Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Stats in January 2024

Rainbow Six Siege has become a well-known esports franchise and has built a fan base across several platforms. This piece will examine more specific data to determine why Rainbow Six Siege became so well-liked. Let’s explore Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Stats in 2024.

Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Stats in 2023

Rainbow Six Siege Player Count Stats in 2024

  1. Over 70 million people have signed up to play Rainbow Six Siege as of 2021.
  2. In 2020, around 15 million individuals initially played Rainbow Six.
  3. In March 2021, a record 201,053 Rainbow Six players were online simultaneously.
  4. In May 2021, Rainbow Six Siege averaged between 30,000 and 37,000 daily views on Twitch.
  5. Each month, 10 million hours of programming are watched by Rainbow Six enthusiasts on Twitch.
  6. Rainbow Six Siege alone has brought about $2.8 billion for Ubisoft.
  7. The prize pool for the esports competition called the 2020 Six Invitational was $3 million.
  8. With 850,000 reviews, Rainbow Six is one of the games with the most reviews on Steam.
  9. It is currently among the ten most-played video games worldwide.

Here’s a table of comprehensive player count:

Why did Rainbow Six Siege become so well-known?

It didn’t happen overnight!

Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015. Although Ubisoft designed the game with a “games as a service” business model in mind, the firm did not anticipate Rainbow Six’s user base to keep increasing to such a large extent years after its debut. Also, the company incorporated Rainbow Six into the successful esports titles from the beginning.

The 2020 Six Invitation esports tournament had a prize pool of $3 million. Three years prior, in 2017, the same competition featured a $100,000 total prize pool. However, the number of players in Rainbow Six increased from 25 million in 2017 to 55 million in 2020. So, perhaps the increased prize pool was called for.

Besides, Rainbow Six Siege is available on a variety of platforms. And starting in 2021, you may crossplay as well! But, it has some restrictions. Players on a PlayStation or Xbox can play with other console gamers. But PC users can never play with console gamers in a match.

Rainbow Six Siege Players Counts: The Trends

As Rainbow Six turned six in 2021, you might be interested in seeing how the player base has changed.

Rainbow Six’s Steam charts have seen an impressive player count over the past year. On November 25, 2021, the game recorded an incredible 84,396 concurrent users, which then took a downward shift over the following weeks. By December 2021, the average player count had dropped to around 40,000.

Undoubtedly, this success has been bolstered by the pandemic’s strict lockdowns, with gamers staying home. However, every content update in the game did boost its users in an upward trend, with players returning to the game in droves.

On March 18, 2021. 201,053 players were online simultaneously. The “free weekend” promotion Ubisoft held at the time is what’s to blame. The previous record was established on March 19, 2020, when 199,307 players concurrently logged in. The Rainbow Six team surpassed their record exactly one year later.

How many people play Siege overall?

Rainbow Six Siege has more than 70 million registered player count. At the same time, Rainbow Six players watch a total of nine million hours (or more) of video on Twitch each month. It averaged roughly 12,000 concurrent viewers in November 2021.

Besides, Rainbow Six Siege has earned much praise from gamers, with 87.35% of reviews considered “very positive”. This makes the game one of the most highly-reviewed games of all time by gamers. In fact, right before the end of 2021, it got nearly 15,000 fresh good ratings!

More than 29 million PS4 gamers have played Rainbow Six Siege. That’s more than 40% of the total player base for a similar game. Moreover, Rainbow Six came close to cracking the top 10 most popular Xbox games list. Sadly, it was forced to accept 11th place.


Few games can boast that they are six years old and continue to have annual player increases of two digits. But given that the game’s feature upgrades tend to occur in cycles, it is difficult to predict with accuracy what the Rainbow Six Siege player count will be in the future.

Nevertheless, one thing is certain: Rainbow Six is becoming increasingly popular in the esports world.

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