Fix: NBA 2K23 Controller Not Working on PC

Visual Concepts and 2K Games has done an excellent job by releasing a basketball sports simulation video game called ‘NBA 2K23‘ where players can showcase their talent in the MyCAREER option with MyTEAM. As the NBA 2K23 title is new in the market, it requires more optimizations, and recently some players have started facing NBA 2K23 controller not working on the PC.

This isn’t a new issue for PC games because plenty of other games are available that conflict with the controller on the PC. Even though most games go through many stages to ensure quality before the full official release, some issues can go untouched. Luckily, unfortunate players are active enough to discover such problems or common bugs once they start playing. Now, NBA 2K23 PC players are reporting controller-related issues.

Fix: NBA 2K23 Controller Not Working on PC

Fix: NBA 2K23 Controller Not Working on PC

It becomes frustrating because even after connecting the gamepad/controller, some PC games can’t detect the controller, or the inputs don’t work correctly. Meanwhile, the chances are high that your controller driver isn’t installed on the system or there is an issue with the USB port. Sometimes a wobbly or loose USB connectivity can prevent the controller from working properly. Fortunately, some workarounds might help you.

1. Reboot the PC

Restart your computer after closing the game and Epic Games Launcher because a normal reboot to the system may fix multiple temporary glitches or cache data issues. You should try it out.

2. Reconnect your Controller/Gamepad

You’ll have to exit the NBA 2K23 game and close Epic Games Launcher, then turn off your controller/gamepad. Now, turn on the controller/gamepad and connect to your computer. Once done, ensure to relaunch the NBA 2K23 game on the PC to check for the issue.

3. Unplug the Mouse/Keyboard or Other Peripherals

You should also unplug all the external peripherals from your PC, such as the keyboard, mouse, printer, USB drives, and more. Then, reconnect the USB devices to the PC to check for the issue. If the problem gets fixed, there is an issue with the USB device, or your PC system had some glitch earlier.

4. Press the Alt+Enter keys

If you’re in the gameplay sessions and the controller gets disconnected automatically or isn’t recognized suddenly, press the Alt+Enter keys on the keyboard to get out of the game screen. Then going back to the game screen again may fix the issue whatsoever.

5. Switch the Screen Refresh Rate to 60Hz

Another step you’ll need to follow is to switch the screen refresh rate of your monitor to 60Hz, which is basic or recommended. Sometimes a higher screen refresh rate can trigger several glitches. To do so:

  • Press the Win+I keys to open Windows Settings.
  • Now, go to System > Click on Display.
  • Scroll down on the right pane > Click Advanced display settings.
  • Here you can find out and select the 60Hz refresh rate easily. You don’t need to change it if it’s already set to 60Hz.

6. Select High Performance in Graphics Settings

  • Click on the Start menu > Search for Graphics Settings and get into it.
  • Inside this, ensure the Desktop app is selected > Click on Browse.
  • A file Explorer window will open, and head over to the installed Epic Games Launcher folder.
  • Go to the NBA 2K23 folder > Select the SaintsRow.exe application.
  • Click on Add to include it in the list.
  • Now, search for the game in the list > Click on Options of NBA 2K23.
  • Then click on High Performance.
  • Click on Save, then try relaunching the game to check for the issue.

7. Use DS4Windows

  • Download the DS4Windows tool from the internet on the PC.
  • Install the tool and run the DS4Updater (exe) file from the installation folder.
  • Head over to the directory and double-click on the file to run it. If prompted by UAC, click on Yes to allow admin access. It’ll install the latest DS4Windows app on your PC.
  • Open the DS4Windows tool > Go to the Settings tab from the interface.
  • Click on ‘Hide DS4 Controller’ to enable/checkmark it.
  • Make sure to close the interface and check for the issue again.

8. Try Using a Wired Controller

If none of the methods worked for you, try using a wired/generic controller to the PC by using a USB cable to check for the issue. The chances are high that the controller’s Bluetooth connectivity can’t hold its nerves with your PC’s connectivity or vice versa.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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