What is YouTube Error 410 and How to Fix it?

Have you ever tried playing a YouTube video and coming across a grey screen? This screen mentions YouTube Error 410 or there is a problem with the network. This issue happens when there is an issue with your internet connectivity. However, there are various other reasons as well. It can be a corrupt cache of the YouTube app, any bug in the application, etc.

In this guide, I will explain how to fix YouTube Error 410. I have put up easy and quick fixes to deal with this issue. I have faced this error many times while using YouTube. It may not be a common issue but it is easily fixable. Let’s get into the solution now.

fix YouTube Error 410

How to Fix YouTube Error 410

Here are the solutions to this error. But before getting into the troubleshooting, try to restart your smartphone. Sometimes, restarting the device fixes up various issues with an app. Do try it out. If everything gets fixed, then it’s awesome. Otherwise, go for the other troubleshooting methods.

Update Your YouTube App

Depending upon whether you use the YouTube app from an Android device or iPhone/iPad you need to update the same. Sometimes bugs may occur in the app and that could lead to such errors. Usually, when the developers become aware of this error, they fix it and send a new version update. It’s the user’s work to install this update to fix up the existing errors and bugs.

If using an Android device,

  • open Play Store App
  • Tap on the hamburger button to expand a drop-down menu
  • Then tap on My Apps & Games
  • Look if the YouTube app is on the list of apps waiting for an update.
  • If it’s there, you should see an Update button beside it. Tap on Update.

For iPhone/iPad Users

  • Open the App Store app
  • Then tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Next, scroll down to see which apps are waiting to receive an update
  • If YouTube is in the list, then tap on Update

Clear the YouTube App Cache[Only for Android]

Sometimes, the app cache gets filled with temporary files, which consumes the memory. Then it may lead to YouTube Error 410. So, you have to clear the cache of the YouTube app. This is only available on Android devices.

  • Go to Settings App
  • Then tap on Apps & Notifications
  • Next tap on See All Apps
  • You will see the list of app. Scroll down to YouTube. tap to open it
  • Then tap on Storage & Cache
    clear YouTube cache to fix YouTube Error 410
  • Now, tap on Clear Cache
  • Close the Settings and restart your device

Try to Logout of Your Account to Fix YouTube Error 410

Sometimes, simple things like logging out of your YouTube account and logging in again can easily solve this YouTube Error 410. It’s better to log out of your YouTube account from your PC.

  • Open YouTube.com on your PC
  • Then tap on your account profile picture on the top-right corner
    log out and log in back to YouTube to fix YouTube Error 410
  • Next, from the drop-down menu, tap on Sign Out
  • Then log in once again to YouTube via your Google Account

Check Your Internet Connectivity

If you are using WiFi, ensure it is properly running and your smartphone and other devices are connected to the WiFi. If WiFi is not working, then try to switch to the regular mobile data and then try to run YouTube. Do you still get the YouTube Error 410.? If the connection is fine, you should not face this problem.

You may try to check other apps that require the internet to run. If other apps are also not responding, then there is a technical issue with the internet that needs to be addressed by your ISP.

Are You Using A VPN?

Try to disable the VPN and then check if you can access and view the YouTube videos. Normally, if a VPN service is active, the ISP will redirect you to a server of another remote location. If that remote location server is too busy, then a network problem will arise. Hence, you may get to see Error 410. So, if you do not require a VPN, disable it for the time being while you are using YouTube. That should fix the problem.

So, these are all the easy troubleshooting methods you can try to fix YouTube Error 410. I hope that this guide was useful.

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