GTA Online infinite loading black screen when you enter Agency, Is there a fix?

GTA Online is an integral part of GTA V that can be played for free. As the name suggests, it requires online connectivity to play the ever-evolving world that offers up to 30 players at once from the Online menu tab. Now, if you’re one of the GTA Online players and facing the infinite loading black screen issue when you enter Agency then you can go through this full article to know more about it apart from getting some of the possible workarounds too.

Rockstar Games team is known for its Grand Theft Auto series or Red Dead Redemption series in the gaming market for years. The long-running GTA V was launched back in 2013 and players can easily get into the GTA Online gameplay from the in-game menu which is a great thing. However, it seems that multiple players are experiencing issues with the infinite loading and black screen whenever they try to enter Agency buildings which is frustrating a lot.

GTA Online infinite loading black screen when you enter Agency, Is there a fix?

Affected players are reporting on the several online forums that whenever they try entering into any Agency building, the GTA Online game suddenly goes into infinite loading black screen. Due to this issue, players have to start the game again after waiting for some time. It looks like that the issue doesn’t fix automatically goes away at all. Even after rebooting the game or starting over the game, the specific issue starts appearing once again.

Whereas some players are saying that this issue is happening more frequently to them which is really a major issue. However, we should mention one thing that this particular issue is appearing to the players in the last couple of weeks.

Anyone else getting stuck in the loading screen trying to get in to the agency building
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Whereas if you’re getting this glitch recently that might also occur as the increased number of active players are trying to get into the server connectivity. Meanwhile, some of the players did also mention that it’s a known issue and may happen whenever GTA Online players are trying to join into a lobby that has more than 15 players at a time.

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So, if you’re trying to get into the Agency building work in the game then make sure to use invite-only sessions to stop it from happening again. It’s quite unfortunate that Rockstar Games didn’t acknowledge this bug yet. So, there is no workaround available for this issue right now until the developers come up with a patch fix soon. It means all the affected GTA Online players will have to wait until the developers fix this glitch. Keep an eye on it for further info.

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