Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass: All Unlockable Skins and Rewards

The Fortnite battle chapter 4 season 1 is here. As we know, there is always something new in the season battle pass with new skins to unlock to play your games. With the new season starting, this article will bring you all the Unlockable skins and rewards in the Fortnite chapter 4 battle pass.

If you are one of the Fortnite players, you should know what it will cost you to buy the Fortnite battle pass for chapter 4. You can buy the battle pass of Fortnite using V-bucks. It is an in-game currency that you can buy from real money. As confirmed by Epic games, the battle pass for Fortnite chapter 4 will cost you 950 V-bucks which you can buy from Amazon.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass All Unlockable Skins and Rewards

Fortnite Chapter 4 Battle Pass: All Unlockable Skins

This season contains the outfits of the characters like the Doom Slayer, Gerlt of Rivia, and many more skins that you can unlock. This section will bring you all the skins that you can unlock after buying the battle pass for chapter 4.

Selene: You will unlock Selene as soon as you buy the battle pass for this season. This is unlocked at tier 1 which is impressive to think of.

Moonglow Selene: At tier 1 level 8, you will unlock the Moonglow Selene skin.

Massai: When you reach level 14, you will unlock Massai’s skin

Air Walker Massai: As soon as you reach level 20, you will include the Air Walker Massai skin.

Doom Slayer: You must have been as excited for this skin as I am; the Doom Slayer can be unlocked at level 26 in the Fortnite battle pass chapter 4.

Astro Armour Doom Slayer: The updated version of the Doom Dlayer can be unlocked at level 31.

Dusty: If you have reached level 38, you will unlock  Dusty skin. 

Boneyard Dusty: The Boneyard Dusty skin can be unlocked at level 46.

Nezumi: The Nezumi skin can be unlocked at level number 54.

Excile Nezumi: If you are a hell of a plater and reached level 62, you will unlock the Excile Nezumi.

Kelsie: When you reach level 70, you will unlock the Helsie skin.

Bobarista Helsie: The bobarista Helsie skin can be unlocked at level 78.

The Ageless: The ageless skin can be unlocked at level number 86

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Battlepass Free Rewards

There are multiple free rewards in this season of Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 including a free loading screen. Here is how you can your hands on the free loading screen.

  • Navigate to the Fortnite website.
  • Click on Redeem a code, and enter PQVER-SBM7G-NEFB6-98BWW.
  • Click om activates the free reward.
  • Open the Fortnite game and collect the freeloading screen.

Other than this, there are free rewards which you can avail of. Page one has three free rewards, including the reality zero loading screen.

When you move to page two, you will find two free rewards including the back bling and the Lunar ring contrails. Aerial spray and the crooked grind lobby music are available on the third page.

You can get 100 V-Buck on the fourth page including the Airwalker Massai Loading Screen. When you reach page 6, you will get the fall to their Doom contrails and many more emotes are available.

You can get another 100 V-Bucks on page 8 and the Nezumi loading screen on page 9, including the whispering wind glider. Chapter 4 of Season 1 features 14 pages as compared to 10 in previous seasons. 

When you reach page 11, you will receive your boba bling and hunter purple weapon wrap back. The Bobarista Gelsie loading screen appears on page 12. You will receive another 100 V-bucks when you reach page 13.

On the last page, you could receive the Ageless Champion loading screen, the Mark of the Champion spray, and the Eternal Edge harvesting tool for free.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Battlepass Bonus Rewards

Now, we got the idea of all the skins that you can unlock in the new season, but season 1 brings you rewards too, after completing the 100 rewards in season 1. You can get your hands on the bonus rewards. The bonus rewards include the following items.

  • Club President Helsie’s skin
  • Bullpen Brawler Dusty skin
  • Phobos Armour Doom Slayer
  • New Back Blings
  • PIckaxes
  • Emotes


The Fortnite chapter 4 season 1 is here, and it is essential that you know all of the benefits and bonuses you will earn before purchasing the actual battle pass with your valuable V-bucks or actual money. The new season has more amazing rewards in store for you. Even if you are not a frequent player, you will be blown away by the thrilling awards on offer.

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