How To Delete All Nintendo Switch Screenshots

How often does it happen that while playing a game, you make a huge score or make any in-game achievement and then screenshot it.? We all do it frequently. These screenshots will serve as a memory for our gaming endeavors. If you use a Nintendo Switch you also must have your fair share of screengrabs of your gameplay.

Screenshots as we know, take up a lot of storage space on the switch. So, at one point or the other, the storage capacity will max out. Then the only option that remains for you is to get rid of your screengrabs. Now, either you delete them all or a selected few that you do not need. In this guide, I will tell you what exact steps you can follow to delete all Nintendo switch screenshots you have. Also, you do not have to do it one by one as the deletion process will take a lot of time that way. So, to know the easy ways to delete screenshots, follow this guide.

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How To Delete All Nintendo Switch Screenshots

First, let’s check how we can delete screenshots from the Nintendo switch system memory.

Deletion from Device Memory

  • On the Switch press A button to go to System Settings
  • In the next screen select Data Management > Manage Saved Data
  • Then go to Screenshots and Videos.
  • Now select Manage Screenshots and Videos by pressing A button.
  • In System Memory, click Delete All Screenshots and Videos from System Memory
  • Click to confirm the process of deletion.

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Using A MicroSD to store your Screenshots.? How to Delete.?

If you store your screenshots in a MicroSD card, this is how you can delete them for good.

  • Under Data Management > go to Manage Save data/Screenshots and Videos
  • Select MicroSD card
  • Now you have to select Delete All Screenshots and Videos from MicroSD card
  • Get ahead and confirm the deletion prompt.

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Manually Delete Nintendo Switch Screenshots

If you are an avid gamer, then naturally, you will feel bad to delete all your evidence of game achievements. So, you may choose a few of the screenshots dearest to you to keep them while deleting the rest. This definitely means manual deletion of your screenshots.

  • On the home screen select the Album icon [press A button for that]
  • Select the Nintendo Switch Screenshots you wish to delete and leave out your favorite ones. [use the X button in this step]
  • Select Delete to permanently remove the chosen screenshots that you do not need anymore.

Hence, this will free up your storage space, and also your memorable screenshots from gaming will be intact. So, that’s how you can either delete all of your Nintendo Switch screenshots or the selected ones that you do not need. I hope that you found this guide informative.

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