How to Fix Microphone icon missing in Gboard keyboard

We use a microphone feature to send a quick voice note as a message, as typing a message can take a long time, especially with too many details attached to it. You can send voice messages by hitting the microphone icon in the Gboard. However, due to some issues, the microphone icon might be missing from the Gboard keyboard; you can follow the below methods to get back the icon and use the voice typing feature easily.

There are many virtual keyboard Apps available on the Google Play store, but Gboard is the most rated keyboard. It is customizable and has many valuable features like in-app integration with a Google search, Google Maps, and translation. And, it’s the default keyboard app that comes with almost every Android smartphone. Also, one of the main features is voice typing with the help of a microphone. But many users report that the feature is missing lately as they can fin the microphone icon on the Gboard keyboard, and the voice input is not working properly.


How to Fix Microphone icon missing in Gboard keyboard

If you use voice typing, then you will know that how convenient it is from text typing. With the help of wireless earphones, it is easier to convey your message. However, as the technology improves, the trends move to voice messaging. It will depend on speech recognition, and we don’t have to type physically. So without further ado, let’s know the possible methods to enable voice typing on the Gboard keyboard.

Furthermore, as we said earlier, it comes preloaded with the new Smartphone. If not, then you may download it from Google Play Store. You can install it if you do not have Gboard on your device. After installing the virtual keyboard, you have to enable it from settings.

Method 1: Activate Voice Typing

The first step is to check whether the microphone permission is enabled in your Smartphone to move further. Sometimes it can disable accidentally. To enable microphone permission, follow the below steps.

  • Open Settings of your device and then tap on General Management.
    Fix Microphone icon missing in Gboard keyboard
  • Now go to Language and Input.
    Fix Microphone icon missing in Gboard keyboard
  • After that, tap on On-screen Keyboard and then select the Gboard.
    Fix Microphone icon missing in Gboard keyboard
  • It will open the Gboard setting, go to the voice typing.
    Fix Microphone icon missing in Gboard keyboard
  • Next, enable the Use Voice typing by the toggle switch.

Method 2: Delete Gboard App Cache and Data

The following method is to clear the cache and storage memory of the app, delete the cache, and data will delete all the changes you made in the virtual keyboard settings and reset it to default settings.

  • Open Settings of your device and navigate to the Apps.
  • Then search and tap on Gboard.
  • After that, scroll down below and tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Method 3: Enable Microphone Permission

After permissions and deleting data and cache, if the microphone icon is still missing from the Gboard keyboard App, you have to activate the microphone with app permission.

  • Open Settings of your device and navigate to the Apps.
  • Now scroll down and tap on Permissions.
  • After that, tap on the microphone and Allow the Microphone access.

Method 4: Exit from Beta Programme

It is an optional solution to get the microphone icon on your virtual keyboard. Sometimes we became the beta tester to use a new feature before its official launch as the version is not stable, it may have some glitches, and some of the functions will not work. You can opt out of the beta version. Here are the steps.

  • Open Google Play Store and search for Gboard in the search bar.
  •  Now scroll down below and tap on Leave to exit from the beta program.
  • If you could find the option, you can uninstall the Gboard and reinstall it again.

With all these above methods, you can fix the microphone missing issue on your Gboard virtual keyboard. Do let us know which of these methods will work for you; for any suggestions or questions, comment down below.


  1. Cleared cache and data and the microphone returned. After days of searching this is the only suggestion that worked. Thank you.

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