How to Forward Outlook Emails to Gmail

If you use multiple email applications then you may require to transfer emails between various apps. In that context, let me explain to you the steps you need to follow to forward Outlook emails to Gmail. You can forward the emails to your account and you may also forward an email to another person such as your Gmail contact.

If you don’t want to forward your emails from Outlook to Gmail, you can go for that as well. Then you have to disable the exception that you have set for the original email on Outlook. I have explained how to do that. It’s very simple. That exception is set to forward only selected emails and not every email on Outlook.

How to forward Outlook Emails to Gmail

How to Forward Outlook Emails to Gmail

Here are the steps to carry this out.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook
  • Navigate to the Home tab
  • Then go to Move
  • Under that select Rules to expand it
  • Click on Manage Rules & Alerts
  • Next, click on New Rule > Start from a blank rule
  • Click on Apply Rule on messages I receive
  • After that click Next
  • Now, under Select action, you have to click on the checkbox forward it to people or a public group

We select the above checkbox as we have to forward the emails to the Gmail account

  • Now, click Next
  • Go to the To box and enter the email address based on Gmail
  • You can even select your contacts on Gmail to whom emails on Outlook will be forwarded to Gmail
  • The above method is helpful as you can at a time select multiple email contacts to forward email from Outlook to Gmail.

If you don’t want to get bothered by emails from certain senders like marketing emails or newsletters, then you can set a filter for that. Any email such parties will not be getting forwarded from Outlook to your Gmail. You can set any particular key phrase and see t it as a parameter. So, an email consisting of that key phrase will not be forwarded.

  • You can even customize your exception by naming it. This helps in finding it out if you have set multiple exceptions.
  • Under Setup Rule options click on the checkbox Turn on this rule
  • Click Finish

How to Stop Forwarding the Emails?

If you don’t want to redirect the emails from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail, then here are the changes you have to make to your existing Outlook settings.

  • On the Home tab, navigate to Rules
  • After expanding Rules go to Manage Rules & Alerts
  • There simply uncheck the exception that you created in the previous section

Then the email won’t be forwarded anymore to Gmail. I hope this guide was informative regarding forwarding emails from Outlook to Gmail.

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