Is Vivo Y51 2020 A Waterproof Smartphone in 2020?

Once again, we are here to perform a waterproof test on the latest Vivo Y51 2020 smartphone. The device is available at a retail price tag of Rs 16,990 by Vivo on 7 December 2020 and falls in the mid-range segment. Well, we are here to see if the Y51 2020 model will survive the water test of a few Splashes, Thirty seconds, and one minute dipped underwater, and at last Five minutes dipped in water.

Presently, there is no official confirmation about IP rating, but the durability needs to be, examined because users will put their capital into its product. There are many competitive products in this price range, from Realme and Xiaomi, which do have some sort of water protection. So it’s obvious that Vivo will launch their new smartphone with some sort of splashproof technology. So let get started with our Waterproof test on Vivo Y51 2020 model.

Is Vivo Y51 2020 A Waterproof Smartphone in 2020

Is Vivo Y51 2020 A Waterproof Smartphone in 2020

Currently, the IP rating is something that smartphone users are looking for. Official waterproof smartphones do come with IP68 or IP67 waterproof ratings to signify their level of protection against water. But before we check out for IP certifications, let’s take a look at Vivo Y51’s full hand on specifications.

Vivo Y51 2020 Device Specifications

A 48MP+8MP+2MP AI Triple Rear Primary Camera setup with Portrait, Photo, Slo-Mo, Video, Pano, Live Photo, Time-Lapse, Pro, DOC, Super Night Mode, and for selfies a 16MP Super Night Selfie Camera with Aura Screen Light. 6.58 inch Halo FullView Display with FHD+ resolution.

Talking about RAM and storage, then it has 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 1TB, Dual SIM with dual standby (4G+4G). Running on the Funtouch OS 11 based on Android 11 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor.

Along with, Side Fingerprint Sensor and a massive 5000mAH Lithium-ion battery that will never stop your gaming, and in case you are running out of battery, then don’t worry, an 18W fast charger, charge your device in just a few hours.

Is Vivo Y51 2020 Water-Resistant

Unfortunately, there is no official IP rating, are there in the new Vivo Y51 2020 model. But it withstands against a few water splashes. So the clear-cut answer is no, the Vivo Y51 2020 model is not a Water-Resistant device, and you are not able to use this phone in the situations like Rain, Swimming, Bathing, Underwater photography, etc. But don’t worry! We have managed to do a waterproof test for you to see whether this device is capable enough to withstand a few droplets or not.

Waterproof Test in Different Condition

Considering the new Vivo Y51 2020 does come with any official IP rating, it profitable to know that it will resist any unintended water splash or any exposure to water. So, you can enjoy features like underwater photography as well. You’ll be shocked when you know the result.

Condition1: 30 seconds dipped into the water

Display Working
I/O Ports Damage
Volume Button Working well
Power Key Working
Camera Working
Microphone Partially working
Speakers Working
Front Camera Working
Fingerprint Scanner Not working

Condition 2: 1 Minute Dipped Under Water

Volume Button Damaged
Display Flickering
Power Key Partially working
Camera Working
Microphone Damaged
Speakers Partially working
Front Camera Working

Condition 3: 5 Minutes Dipped Under Water

Power Key Damaged
Camera Working
Speakers Damaged
Front Camera Damaged

After the waterproof and splashproof test on the latest Vivo Y51 2020 model, it shows that the Smartphone is splashproof, but it is not fully waterproof. The device’s I/O ports and Fingerprint Scanner damaged when dipped underwater for only thirty seconds, which shows that proper waterproofing is not done to the device.


Everyone loves to buy a Waterproof device because waterproof devices add a layer of certainty and give some extra characteristics, such as communicating in the rain or want to experience underwater selfies. In case you’re thinking of buying this particular model, then you should know that the device is not officially waterproof or splashproof.

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