Fix Windows Security Says No Security Providers in Windows 10

In the recently updated version of Windows 10, people have reported that in the notification area, they are getting an error. The error says “Windows Security Says No Security Providers in Windows“.

To check if you are getting Windows Security error, go to the system tray and hover your mouse on the Windows Security icon. When you hover the mouse over the icon, it should say something like an Anti-Virus tool or Anti-Malware tool. If you see that, then there are no errors. However, while hovering, you see it’s saying Windows is Saying that there is no Security Provider in Windows 10. Then it is the Windows security error.

So why Windows is Saying that there is no Security Provider in Windows 10. Well,  if you have a third-party  Anti-Virus running on your Windows, it can be in conflict with the Windows AntiVirus. Therefore, you might get the error, to resolve it, you must disable your third-party antivirus. However, this not only the main reason that you are getting Windows security error. It is also possible that several of your system files have been damaged.

In this article, we will learn how to fix the Windows security error that says there is no Security provider. Also, we will be mentioning a few tips and tricks that you must try if the cause of the error was for a minute reason.

Fix Windows Security Says No Security Providers in Windows 10

Fixing Windows Security Says No Security Providers in Windows 10 Error

Before we proceed to the ultimate steps, we would like to advise a few methods that could quickly solve the issue. Firstly, if you have encountered the error, try to restart your PC and check if the error has gone.

Also, you can go to Windows Services and check whether the Windows Security is running. Lastly, you can try to fix the issue by updating your Windows or by rolling back updates.

So, if you have tried all these tips, and it still didn’t solve the No security providers in Windows 10 issue. Then you shouldn’t worry, you can fix this issue just by running a few commands in the command prompt. Before diving into the steps, ensure that you are connected to the internet.

Step 1) Firstly, go to the Windows Search Bar and type CMD, then right-click on the command prompt from the result and select Run as Administrator.

Step 2) Now, in the command prompt type the following command and press Enter. The command will restore your system health by fixing damaged and missing files. However, the command requires several minutes to complete the task, therefore, have patience.

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Step 3) Once the DISM command has been fully executed, then type the second command which is mentioned below, and press Enter on your Keyboard. The following command will scan your entire system and will find issues; if you have any issues, you will be notified. Similar to the previous command, this will take several minutes too. After that, you can run the DISM command again to fix the issue. However, the command not only does scan it also fixes issues.

sfc /scannow

Step 4) Lastly, once you have executed both the commands successfully, Reboot  Windows, this should resolve the Windows Security error.


If you are facing the no Security Provider in Windows 10 error, then firstly disable the third-party antivirus. Try restarting your Windows, check Windows Services weather the Windows Security services are running or not. If the error is due to minute reasons, it should fix the error.

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