How To Get Heirloom Shards Faster in Apex Legends

In Apex legends, an Heirloom item is easily the rarest item to get hands-on. These Heirloom items are character-based unique items and items that are hard to come by. By heirloom items, we are referring to Octane’s injection knife set or Wraith’s kunai knife. These rare heirloom sets for the characters contain a unique item, a piece of dialogue, and a banner pose.

In this article, we will take a look at how a player acquires Heirloom shards and that too, faster.

How to acquire Heirlooms shards?

How To Get Heirloom Shards Faster in Apex Legends

Before, things were a bit different in Apex legends when it came to Heirloom items. Apex packs were the primary source for acquiring Heirloom items. It is still a source, but the developers have changed things up a bit now. Before, when we first get an Apex pack, there is a 1 in 500 chance that you will get an Heirloom item. As you go on opening more and more apex packs, the chances of acquiring an Heirloom item keeps on increasing from 1 in 500 to finally 1 in 1. So there is a definite chance that you will earn an Heirloom item in one of the 500 Apex Packs you open up.

But the new addition changes things a bit now. Now we have Heirloom shards dropping in the Apex Packs. So while you are looking for the Heirloom items in Apex packs, you will also get your hands on Heirloom shards. If you have enough shards, then you can use these shards to craft an Heirloom item of your choice. The one in 500 chance of getting an Heirloom item still exists, but even before you reach the 500 number, there is a chance now that you will have enough shards to craft an Heirloom item of your choice by yourself. This makes things easier as getting hands-on 500 Apex packs is not a quick and easy task. On top of it, every time you get an Heirloom item in an Apex pack, the cycle of one in 500 will repeat and you have to go through the same chances again to get another Heirloom item.

How to acquire the Heirloom shards faster?

The Apex packs are the only source of Heirloom shards. So you need to loot as many apex packs as possible to get a chance to acquire an Heirloom shard. Now to steal more Apex packs, you need to get more of them too. For that, you have to level up in Apex legends and level up your battle pass. To do that, you need to spend more time in the game and also look for every way to earn more XP. Killing off enemies and respawning teammates can get you a few XPs, but that won’t be enough. To get your hands on more number of XPs, you need to make sure that you win the matches. If you can run around, killing others without getting killed yourself, then that would be great. But trying to kill an enemy and getting yourself killed in the process will mean a few XPs lost for you. Now you need XP for Apex packs and Apex packs for Heirloom shards. So focus on how you can win more matches to ensure a quicker way to get your hands on these shards without spending some real money.

There is a more straightforward way to do this, but that involves real-world money. You can purchase Apex packs using Apex coins and then loot them for Heirloom shards. Apex coins can be brought directly through the in-game purchase at the expense of some real-world money. If you have an extra lot of money to spare, and you need these shards as soon as possible, then spending money is the only shortcut you have.

So there you have it, a guide to acquire Heirloom shards as quickly as possible. If you have any queries, then comment down below. Also, be sure to check out our other videos on iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, Android Tips and Tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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