Fix Paint 3D Crashes When Opening on Windows 10

There is an awesome software when you start using Windows 10, Paint 3D. This is quite much more advanced than the Ms paint we are often using traditionally, and hence many users started using Paint 3D.

However, many users face an issue while exporting their projects or even in the middle of using the application, which gets crashed while doing your work.

As Paint 3D application started getting more in demands and if by any chance, if any of you started getting any crash problem than it can be truly a failure in the system.

Fix Paint 3D Crashes When Opening on Windows 10

Fix Paint 3D Crashes When Opening on Windows 10

There are a few ways that you can fix your crash issue in your windows 10. I will tell you 3 the most appropriate way to fix your Paint 3D crash issue.

Fix 1: Reset your application

By this method, you can able to reuse your application as you used to do that in earlier days. It will reset your Paint 3D as new, and most probably, it can resolve your issue.

Step 1: Press your Start button

Step 2: Search Setting

Step 3: Navigate to Apps and  features

Step 4:  Select Paint 3D

Step 5: Click on Reset

After this, all steps try to reuse your Paint 3D  application. Surely it would help you out. But yes, your settings which you made so far in Paint 3D have been reset either, so you need to make the settings again.

But still, if you think that Paint 3D is not working well still, then you can for another fix.

Fix 2:  Re-install Paint 3D

Yes, you can reinstall Paint 3D in your Windows 10. You just have to follow this below steps to re-install your Paint 3D.

Part 1: Uninstall Paint 3D

First, you need to Uninstall the Paint 3D app from your computer.

Step 1: Open  Setting

Step 2: Navigate to Apps and Features

Step 3:  Browse to Paint 3D

Step 4:  Click Uninstall Paint 3D

After this, your Paint 3D has been uninstalled from your computer successfully.

Part 2:  Installing Paint 3D again

Now after uninstalling your Paint 3D application, you can Install that again by going this method.

Step 1: You can simply click on this  Paint 3D, or you can search Paint 3D in Microsoft App Store

Step 2:  Select the Paint 3D

Step 3: Click on Get

After that, wait a little while till it installs on your computer according to your broadband speed, and it will Install the Paint 3D on your computer.

You can try your Paint 3D now, and still, you are facing those crashes, then you can check the next Fix too.

Fix 3:  Troubleshooting Windows 10

So if you went through both fixes with the Paint 3D, but still no method worked for you, then it is an issue of your Install Integrity issue. So you need to get in some more technical way and Troubleshoot your Windows 10.

Step 1: Restart your window 10 computer

Step 2: Hold the Shift key and press the power or restart button in the corner.

Step 3: After when the computer starts, select  Troubleshoot.

Step 4:  Click on Advanced Option

Step 5: Select Startup Settings

Step 6: Click on Restart

Now, after this, your computer restart from itself. This will also help you to resolve some other issues going on your computer.


In the above fixes, you will surely get your work done. Now, after this, you know what wrong going in your application. You can also try on other applications if they are behaving the same as this.

Sometimes error of code can lead to this type of problem in your computers, so you need to fix your error by yourself, and there is no rocket science in the above fixes, which are usually quite easy to follow, and it will surely help you to resolve your issue.

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