-quality components in the iOS device’s construction. Increase the iPhone 14 lifespan and performance. The electronic device cannot maintain stability without a few hours of sleep.

1. Press and hold the Side button.

2. Hold the button for five seconds.

3. Release the Side button and move the power slider in the right direction.

4. Let the device sleep for half an hour.

The iPhone discharges the electric charge from the components and dissipates the heat. The software ends the session and closes all background processes.

Check Apple Server Status

Apple pays millions to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud services. Anything can go wrong with the servers and cloud services. You don’t have the authority or access to the control panel to make changes. However, you can check the cloud service status in your region. Let me show you the way and find out the Apple server status.

1. Open the browser.

2. Go to the Apple server status page.

3. Tap the + icon to view more information.

Check Apple Server Status (3)

4. Check the Apple Store service.

Check Apple Server Status (4)

Green Bubble: Everything is great on the other side.

Yellow Bubble: The company has recognized the problem and is working on fixing it.

Red Bubble: There is a problem with the service.

5. Reach the bottom of the page and confirm the country name.

Check Apple Server Status (5)

You can learn about the Apple cloud service activity. The App Store is working smoothly on the server end.

Disable Low Data Mode

There are restrictions enabled in the Wi-Fi network. Remove the limiters and let the App Store download the latest updates over the internet. Inspect the router settings and search for the limiters. Let me show you how to disable the Low Data Mode in iOS 16 or later.

1. Tap the Setting app.

2. Choose the Wi-Fi option.

3. Find the connected network and tap the (i) button.

4. Tap the “Low Data Mode” option.

Disable Low Data Mode (4)

5. You have disabled the “Low Data Mode” in the Wi-Fi network.

Disable Low Data Mode (5)

Restart the iPhone 14.

Sign Out/In App Store

How many accounts have you used to install the apps on the iPhone? Sign out of the Apple account and sign back in later. You won’t lose the iCloud services because they have nothing to do with the App Store.

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap the profile picture at the top corner.

SIgn Out and Sign In App Store (2)

3. Swipe down.

SIgn Out and Sign In App Store (3)

4. Tap the “Sign Out” option.

SIgn Out and Sign In App Store (4)

5. Swipe up.

6. Enter the Apple account credentials and sign in.

SIgn Out and Sign In App Store (6)

The App Store will start looking for the latest updates from the server. Restart the iPhone if you haven’t done so far.

Update All Apps Manually

Take the matter into your hands and update the apps manually. Most users don’t update the app and leave the task to the auto services. Wake up the App Store by taking action manually.

1. Open the App Store.

2. Tap the profile picture at the top corner.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “Update All” button.

Update All Apps Manually

Leave the device aside and let the services update the apps. Monitor the internet connection behavior because the packets might be dropping. There’s nothing wrong with your device if the updates have stopped. Check your router and contact the service provider.

Inspect iPhone Storage

The iPhone 14 base model has 128GB of internal storage. You don’t have to worry about storage, but long-term iOS users have tons of photos and videos. Kindly inspect the ROM and delete the files to free up some space.

1. Tap the Settings app.

2. Tap the General settings.

3. Swipe down.

4. Tap the “iPhone storage” option.

5. Select the app that you don’t need anymore.

Inspect iPhone Storage (5)

6. Tap the “Delete App” option.

Inspect iPhone Storage (6)

7. Tap the “Delete App” button.

Inspect iPhone Storage (7)

Close all background apps, including the App Store. Launch the app a minute later, and it will work smoothly. Free up a minimum of 5GB space in the iPhone.

Update iOS Software

Update iOS 16

iOS is closed-source. Apple doesn’t allow the community to edit, manage, and improvise the software. We have to rely on the in-house developers to fix the iOS issues. Update your iOS device to the latest version, but read the rules before doing so.

a. Read the patch notes because they give information on what the developers have improved or fixed in the update.

b. Let the world update the iOS device and leave a review in the form of reviews.

c. Watch the video reviews and written reviews.

d. Ensure the reviews are on iPhone 14.

Many iOS updates have impacted my device negatively. Kindly read the release notes and some reviews before updating the software.

Bottom Line

Follow the solutions to fix the iPhone 14 series App Store not working or not downloading apps. Visit the authorized service center for assistance. US buyers can get a replacement unit within 14 days of the purchase. You can use iTunes to reinstall the iOS software or let the service center handle the matter. Let us know the results after fixing the App Store issue.

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